Meditation and Healing Workshop July 20, 2013 with Hari Nam Singh at the Healing Heart Center (Review)

We held a Meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing Workshop with Hari Nam Singh at the Healing Heart Center in Hollywood. The topic of the workshop was Healing with the Elements.

Meditation: Initiate an Intuitive Existence

Meditation: Sniff Meditation

Meditation: BlowYour Mind

The Elements are a system of forms that we can use in a healing relation.  They are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.  An assumption of using elements to heal is that any system can be described completely by the composition of elements present in the system.  Our mortal incarnation can be described physically as a collection of elements held together by our prana.  When the prana can no longer hold the elements together, they disperse, and we expire.

How elements are combined can describe conditions of imbalance or disease.  Too much of one or more elements and a lack of others can produce a condition of imbalance in the body, in the mind, or perhaps in a relationship between a person and someone or something else.  Bringing the composition of elements into balance can remove the tendency of the condition.

The way we use elements to heal is simply to include them in the healing relation.  We relate with elements in the same way that we relate with the event.  We find how we are affected in our perceptive field by our intention to include one or more elements.  It is the same intuitive process that we use for all healing.  We do not need to conceptualize nor visualize an element as an object or static property, but rather look inside our perceptive field to find how we are affected in relation with it.  Those effects are the reality of the process.  Any preconceptions of an element that come from outside of the experience only serve to limit the experience and dilute the effect.  The use of elements has an immediate and strong impact on the healing relation.  We use them to effect quick results where the precision of other contemplative forms is not required.

Highlights of the experience.

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