Today: Follow your nature and stay out of trouble – from the I Ching

Rhythms in nature produce forces that move our consciousness like the tides that follow the phases of the moon. Water does not resist the moon’s gravity, nor should we struggle futilely against the cyclical forces of natural attraction.  Following what comes from the sense of adaptation to the demands of the time is a joyful pursuit.

Words and examples that come from those who would gather a following by force or cunning, by conspiracy or by creating factions, invariably arouse resistance within us and obstruct our willing adherence.

Faced with adversity, as we contemplate our direction in silence, an inner voice within us says “yes” to the first case, and “no” to the second: Listen.

We cannot afford to sell out our entire future for the promise of a quick fix today.  If we can renounce childish indulgence in our emotional reactions to all influences and view passing trials in the light of Eternal Truths then those false promises will also move on, we will remain unaffected in our original nature and our path will be strewn with blessings.


I Ching: Today


Author: harinam

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