Meditation: Magic Mantra

Sit  in  a  comfortable  meditation  posture.magicmantra3
Lift  hands to the level of the  heart, palms up,elbows  relaxed at the sides.  Form a shallow cupwith  the hands, sides of the palms and mercury fingers comfortably together.  Thumbs are out and away from the  hands.  The edges of the “cup” are  about 30 deg up from parallel.

The important thing is to keep the line of Mercury connected at the edges  of the palms and little fingers.  Ideally there will be no opening whatsoever.  Keep any gaps to a minimum.

Look into the hands with closed eves and chant

Ek   Ong   Kaar   Sat   Gur   Prasad
Sat   Gur   Prasad   Ek   Ong   Kaar

Chant in a monotone.  Let the breath naturally stabilize itself.  One cycle  takes about 4-5 seconds.

Continue for 11, 22 or 31 minutes.


31 minutes can get you very high.  A couple of days practice can give you a  certain stimulation which is beyond explanation.  Its important that the Mercury fingers are joined in this way.

This is one of the most powerful mantras.  There is nothing equal to it.  The entire Siri Guru Granth Sahib is nothing but an explanation of this  mantra.  It is so strong that it elevates the self beyond duality and establishes the flow of spirit.  It will make the mind so powerful that it  will remove  all obstacles.  We can  call it the magic mantra because its  positive effect happens quickly and lasts a long time.

This mantra must be chanted with reverence,  in a place of reverence.  When you meditate on this mantra, be sure that your surroundings are  serene and that you chant with reverence.  You can mock any mantra but  this one because it is known to have a backlash effect.  This mantra is not  secret, but it is very sacred.  So chant it with reverence, write it with  reverence and use it in reverence.

It is best to chant to God before practicing this mantra.  Either chant the  Mulmantra or the “Mangala Charan Mantra”  before to prepare yourself.


The story goes that a saint came to Guru Amar Das.  He was disturbed  because he did not know how to read. Guru Amar Das arranged for him to  take reading lessons.  The saint was very pleased and showed up  enthusiastic for his first lesson.  However, he never returned to subsequent lessons.  Guru Amar Das summoned him to his court and  asked him what was the problem.  The saint replied that he had learned  to read.

Ek  Ong  Kaar  Sat  Gur  Prasad

Which  means:  The Creator of all is One.  This is realized by the True  Guru’s Grace.

After reading the words he fell into a state of ecstasy and realized that all  he needed to read were these two lines of wisdom.

Ek  Ong  Kaar  Sat  Gur  Prasad  Sat  Gur  Prasad  Ek  Ong  Kaar

It is called the magic mantra because all we really need to experience is  the reality that it expresses.  The  Creator  of  all  is  One.

This is realized by the True Guru’s Grace.

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