Meditation: KWTC 19970630 – For Faculty of Self Engagement

Mudra: Bend your elbows into the sides of the body. Extend the forearms out in front of the body, and tilt them up at a 45 degree angle. Have the palms flat, fingers pointing straight ahead, with the right palm facing the ceiling and the left palm facing the floor. The palms will be at the level of the heart center, and are bent slightly at the wrists. Hold the position, and keep the spine straight the entire time.

Eyes: Stare at the tip of the nose.

Breath: Breathe long and deep in through the nose; breathe out long and deep, through the mouth. Mechanically breathe.

Time: 22 minutes, 45 seconds.

End: Inhale deeply, and put your hands together in front of your chest, press hard. (Held 11 seconds.) Inhale a second time, press very hard, using the shoulders to add extra pressure – “all the pressure you can.” (Held 11 seconds.) Inhale a third time, and this time squeeze your spine, vertebrae & muscles, from the base to the top. (Held 20 seconds.) Relax.

Comments/Effects: We are going to give you trance interconnected mental meditation, and we would like to connect your hypothalamus with your neurological system and your salivary system, which is responsible for your circulatory life. It is so effective that if your inside circulatory system is very good, then social circulatory system will be very good and then your interacted circular which you act with everybody, that shall have no pressure. You will be very relaxed. You are bringing a balance between heaven and earth in this posture. You’ll feel the effect afterwards. Let your thoughts go; don’t work your brain. It’s not a time to work your brain. Try to deeply meditate. You can enter in your inner circle of the psyche. It will calm down your irritated nerves and your non-reality.

PDF: Meditation For Faculty Of Self Engagement


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  1. Very good meditation. Did for 40 days.Felt a lot of changes in body.Flexibility increased a lot. and there was a lot changes in the skin. I felt there was a circulation in and out of the body.During meditation blocks get cleared with the breath and I was able to see the result in the physical body. How I was able to feel the blocks in my breath ? Which bodies were
    were affected?
    Sir, Can you please explain something about this?

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