Meditation:  LA588 890411 Silver Grain Meditation 

Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles April 11, 1989

So tonight we are going to go through meditation. Some of you won’t like to do it so you can sit or you can leave if it is too boring or it is not right but don’t test your sweat, okay. You know what I mean. If you have done a mistake to come and it looks like unbearable then it is unbearable, hallelujah. You don’t have to push yourself into it but you want to go deeper into your meditative capacity then come along.  We will try to do as much as we can. All right.

38,42 16 minutes.

Then set yourself up and sit properly and let us do.   Make it sixty degree. This is my simple right hand.   Two fingers cross sixty degree. Two fingers. This is over, this is how it is. And sixty degree from your armpit angle. I don’t have a ‘ square to come and measure your armpit and your angles but if you have a sense of geometry just see that it is sixty degree.

And now what is left with you. Some hand got left. And this is it. Now vibrate it on your heart center. Actually vibrate. See that you don’t touch your body and you vibrate and play it between your chest and breast whatever the situation is. That you vibrate the electromagnetic field.

Close your eyes and concentrate and vibrate and keep your hand at sixty degree. If the degree difference will be more than ten number your vibration will not be real. You will feel shallow. So your free will is ten degrees. In other words between fifty and seventy is cool. God I have learned so much with you guys. It is fun. Sometimes I feel I have overlearned. But it is okay. Okay. Vibrate, vibrate and vibrate really heavy. Now your nervous system will become your enemy number one. Your body will start hurting at different areas. Not where it should. That means energy is blocked in certain chakras and whichever chakra it has an inferior flow it is all connecting organs will start letting you know. If you are a female and you have a breast you have a lucky situation because you have an arcline there therefore just move your hand in the center of it. If you are a male you don’t have that arcline, you try to vibrate fast and heavy you will have the same result. In this meditation and this exercise female has an edge over male so you are handicapped so therefore try to cover that by having a fast, heavy, tough, macho movement. That will cover it. Fast, fast, fast.

(after 2 minutes) If you are uncomfortable in breathing breathe through the breath of fire, breathe through long, deep. Ultimately you will have your special breath. Sooner or later it will come out to you. Rate of breathing will be calculated by the process of your state of endurance. You know we have got to dig silver through its grain deep in the earth. Mining is a very sweaty job, remember. You have come to mine today. You love silver but you don’t want to mine it. Huh. Move. Problem is not with you. Problem is your sixty degree. Do you understand, with all your education, going to college, doing degree and boasting to everybody you do not have the difference between sixty degree and eighty degree. You know what sixty degree is. It is not too high, not too low. It hurts. One thing about this sixty degree, it shall hurt like in hell. If your armpit is open at sixty degree and you are pressing your sun finger under your id, the thumb and you are honestly vibrating at your heart center it will hurt like in hell. I mean it. I have done this exercise so I know it. There are no two opinions about it. Now you ask me how I sustain myself. I won’t tell you. Why you just learn by your own experience. Concentrate, pray, meditate, ask God to come help. Ask the ancestors, ask the pets you have got in the house, tell your cat to help you. Doesn’t matter to me. When you have got to seek help is on the way. You know there used to be a funny commercial on the television. This little guy starts sinking. First he was crossing the ocean on a rooster, and his roosters feathers get wet and he started drowning. He picked up the telephone and he called and US_ Navy came to his help. Remember that. I don’t care who comes to your help and how you call it but keep going. It shall hurt. And that is one test of it, you are doing it right. Now here, poor and rich, healthy or unhealthy, great and small doesn’t mean. Question is who has the practice to combat hurt and who doesn’t. Fight it, fight it, fight it. You have eleven more minutes to go. Well, what do you mean I am teaching a joke. Is it a meditation deep silver grain and all that. You mean it is all made up. Ha, ha, ha. You thought you come here for a birthday cake everyday. Wow. Hallelujah. I can’t understand it. Come on. Keep going. Keep it sixty degree and just prove it to yourself that you can make it. You know the one most beautiful thing in the Catholic religion is, God is in a box. You open the window, you tell the God, he gives you a Hail Mary, matter is over. But this is the real Hail Mary. You know if you do not know the religion you can’t talk about it. You can say in your mind, father, father, I have sinned. Come on, come on if you 

