Today: Everywhere people are oppressed… – from the I Ching

Everywhere people are oppressed and held in restraint by those who serve the narrow interests of their own egos.  When a strong person meets with adversity, he remains cheerful despite all danger, and this cheerfulness is the source of later successes; it is that stability which is stronger than fate. He who lets his spirit be broken by exhaustion certainly has no success.  If a strong person bends and is not broken, a power grows within that will in time manifest itself.  Be true to yourself and sparing of words until that power grows enough to take effective action.

The bonds of oppression can easily be broken once one grasps the situation, recognizing the fear of regretting taking action.  The attitude can change in a moment where it is possible to make a firm decision and master the oppression.

The external conflict may remain, due to intentional obstruction.  But with the proper attitude one relate clearly with obstruction and know how to deal with it gracefully, not just with confrontation.


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