HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-08-05 – Preconceptions

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Meditation To Promote Within Us The State Of Shuniya: (8-step breath in and out; hands moving alternately up and down….)
Time: 11 minutes

Our minds settled to where our conditions and our tendencies are diminished. Everything that was causing an interruption of the flow of our experience was diminished.

When we practice Sat Nam Rasayan®, we remain in our experience, which includes our perceptions. We relate from a state of Emptiness, without propositions, interpretations, or explanations. We allow our mind to empty so that our awareness becomes stable in Shuniya, where we’re free to relate with the experience as it is, rather than being driven to relate by the way our forms in our mind dictate. We can choose to relate in the deepest way, which is a healing experience. We all have consciousness. We can be aware of the consciousness through the experience of our perception. We perceive or feel only ourself. Our entire being of our individuality contributes to our experience. We can know something about the other, and begin to heal the other. We are affected by everything in some way. When we choose to relate in a healing way, the consciousness of the healer and the Tiny Pet merges. The differentiation between the two starts to disappear. We just let our experience flow and happen, and then we’ll know how to heal.

When we Meditate, there is more space between all the events of our perception. We can expand that experience of the space between the events of our perception. We put our attention to the Empty space between everything.

We practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to be aware of the position of our awareness, and to be aware of how everything affects us. When we stabilize that aspect of our awareness that is known as the Projective Meditative Mind, our intention to heal something becomes very powerful. We allow healing to happen by holding an intention. When we renounce all our preconceptions, healing will happen.

I’m giving you some kind of a direction away from your preconceptions. Let everything happen, and do not react.

Now we’ll do exercises with a partner.

Healing Exercises:
Round One: Open the space. Become aware of the sensations in your face. Allow your Perceptive Field to affect the sensations in your face. Come into relation with your partner. Become aware of your Visual Field. Allow the perceptions in your Visual Field to affect the sensations in your face. Now set the intention for emotional equanimity in your partner. Allow the resistances to resolve into the Silence. Come to conclusion.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

We don’t have to question the experience. We take the experience as it is.

Round Three: Repeat of Rounds One and Two….

Does anybody have any questions?

Then let’s close class now.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

The idea here was to have the experience. It doesn’t matter what you think about the experience.

Author: harinam

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