Today: “Whatever you are doing, do it well, without any expectations for the outcome.  Then everything turns out well.” – from the I Ching

Whatever you are doing, do it well, without any expectations for the outcome.  Then everything turns out well.

A quote from Yogi Bhajan

Tao Te Ching – Verse 55 – He who is in harmony with the Tao is like a newborn child

Meditation: LA769-19930415 – Development of Self Control

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25 – Twenty-Five. Wu Wang / Remaining Blameless

Thunder rolls beneath Heaven, as is its nature and place:
Sage rulers aligned themselves with the changing seasons, nurturing and guiding their subjects to do the same.

Exceptional Progress if you are mindful to keep out of the way of the natural Flow.
It would be a fatal error to try to alter its course.
This is a time of Being, not Doing.


This is thoroughly a matter of the heart.
If everything you attempt, no matter how carefully planned, ends in disarray, then examine your motives.
They are the cause of your predicament.
It isn’t that your motives aren’t pure — even the best intentions will fail under these circumstances.
What stymies you in this situation is that you have a motive at all.
Free yourself of all expectations, release any tenuous grip you may have, and roll with it.
This is totally out of your control.
There are higher powers and more elements affecting the outcome of this situation than you can imagine.
Get out of their way.

Six in the second place means:

If one does not count on the harvest while ploughing,
Nor on the use of the ground while clearing it,
It furthers one to undertake something.

Autumn Ploughing

‘Autumn Ploughing’ – E.R. Sturgeon (1920 – 1999)

We should do every task for its own sake as time and place demand and not with an eye to the result. Then each task turns out well, and anything we undertake succeeds.

58 – Fifty-Eight. Tui / Empowering

The joyous Lake spans on and on to the horizon:
The Superior Person renews and expands his Spirit through heart-to-heart exchanges with others.

Success if you stay on course.


This is the sign of true companionship.
The principals in this situation exchange energy, ideas and feelings, constantly invigorating and encouraging each other to new heights of Spiritual achievement and Self-discovery.
This exchange is not for the glory of the Team, but for furthering the process of each individual’s ‘Te’, or pure potentiality.

Today: “God is not a phenomenon. He is infinite. He is infinite, but God is finite also.” Yogi Bhajan

“God is not a phenomenon. He is infinite. He is infinite, but God is finite also. He is also a human being Who talks, Who shakes hands with you, Who dances with you. He does everything with you. We must understand this energy, that the Infinite is also finite. Why are your arms in your shoulders? Why not in the hips? Why do you have two eyes, why not one big eye in the center? Why don’t you breathe through the knees? Why do you have a nose in the center of your head? There is an architect who has made you a blueprint. You have been constructed according to this blueprint design and figure; that energy, beyond all expectations, cannot be denied.” Yogi Bhajan

Meditation: NM190-19951031-Connect Yourself to the Reality

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