Meditation: KWTC04-960627-Soul and Identity

Put your Jupiter fingers out and start doing “Humee hum brahm hum”
and move them, move them, move them, move them. Look at the tip of your nose.

And see that you see both index fingers moving. I am in a perfect posture right now. It’s so great.

Look at the tip of the nose and those two fingers moving and chant what we are going to play for you and you will have fun.

Begin music: Humee Hum Brahm Hum


The two fingers must be seen from the one tenth of the eyes on the tip of the nose.
Inhale. Hold the breath. Move the index finger very fast. Hold the breath, move fast, circulate. Round and round, round and round, round, round. Exhale. Inhale deep. Don’t cheat. Hold it tight. Move. Round and round. Fast. Fast. Your spine can dance. That’s what it meant. Exhale.

Inhale again. Go ahead. Do your best. Spine must adjust itself. Now is the hard time. Do it right. Exhale. Inhale deep again. Deep deep deep deep deep, you go. Powerful, faster. Try your best. Exhale. This is your last chance. Inhale deep, hold, move. Move, move, move. Relax.

See lecture: KWTC04 960627 – SOUL & IDENTITY

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