Rigth fingers Ego-Saturn Stretch the armpit at sixty degree Left hand Move, vibrate hand on your heart centerthink I am going to give up before the time it is not possible. I am just on time schedule. And don’t cheat. Self cheating is not a good idea. You have sinned, you do it now, therefore heavens shall not punish you. You understand. Am I laying the guilt all right. Does it sound correct? Let the devil not get you. I have not watched those channels for a long time but I think I am very much in good spirit today. Learn, get the devil, devil has many ways to cheat. But Jesus will come through anyway if you really trust it. Therefore keep it wide open at sixty degrees and vibrate and welcome the coming. Am I right? Sounds good and you have six more minutes to go. Come on, vibrate heavily. Hey there is another trick. If you vibrate heavily and faster, that other hurt will become comparatively less. Everything is a comparative so don’t worry about it. Now who wants to be spiritual if you have to do all this. You know how you want to be spiritual. When you are eating your pasta you should be enlightened. Really. That is how you want to be enlightened. And beyond that forget it and the test of that enlightenment is that hotel or restaurant should not give you bill. And pay you fifty dollars for visiting because you are very divine and light was so true. Come on, move. You know what I mean. You are just stuck in that kind of man pray to God, pray to God, god says, “What do you want?” He said, “God I want seven tons of gold.” He said, “So be it. Here it is.” He said, “But I want a second thing.” He said, “You never asked first.” He said, “I am asking now.” He said, “What is this? Nobody can steal it away from me, separate from me or take it away from me.” He said, “So be it.” So with seven ton of gold how can he move? He still is sitting in the back selling ton of gold. Move, keep your elbows straight. Don’t cheat. You want to know who cheats. Look at your elbow. It will tell you. Thy elbow shall speak to thee. Thank God when I used to twenty years ago teach you never came to my class. You would have been different. Come on, come on. Got to do it. Now really time moves very slowly. What is wrong with this watch. Hey hurry up. Four more minutes no big deal. Really four more minutes. Moment you will hear nine o’clock don’t bother me. Come on, hey wait a minute. What is going on. Vibrate. That is good. Keep going. Little things I understand bother you these days. After this there will be no trouble. Once you go through it small things will not, you will not even care. You will never say it hurts me. Some people cannot get acupuncture. The needle bothers them. Forget about touching it, if it goes they think a bullet has gone. But look at that guy who got forty five, six bullets in it, walked into a hospital, sit in emergency and say doctor it is here and here and here and here and take it out. You have three more minutes. Exactly. Nam Nidhan what do you think accounting is. Right now count your angle and count your. Now do it at least, now get into it. You do not know after that the joy will come. It will be quite good. Come on. Really create that tension. Hey leave the pinky straight, don’t bend that poo thing. We don’t want mercury to come along with the sun. It creates a fuss. Hello. Which is the first star near the sun? Planet. Mercury. That is why I think the pinky is next to the ring finger right. Come on, hurry up. Hey you are doing good. It is one minute and forty five seconds more. I am now looking at the last second. Now do it heavy duty. Come on. Accelerate. Minute and a half. I can’t tell you to stop until you hear the nine stroke of the heavenly sound. Do it good. Do it enough. I think you are almost cooked and enlightened right now. Now folks let me tell you the bad news and good news. Bad news is that this is the last minute. And good news is and there_ are only forty seconds to go and situation is that this forty second if you have cheated all along do it now to compensate. Now tell me. What that thing in the armpit can do if even you use it three times. Solid. Move. Faster, heavier. You have only twenty seconds to go. Fifteen. Come on clock, ring hurry up. Put your best. 56,35 Inhale deep. Inhale deep, inhale deep. 

