Today: Let it happen – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperLet it happen.  Yesterday’s reading indicated that a breakthrough is near.  It has not happened yet.  Until then, oppressive powers are on the march and are nearing their zenith.  Misfortune has reached its peak.  Once complete the occupants of seats of power will begin to break the structures of power and themselves.  It cannot be avoided.  Let it happen.  It is wise to submit and avoid action.

Be generous and benevolent with those who are less fortunate. It will form the base of a new structure that will grow out of the destruction of the current one.  Rather than all out struggle, resist wisely.  Exert what influence you have in small matters.  A new paradigm will be built incrementally from the inside out rather than from top to bottom.

The text reads:
“Conditions are such that the hostile forces favored by the time are advancing. In this case retreat is the right course, and it is through retreat that success is achieved. But success consists in being able to carry out retreat correctly. Retreat is not to be confused with flight. Flight means saving oneself under any circumstances, whereas retreat is a sign of strength. We must be careful not to miss the right moment while we’re in full possession of power and position. Then we shall be able to interpret the signs of the time before it is too late and to prepare for provisional retreat instead of being drawn into a desperate life-and-death struggle. Thus we do not simply abandon the field to the opponent; we make it difficult for him to advance by showing perseverance in single acts of resistance. In this way we prepare, while retreating, for the counter- movement. Understanding the laws of a constructive retreat of this sort is not easy. The meaning that lies hidden in such a time is important.”


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