Meditation:  LA958 A00413 Grace My Grace Is Me! 20000413

Yogi Bhajan – LA958 A00413 Grace My Grace Is Me!
April 13th, 2000 – Los Angeles, CA, USA #LA0958

MEDITATION – For Grace Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Place the left hand around the top of the right arm/shoulder. Raise the right hand in front of the right shoulder, palm facing forward, elbow relaxed down. Eyes are closed. Make an “o” of your mouth and breathe powerfully through it. Inhale with 3 strokes and exhale with 1 stroke. Continue for 11 minutes, breathing strongly during the last 2 minutes. To end, inhale deeply. Hold, stretch the spine, pull the chest out and stretch the arms straight overhead, spreading the fingers tight like steel. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. Relax. Alternate holding the right shoulder with holding the left shoulder (posture reversed) in your day-to-day practice.

#LA958 A00413 Grace My Grace Is Me

he most precious thing you have as a human being is your own grace. The only difference between people—from a prostitute to royalty, from a saint to a pimp—is in their degree of grace. Your real power, your spiritual power, is your grace. There is nothing comparable to it. If you have your grace with you, and you only deal with your own grace, the world will bow to you, the world will seek you. And if you love your grace, the Almighty, Omnipresent, Omniscient God will love you. You will never find a dearth of anything in your life. Grace is when you are meditatively innocent. And when you are meditatively graceful, the Hand of God will protect you. You will never fall short. Your consciousness, knowledge and understanding, your body, mind and spirit, your tomorrow, today and yesterday, are all balanced—your grace on one side, you on the other. If you make a promise that you will not lose your grace, no matter what, God will not leave you alone, no matter what. The only path to happiness is to be a human being, a graceful human being. If you are a graceful human being, the entire Prakirti, all the Creativity of God, will come to you.You will excel, you will vibrate, without uttering a word. Anybody can provoke you. Do not be provoked, do not cross the line of your grace. Sit down and assess yourself, “Where is my grace? My grace is me!” You do not need to learn—your grace can attract the entire divinity of God to you. It is your privilege. The most precious things you love and want to have: Prosperity, beauty, bounty, bliss and happiness—will work for you. Nothing is free. The price has to be paid—you must live your grace. A man won the lottery two times. Ten years later he said, “I was content and happy before I won the lottery. When I won the lottery, I was very happy. I thought, ‘God has been kind and merciful to me. Whatever I want to do, I will do it.’Today I think that I am cursed.” Energy has to be digested, controlled, contained. You have energy but you do not care for it. You waste it on feelings, emotions, sensuality, sexuality, fantasies, imaginations, desires and dreams. And when you need energy you say, “Give me a vitamin B12 injection,” or “Let us have a Turkish coffee.” Is that life? You want something to feel that you exist—to be, to be. You never learned that you are “To be, to be.”“To be or not to be,” is not an option. People call themselves lovers and end up fighting each other. You think, “It’s not going to happen to me.” Without grace, there is no life. We give energy to our passions and we call it love. Our love is fantastic, it is gold plated. When the gold plating comes off, you see the real metal and you cry, “It hurts!” There is no progressive power to see where the line of grace lies between two people and to what extent they can carry their grace. A graceful person remains graceful. It does not matter if you love or hate him—the pair of opposites does not affect him. No matter which occupation you might choose—grace is grace. Enjoy your life by your own grace.


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