4 ½ Stretch the armpit all the way at sixty degree. minutes: Put your hand and press (left hand) at your heart center as powerfully you can, hold the breath. It is a priceless breath. Exhale quick and inhale quick. Great. Whenever you now cannot hold, exhale and inhale quick at your command but hold to the maximum. And don’t over-exercise or overtax yourself but don’t cheat either. Do it right. Keep your arm up. Practice now the breath. It will change your entire metabolism. You have the right to kill the diSsease and do it now. It is called silver lightening. Come on kids healing is now started. Press that hand on the heart center as powerful as it should be. Breathe in and hold to the maximum and let it go when you can’t and breathe in quick. Sit with it. We understand that is how they talk in hell. Wow, they say in heaven. Both cry. No difference. Come on, keep the elbows stretched. Doesn’t. I know it is painful. I have done it myself. But it is not as bad as angioplasty is. Be great masters of your own destiny. Hel your body today. Breathe hardy, hold it. Hey it is not a big deal. Oh my God it is going to be soon over. I understand. Don’t miss the boat. Meditate, concentrate, pray, do whatever you can. Even do Voo-doo doesn’t matter. But hold on your grounds. Stick now, stick with yourself. Help yourself, love yourself. Do it. Conquer. Conquer. Conquer pain. Win in experience. Fear shall leave you. That is how it. You have only minute and that is the last minute. You can try your best. Don’t give up now. You have done all the way. You have been very nice. One minute is left in all this. You know three minutes we are doing, not big deal. Come on now. Oh God. Come on. You have exactly thirty and forty seconds to go. Thirty seconds to go. Take that last breath. Take an experience that you have won it. Get to point of victory. Acknowledge it. You have fifteen more seconds. Try it if you have failed so far. Make it happen. You have exactly five seconds. Inhale deep, deep, deep. Hold tight, hold tight. Let it go and relax. 

1.01,07 Well kids you did a good job. Now if you have done any part of it, I don’t want to have to tell you, but what result shall be, I can give you that. Whenever you will confront a most painful situation in life, you don’t have to speak one word, just as you concentrated, concentrated will disappear. There is nothing God. God is just an idea in thought and it is a sellout in the spiritual world. 

It is that arcline which is from your earlobe to earlobe and female has earlobe to earlobe arcline and an arcline through her breasts. That is the difference between male and female. Men don’t have it. Female do have it. That may be God was thinking that she is going to be a mother and she is going to be a guardian of another life, she is going to be nurturing of the other life. He gave her the extra energy. But as in this you have concentrated which you are going to do now. Just concentrate. Now what we are going to do is we are going to lock our fingers like this, 11 minutes: sit like this and we feel earlobe to earlobe we have a silver halo. Call it imagination. Call it metaphysics. Call it religious, call it a gimmick, call it nonsense, doesn’t matter to me. But just do that. 1:02;33 Sit down, close your eyes and concentrate on me through closed eyes. Now link up. And see you have a beautiful, beautiful, silver, bright halo. Halo from earlobe to earlobe. [play I am Bountiful] That is what all this turban is about. It is not that we are selling boutique to you and you have to buy a cloth from us. Nobody wants that. Neither Jews wanted to wear yalmaka, nor Christian wanted to cover their head and not let the woman enter the church and blah, blah, blah. All those rituals had a very powerful, deep spiritual meaning. But we lost on the way, that is the way we went. We will play the music to give you an idea of excellence but just imagine you have a beautiful halo from earlobe to earlobe. And you are healing and you are shining and you are bright like the full moon of the fourteenth night. Bright, brisk moon of the fourteenth night. (Bountiful, blissful, beautiful is played.) Deep meditate. Deep. Let the silver lining reflect. Just remember. Remember the moonlight. Meditate, meditate. Reflect the moonlight. Inhale deep, exhale. Shake your hands. Some of you are too much into it, and some are just doing very well. We don’t want this too much business because we have to stay here. You know what I mean. Shake your hands, shake well. All right move your shoulders, little rib cage, little seat, stretch your legs a little bit and just clap a hand with the nearest partner. Not with your hands, with the somebody. Just shake hands with the nearest person. 

