HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-07-25 – Distractions and Resistance

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

So when we practice Sat Nam Rasayan® healing, we place our awareness in a position wherein we can interact with our intention to heal and have an Impact. We need to be stable in the Projective Meditative Mind. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation are the tools that we use to modify and to stabilize our awareness. Meditation helps us to become stable and to calm the mind, and allows the mind to open to new possibilities.

Innocent Thumbs Meditation:
Just be aware of what’s happening in your experience. Be very still, and do not reject any part of your experience. This opens up the awareness.
Time — 11 minutes

That Meditation shows us the busy-ness of our mind and the subconscious chatter. We can be amidst that and not react.

As we choose to relate with something in a healing way, we can feel only ourself. We can feel how we’re affected by some other in a healing relation.

Everybody exists in the glory of his or her own being. We have to look to our own Field of Perception to know something. When we allow that perception to change, something will change in the relation. That is how healing happens.

Not reacting allows for the possibility of something new to happen.

Our consciousness merges with the consciousness of the other when we allow ourselves to be affected by the relation, and then we lose our location that we like to hold as distinct from something else.

Just have the experience of doing this. We allow ourselves to have an experience. As a group we’re able to interlock our psyches so that everyone in the group will have the experience. The experience is inside you.

We need to reduce the distractions of Maya that make us feel the need to measure, delineate, describe, interpret, compare to a reference or a standard, separate, and judge.

Our experience is our reality. We can trust our perception, which includes all the thoughts and all our internal processes. Our Perceptive Field makes up the whole of our reality. We allow the entire experience to tell us something. Then our Intuitive Intellect starts to come ahead of our subconscious suggestions.

Reactions happen in the same way over and over again in the cycle that feeds itself and produces illnesses and neuroses.

Today we’ll allow something new to happen so that something is allowed to heal. We’re here to reduce the distractions to our experience, and just to allow our experience.

Healing Exercises:
Round One: Open the space. Take your partner. Become aware of all the perceptions in your Perceptive Field. Become aware of the distinct thoughts in the flow of your consciousness. Become aware of the discontinuity between each thought. Become aware of the space in the discontinuity between each thought. Become aware of the overall tendency of the space. Set the intention to expand that tendency into the whole space. Continue to allow the flow of your consciousness. Come to conclusion.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

Round Three: Repeat of Rounds One and Two….

Round Four: Repeat of Rounds One, Two, and Three….

We’ll leave it at that. If any of this is mystifying, that’s perfect. Your perception is a little bit altered now.

We’ll conclude now. We’ll do 3 Long Sat Nam’s.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

Author: harinam

Yogi, teacher, healer