Meditation: KWTC 880701 The Moon & Sun Energy


The moon is for expansion. The sun is for completion. Birth and death relate to the sun. Maintenance,  expansion, growth, color, shape and form: all that is moon. But the moon by itself has no power; it reflects the sun. And sun by itself has no power; it needs the moon. Do you understand the rational part of it? The irrational part of it is very simple. Let us experience that.

3 minutes: I just want to tell you how your

body can create havoc it does not fit in. (The
thumbs press upward on the respectivecheekbones and the fingertips meet to form a bridge shading the face. The elbows are relaxed down near the body.) And now close your eyes and sing the song of the noble woman. (Class sings “Nobility.”)
You sang that song, you understood. Relax. And you have understood it better than you ever understood it before. This is how the body fits in.

7 minutes: Now understand another situation. (Touch the little finger to the thumb on each hand. The other fingers are extended and joined.) And take these other three fingers and put them on your forehead. (Palms facing in toward the head.) Put on the tape Bhand Jameeai. The three fingers must touch the forehead right in the center. See what it does to you. These are certain things, which you don’t do, that you have to do.

7 minutes: Now, I’m just telling you about the body energy and focal points and how the chakras work with the tattvas and how the tattvas work with the gunas. That’s the basic woman that we have to understand. Please place your hands as if you were pulling something very heavy.

(Make fists of both hands. Extend the right arm out to the side and up at a
sixty-degree angle with the elbow straight. Bend the left elbow and bring the forearm
up across the front of the body at a sixty-degree angle. Pull it back as it stretching a
bow). Play Ab Jan Upar Ko Na Pukarai. These are things you have recited over the
years and I’m just telling you how, with a body posture, the energy flow and the
direction of things can change. Get into archer pose while sitting. Now make the
archer pose tougher and tougher. I’m going to give you certain exercises, certain kriyas,
which have been kept extremely guarded and secret and have not been given to humans because they are not considered worthy. But the faculty of the word and the befitting posture of the body can create the divine impact.

16 minutes: Take Bibi Bani’s Mere Man Lochai with Aad Sach Jugad Sach interspersed.


Now lock yourself. (Grasp the top of the left shoulder with the right hand. Bring the left arm under the right arm next to the body and grasp the right shoulder with the left hand.)

You know the greatest problem with a female is that when she confronts insecurity, she gets a headache. Insecurity in woman means a headache. Otherwise there’s no headache for a woman. She’s not made to have a headache. A secure woman can never have a headache. It is a biological, physical phenomenon, which represents a tremendous amount of insecurity. When you are very insecure about something or you have a headache, just feel “Happy am I, healthy am I, holy am I” and it will go away. It works like Tylenol.

Close your eyes and let us sing and see where we go. Tighten the shoulders. Tighten the grip. Sing it really from the navel point. We are just experimenting. It is no big deal. (Class sings Meraa Man Lochai.) You have gone through this. Please relax.

Mera Mana Loche – Guru Shabbad Singh

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