All right, all right, all right good. Get back to the position again, back again, as you were. Start. You must know in a instance you can change the gears. Back meditate. Now exactly reflect the moon arcline which you achieved which I saw. Get back again to the same status. That is why they say never trust a spiritual teacher. That is what it is.

I was jealous. Reflect moonlight in the halo. You are doing good. Keep the spine straight. Let the serum change, let the grey matter convert. Come on, let us heal. Solid rock, like a shining moon. Don’t move at all. Keep a status of unisounness. You are getting very good and I can’t tolerate it. 1:17;35 Now wink your eyes, fast enough, open and close please. And shake your head all of you. Shake it up, shake it up. Just like that crazy head they call it. Shake it, shake it. Oh good, good, good, now what you have to do is I say one, two, three you get back into the same status. You understand. You know what I am saying. Meditation is not a jerks joke. Meditation is when you want to go into it at your command. They call it transmission gear five. You know what a transmission gear five is, one, two, three, four, right. This and that. Then the reverse. But when it is a five gear situation it is one crick, click. Have you seen that. Then all four wheels come into gear and the things pull through doesn’t matter what. Meditation is a power for the fool. To make the whole world cooled right. And that is the school. Come on now. Now what I am going to do is say one, two, three and he will play and I will tell him to stop and you have to come out normal. And that is how back and forth you are going to play. Now gear up yourself to that point. At this time you are winning but you know final word has to be with mine. You know what I mean or you have to become super. Just remember a spiritual teacher has only one ego if at all he has that his student should be better than him. Even he fails his student should not fail. Nothing else, nothing can please real one. Other is bogus. That is commercial. All right. Quick. Okay stand up. You are so good. I can’t believe it. I have to believe to believe it. I can’t. In one second.

Jump up. Circulate, circulate, circulate. Circulate, feel sexy. Circulate. All right sit down, sit down, sit down. On. Tune in deep fast. Just keep the spine little straight. Deeper, deeper. Stop. Shake up your hands. Open your eyes. Look at me and acknowledge. Right. Start. Thank you now we have to come out of the whole lot. Okay now please relax now do what I say. Now what you have to do is you have to chant with it, but you cannot chant, clap your hands in the center. Don’t do this mistake. You will blow it up. So you have to chant this way and that way. You follow what I am saying. Okay. That is all right. If you just do it once just for curiosity sake like this, that is. You didn’t come here, you didn’t do anything, it is all out, gone. That is what it takes, just one wrong move and it is all over. So what you have to do is you have 1:28;40 to put your hands here, and clap it here, first clap it on this side, this is left, here and then here. Here and then here and here and here. But under no circumstance if I tell you do it like this. Okay. Put that tape on and I will stay start you meditatively start doing it. See where we go. Nobody knows what we are doing. Where is she. (Give me the wisdom, give me the courage…)Very good, very good. 1:30 Relax. Shake your hands. Very well done. Very well done. Now we have to seal it and that is a very painful process. What should I do? I don’t know. The whole thing is wrong or we are wrong or somewhere we have to do it right. 

Okay we have got two hands. Understand and you have a point called belly button. You know that point. I am going to play these drums and I am going to create a two and a half cycle rhythm which is very beautiful if I get into it and you have to exactly create that sound at the navel point and if your energy will just hit one beat right with my beat you will have an experience and that is how cheap it is. And some people have done ages, and sat down at the lotus feet of their master and they are still as empty as the empty bamboo stick is. You have got it. It is chance we have got to make it tonight. You know where the navel is, find it out first. You have a navel somewhere and don’t just start beating your stomach and think it is a navel. Navel is a navel. This is mine. I have got it. And this is how you go this way. Hey this hand has a power. Right at the hand at the navel point. Don’t worry, rest is all there. (SS” plays the drums) Now shake your hands and move the body. Let no part of your body. Even the toes. Move them between themself. Just move every part of the body. Just relax. Let the energy spread. Wherever it spreads it will be healing. See that no part of the body is left and especially if there is any part of the body you feel uncomfortable, put your hand on it and massage it now. 

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