Meditation: NM0406 – Know the Best of You – Share the Best with Others

Yogi Bhajan June 4, 2001, Espanola, NM

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Extend and stretch the arms upwards   at 60 degree angles, pointing the index fingers and holding the other three fingers with the tumbs. Eyes are closed. Be steady. Stretch your elbows.   Balance the body. Let the spine shake, not the hands.

Chant the “Maha Mrityunjai Mantra” by Alka Yagnik
(Om Tri-ambakham Yaajaa Mahay, Sugandheem Pushteevaadhaanan, Oorvaarookamiv Bandhanaat, Mrityor Mukhshee-aa Maamrootaat).

Continue for [1 to 31 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold, and stretch the arms and spine. Make every fiber of the body tight like steel.
Exhale. Repeat 2 times. Relax.

Maha Mrityunjai Mantra

Share the Best with Others
Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. – June 4th, 2001 – Espanola, NM, USA

As we enter the Aquarian Age, some people are hanging on, some are barely walking and others are dragging their heels. Those who are imaginative and
wonderful are in misery when their ego is not satisfied. Others, whose defects could be overcome by doing sadhana, believe they have a sadhana but do not do it. On one hand they live positively and on the other hand they live with their defects.

This pain in life is self-perpetuating and limitless. You are corrupted before reaching the age of 27. People seeking a mate or a relationship feel they have a right to sex it out. This “sexing it out” can never leave your being. It is not just prostituting the body. To pimp your feelings or your mind is worse than prostitution. How can you forget the deeply embedded memories of entanglement between a man and a woman, or subconsciously wipe them out?  Where do you get the power? Somebody said to me, “I have the habit of being free!” It means having no commitment, no character, no dignity, no divinity, no grace. Free from what?

It is a joy to have children—but without virtues, without values, without training? How many parents share manners for their children to practice? How manny live in a dream world because it is more convenient and pleasant than reality?  How many times do you want to break down the banks of the river and flood the entire population, and think you will have friends? How many times have you insulted people with your bad manners and crude language? How many months has it taken you in your life to find out that you have anger and must get rid of it? How long wiill it be until
you realize you are not the end of the world, you are not the final word and you are not God, but just a human being?  Shine as a light, with a smile, with love and affection, and with compassion. Where there is no love, there is fear.  You have never bothered to discipline yourselves, to do sadhana, and do it like Aradhana to reach Prabhupati. You can be told and told, but will you listen for your sake? There is a new posture, the “Hang In” posture. Hang in and blame  your parents and neighbors. When you blame and blame, you cannot claim anything in life. Without the discipline and
the cleansing effects of sadhana, you do not rise above your body and being. Take time to sit and plan, to feel confident and comfortable. In a life of self-competency, where we leave off comparing and competing, we are respected. Be grateful for what you have. When you are great, you are fulfilled. Have patience and take care of yourself: “T have put three things in this plate: Sat, truth; Santokh, patience; and Vicharo, self-analysis. To this | have added God’s Name, which is like nectar. That is the greatest satisfaction.” — Guru Arjan, Rehiras Sahib

If you have character and commitment, if you remember that God alone has made you, that you are the identity of God, and if you remember “Ang Sang Wah-hay Guroo,” that God is within your every limb, you will be free of
frustrations, anger and game playing.

I asked someone, “You left in the middle of class. What happened?” “T felt that you were talking about me and it made me angry, so | thought I should go.” “Did leaving the class make that something in you leave?” “No. That’s why I came today, to ask you what to do.” “Let the past go. Change your behavior. Smile at everybody, say hello with love and affection, shake hands. The shortest route? Do not satisfy your ego, God will satisfy your soul.”

You like to think you have the right to break the discipline and be obnoxious, but you do not want the consequences.  Just because we have a voice, does not mean that we should yell and scream at people. Show them the way, guide them, hold their hand. Keep the good for yourself} keep the better for tomorrow, and share the best with others.


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