A letter to a friend


I appreciate hearing from you.  You have been true to the Guru.  

I haven’t been holding virtual meditation gatherings, though  you are on my list whenever they should happen.

I still offer remote healing sessions, though typically not face to face.  This is how I can offer personal suggestions for meditations.

I agree, the world has largely devolved into insanity.  It has touched us all, though not everyone is broken.  I’m happy to hear that you have found a safe haven.

There has been a profound change in people’s perceptions of how to organize our devotion.  The paradigms of community, seeker, teacher and organization were largely blown up.  Tribalism and cultism have taken a toll.  What I have realized is that we human beings remain intact with our personal identities and aspirations.  We only need to recognize and reform our social identities.  The age of the monolithic power structure is over.

One thing that I have understood from our excellent teachers is that we, now, are it.  Everything hinges on the active we, evolving from the passive us.  Subtly, just as we all have experienced in countless classes, we share each others’ existence and presence.  We do not have to feel alone.  We share in our subtle bodies a common experience that binds us and lifts our soul.  Once we resolve the question of the soul body, we can nourish and grow it through our daily practice, sadhana, together with the subtle body of all the souls practicing with us.  In a natural progression, we share our awareness and compassion through radiance, our radiant body.   This is how we can begin recognize and then support and nourish the collective soul body.

Here are some suggestions.

To enhance awareness of the subtle body and soul body:

Meditation: NM0410 – 20010615 – The Northern Lights – Ek Ong Kar

Yogi Bhajan introduced it to us at Summer Solstice 2001. It was the last time he appeared at Summer Solstice.    

It is difficult, to begin.  He said, “do it for 40 days” then maybe 90 days, or 120, or just keep doing it.  I started with 11 minutes for a week, then 22 minutes, then 31 minutes, then 62 minutes, then 2 1/2 hours.

This is a good one to master,  at 1000 days.

Here are the meditations for the radiant body:


Here’s another one Yogi Bhajan suggested that we master (as I heard it):

Meditation: LA822-950201-Healing the Physical

Also called “The Lighthouse”.  It’s worth doing.  

For the soul body:

Meditation: M043-19890623 See Your Soul Within Your Third Eye

Meditation: KWTC04-960627-Soul and Identity

For sanity and stability:



One day at a retreat, my friend and I were discussing the meditation NM0410, which was my sadhana at the time.  She told me she was intrigued by it, and wanted to try it.  As we were housed in a dorm at the retreat, she asked me to come get her on my way to the place where I was meditating.  At 3am the next morning, I knocked on the door of her room (shared by 3 other people).  Immediately, I heard screams from inside the room.  They all screamed.  So, puzzled, I left to do my sadhana.

She later explained that she and her roommates had convinced themselves that they were being stalked by a ghost in their room.  My knock on the door became a part of their story.



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