America has lost her marbles and she needs them back



If thirty percent of the mind is experiencing the chaos of insanity, then is the person crazy?  Maybe, but also maybe some therapy could salvage the whole.  That is a rationale for adopting and embracing Humanology, which is not really a thing, but is rather the body of teachings that can be absorbed through the experience of a technology that we can embrace in order to begin to know, and ultimately, reclaim the self.  Experience comes from the commitment to a personal daily routine, sadhana, or therapy.  We do the meditation, and we get better.  The technology was referred to us by my teacher, Yogi Bhajan.  It is not a thing!  Do not believe it, do it!
A teacher leaves the teachings, then leaves.  No Cult.  No personality.  “If you see the Buddha, kill hm” (Lingi).
About thirty percent of the people are currently ascribing to the reality gap, created by those who are compelled to seek power over others by any means.  This has led to self destructive tendencies for the Republic.  Lady Liberty is losing her identity.  Thirty percent insanity.
A democratic republic is a family with an identity.  Ours is still strong, but it is also the weakest it has ever been in our lifetimes.  There have always been threats from the outside to the stability of the Republic.  However, not since the Civil War have they also come from the inside.  In the midst of an identity crisis, external pressures cannot reliably be repelled.  We need to get better.  That is up to all of us.

Yesterday, my wife and I witnessed a profound event as we were driving north on Hyperion Ave in Silverlake.  We were coming over the crest of a hill where we were able to see dozens of police cars and fire trucks converged at an intersection in front of us.  Crowds of people were in the street.  It was about 4pm, shortly after the police had followed a fugitive shooter to the Trader Joe store about 1 1/2 blocks away from us.  Three helicopters were hovering above the scene.
What was striking was the urgency of more and more police and fire units hurrying to the scene with sirens blazing.  Even after we turned around and retreated, we saw more on the way for a couple of miles.
That is the kind of response we have come to expect from a threat to our safety and the stability of the community. It is like an organic immune response to the threat.
We are also now witnessing a lack of response at the highest levels of our community to similar but larger threats.  The national leadership has bought into and joined the thirty percent insanity.
That dire situation is something that should be at the forefront of our collective attention.
What do we do?  It starts with the self.  We command the self to become aware and come together in the larger identity.  Then we engage the self.




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