Today: on the cusp; fearlessly use your natural attraction and influence – from the I Ching


A breakthrough is in the works.  Even though outwardly we appear to be in a time of grave danger, have no fear.  You can ride it out.  It is a time when inferior people gradually begin to disappear. Their influence is on the wane; as a result of resolute action, a change in conditions occurs, a break-through.

The text reads:
Readiness is everything. Resolution is indissolubly bound up with caution. If an individual is careful and keeps his wits about him, he need not become excited or alarmed. If he is watchful at all times, even before danger is present, he is armed when danger approaches and need not be afraid. The superior man is on his guard against what is not yet in sight and on the alert for what is not yet within hearing; therefore he dwells in the midst of difficulties as though they did not exist. If a man develops his character, people submit to him of their own accord. If reason triumphs, the passions withdraw of themselves. To be circumspect and not to forget one’s armour is the right way to security.

The strength of your character is what matters. By giving consideration to others and listening to them and knowing what is needed, you will become very attractive in their eyes and inspire them to follow your example with enthusiasm.  That has a compounding effect that will propagate and turn the course of events, making a resorting to force unnecessary.  The power of impeccable character is irresistible.


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