Lecture and Meditation: Patience Pays – LA-19831020

Do you know actually it’s Guru Ram Das’ birthday today and do you know on Ram Das Guru’s birthday anybody who wishes anything, doesn’t matter how neurotic and insane and sinful he is, is granted, are you aware of this tradition? I just want to let you know. Patience pays. When we use the word patience, to us patience is to tolerate, suffer the pain, those kind of things, is that true? That’s what you normally feel, patience pays, but that’s not what patience is. Patience is a projected mythology of advancement. If you are not in patience, you do not practice patience, you cannot methodically advance in life.

    Patience Pays

I am very surprised how you take the meaning of the words, patience pays mean your methodological advancements and production will give you best results, it does not mean, that if somebody is just bullying you and you keep on tolerating it and it is going to pay you. So make it very clear. Patience is the methodological advancement of one’s own mental psyche. After all, what is it? The word is very simple, there is a psyche and each molecule of your psyche is alive and it is all around, all the people you know, all the people you want to deal with, it is a multifacet energy and God is everywhere and you know it is everywhere but when it is manifested from Gupt, Gupt means the unknown to the Chitre, Chitre means the known, when God is brought and manifested, when we sit here, when we sit here, and we talk about God, and we talk about love, when we talk about elevation, and we talk about, that is where we manifest God, God has to be manifested from unknown to known, whosoever shall do it, shall be exalted and it’s the methodological projection of your personality. You go in a church, you sing it, you sing hymns to the praise of the Lord, I don’t think Church is a special place or not, but it becomes special for the purposes that you exalt the Lord God.

I don’t think Christ is a very special situation but when you take Christ and exalt yourself towards Infinity or you take Guru Nanak and exalt yourself towards Infinity, that’s where you manifest. The only progressive attitude is the Guru Nanak gave Naad hymns, it is not manmade hymns, that is the difference. Therefore path is shortcut and easy and convenient and it can just come to everybody. Common folks became Divine, that is the grace of Nanak, that is the blessing of Guru Ram Das, that is where the house of Nanak comes to play a very congenial relationship to a common person, for common reason, that all is the manifestation of God, all the manifestation of one light, so all can live in love and can be exalted and that’s what patience pays, that’s the dividend.

When you cannot be upset, you cannot be moved, when you can be total real, when you are not acting under guilt, you are acting under love. When you have nothing to think, no logic, no reason, nothing to justify, because you are not committing any sin, so long you are sinful or you are committing sin, you are miles away from God. Your manifestation is your reality and what you manifest is a reality, so if you create shallowness, then you are creating your shallowness, it is not somebody…
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