Meditation: Know the structure of the mind

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Place both hands in front of the face, with the wrists crossed and the hands facing your face. The right hand is on the outside and the left hand on the inside. The thumbs are separated from the hands, and parallel with each other, with the left thumb obscuring your vision of the right thumb. The thumbs do not touch. With the hands in this position, “read the lines of your hands”. 11 min.

Inhale, hold, squeeze, exhale 3 times

Library of teachings

You think you are great and you think you are total control and you think you can do what you want; actually reality is that your pattern is set on the fiber of the neurons and that’s what you are; neither you are more nor you are less, nor you are right nor you are wrong, nothing. That is why they say the, the fortune or destiny of a person written on forehead; the very wrinkles of the mind can be read straightforward what this person is all about.

You know I was sitting with the special envoy of Bill Clinton, he was not a president, then he was a governor. And we sat down he said, “Yogi Ji, what do you think?”

I said, “Well, we are going to win, we go for the triumph and I was very happy.”

He said, “Well, what do you think will happen?”

I said, “First day he enters the Oval office there will be a fight and it will last four years, it’ll never stop,” I said, “This man who wants to be president of United States have not one day without a fight, take it or leave it.”

He said, “God! That will be difficult, we won’t have hundred day of honeymoon?”

I said, “Not one day; all you have honeymoon is look at the moon and take a spoon of honey and that will be the only honeymoon, this president will ever have.”

And when I went to Washington, he confirmed. He said, “God, you said it right.”

I said, “No, I didn’t say it right, I can read on his face, that is the way it is to be.”

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