Today: Encroaching darkness, caution & patience – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperWe are experiencing stagnation brought about through apathy and neglect.  The security we have been experiencing will topple as the last measure of stability is compromised.  We cannot look to celebrity, fads or the current buzz, yet that is where we are at.  The poor choices we are living with will have to play out before something new can happen.  Order will be restored, at a cost.  The darkness has to play out before a turning point can be reached.  In the meantime, give up complacency and remain personally vigilant in order to survive the coming time.

The text reads:
Danger arises when a man feels secure in his position. Destruction threatens when a man seeks to preserve his worldly estate. Confusion develops when a man has put everything in order. Therefore the superior man does not forget danger in his security, nor ruin when he is well established, nor confusion when his affairs are in order. In this way he gains personal safety and is able to protect the empire”.


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