Today: Be humble and discrete; use your discipline and kindness to be a strong leader – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperRemain humble and discrete.  Do not fly too high too soon.  Be modest and cautious. Do not be deluded by your confidence.  Prepare for unforeseen attacks by paying attention to details.

The text reads:
“At certain times extraordinary caution is absolutely necessary. But it is just in such life situations that we find upright and strong personalities who, conscious of being in the right, disdain to hold themselves on guard, because they consider it petty. Instead, they go their way proud and unconcerned. But this self-confidence deludes them. There are dangers lurking for which they are unprepared. Yet such danger is not unavoidable; one can escape it if he understands that the time demands that he pay especial attention to small and insignificant things.”

Continue to recruit allies and keep your armies marching.  You are having an impact.  Hold to your discipline and form clear goals.  Be kind and generous to people and they will follow your lead.


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