Wisdom – Open the Capillaries: take a cold, cold shower first thing in the morning – Yogi Bhajan

So the best way to open capillaries, is get under cold shower LA and water is not cold enough. New York, New Mexico, (?) and what is that? There is a story and I will cut short that, somebody was very sick, he came to Guru Ji, he said, “You know, I am very sick, I don’t know what to do, I am dying.”

He said, “Go to Ganges and do six months there prayer.”

He said, “Thank you.”

So somehow (?) he reached the Hardwar, water comes, you know, ice cold, so the ceremony is, you go into the Ganga, Har Har Ganga, you sit, you come out, 108 time, you have to do that, so each time you go in, you massage his body, you come up, six months later, he was just a (?), everything was fine. Because hydrotherapy still (?) exercise. So all capillaries get opened, blood rushes from inside, outside, skin became bright and beautiful, all organs went right, Har Har Ganga was the way of life and he was very healthy.

He came to Guru Ji, he said, “I am very good.”

I said, “That’s normal.”

Now at home, take the same way the bath and the ladies who have breast cancer are going to get the breast cancer and get mammogram and this gram (?). Stand before the shower, cold shower and massage your breast so the circulatory blood may change and capillaries may remain open, you shall not be touched disease cannot even touch you. If all body’s capillary (?). Just remember, those few minutes of cold shower and body massage, there is a system to it, in hydrotherapy we say, you go under the shower and it’s very cold and then you take all the body out, come back. Massage your body, massage it with your, it’s a hydro massage we call it and go under again, it will be less cold this time. Finally, you know the fifth time, you can stand under the same cold shower and you will not feel cold. I can guarantee you. That means, touchwood, you will never get sick.

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