Lecture: Yogi Bhajan’s lecture on being human, living without fear in the wilderness of social convention and reversing the direction of its influence.

Advanced Class

Yogi Bhajan’s lecture on being human, living without fear in the wilderness of social convention and reversing the direction of its influence.

Date:  February 27, 1978
Location:  Los Angeles, CA

From: Yogi Bhajan’s lecture in the library of teachings.

YB: And I went to interfaith meeting and there we met people from every walk of Christian faith, people from Jewish faith, Baha’is what not, Sikh Dharma whatever it is, there was about four, five hundred people and then I went to see this Church, old orthodox Church and there was saying of Jesus, ‘If man has the whole world and loses his soul, what worth is that world to him?’

And I am asking the same question to you, if you have the whole world in the palm of your hand and the price is that you have to dump your soul for it, what worth is the life? Are you born to cater to your emotions? Or you were born to master your emotions? Are you so magnetically powerful that you can play any neurotic game and you just say, ‘I am sorry’ and get out of it, you can get out of it? Do you feel that you can betray the trust another man is bound to always trust you? What do you think you are? Don’t you have learned so shall you sow, so shall you reap? Don’t you know this is a indefinite law, you can’t deny it, action has reaction equal and opposite, law of Karma or Newton’s third law of force?

I saw those people and I see you, they admitted one thing today, I said, “One question that the very essence, the requirement of life is happiness and happiness comes from relaxation, do we know how to relax?”

And father Royal Vatican said, ‘well Yogiji knows how to give people exercises and those breathing exercises and chanting and meditation and he can relax his people, but with our sixteen cups of cough, we do not know how’ and he was very honest about it too and this time I have been mid, mid, mid-West the Bible belt of America up to Atlanta I touched and I come back in Los Angeles and I am willing to sit and confront you today. I feel we have done tons of investment in you to be what you are and you are very far-out and do the whole people, honest to God.

Other side of the mountain is very risky, very dark because it is, it is totally built and lived in a kind of a scene what is called is paranoia and I have today realized why Guru Gobind Singh said, live fearlessly, Nirbhao, why Guru Nanak said that word, Nirbhao, Nirvair, you have to be Nirbhao, you have to be fearless to become not to have vengeance, otherwise a fearful man will think of vengeance and manipulation and all those areas. Nirvair, have no vengeance against anybody.

The qualification of a human being or what is called is the basic essentials, you can look as a human being, granted, you can identify yourself as a human being, granted, you can establish yourself as a human being, granted, but do you live as a human being? Before you act do you take care of other man sentiments, his conditions, his personality into account? Does your fiber tolerate that you insult everybody you feel like, you insecure everybody you feel like, you lay your tantrums on anybody you feel like and you can get out of it just like nothing has happened? Can you be that insensitive?

This insensitivity has gone into our kind of genes, into our fiber. Why there is a insensitivity? Why there is a fear and why there is unhappiness? Because we are highly selfish and selfish person is very finite, very limited, all he and she thinks is about themself. They only want to use other people for themself, their relationship, their love, their friendship, their talking, the whole thing is based on one thing and one thing alone. How much blood I can suck out of this being? And how long I can live on this person? I can assure you that’s not a basic human character. If you want to be loved, if you want to be respected, if you want to be comfortable, you got to do one thing, you have to start living as a human being.

Difficulties, pain, misfortune all this is your paranoia, they don’t exist. Today I realized my God, this four, five hundred people are sitting here, they don’t know a thing, within ten years, they will be all shift to Miami Beach to stare out of those glass houses. But one day I can figure it out those graveyards which were sitting there in Florida or in other areas, out of those graveyards living human beings, you can see one day they were young and beautiful. They knew every lush of life, if you know every lush of life, how you end up there, I was very sad also to read that newspaper that (?) Gargo, what is her name was?

Students: (—-)

YB: Now lives alone, makes her own toast, butter it herself and sometime she takes tea because… Without milk because it is not in time and she tried to throw social parties but could not find lot of people coming so, she finally stopped it. Do you know those days, you all must be remembering when she was a actress or a heroine in any of the film, nobody will care for rest of the cost get in, queue in you know, that’s enough. What happened to these personalities? Why people built beautiful Temples after the name of the saints and worship and burn candles even after the death they have gone why? Because those could element, their element could join with the universal element and that connection between the universal element and this element today is a hope for all of you.

So whenever you meditate on that person or touch that person or relate to that person, that connection happens. That’s why, they are not, don’t call them very superior being because then that your another word you are telling God made some superior, some inferior, no that’s not true. Some people broke those walls, those barriers. All people do not love them, you can only love a man of a God, if you don’t have an ego, I can guarantee you that. You can use the word love and play the game, you can play the game to fit into your ego and your personality and your limited consciousness but you can’t swim with that person into the universal frequency and you cannot enjoy and grasp the entire whole being that beauty, that bewitching beauty and towards that end Guru Nanak started working, now I realize why ten Gurus and why ten people have to put in their whole thing into it, why not one prophet, one Guru would have been enough?

No, there are lot of facets, lot of aspects of life, which has to be completed. Seven year old child could stand and be bricked alive and say Wahe Guru, it has to happen, it has to take that many years to reach to the tenth master Guru Gobind Singh and then give birth to a child which can say, Nirbhao, I am fearless. Death can’t do anything to me, nothing can do anything to me, God is with me and that is the responsibility of you all. Can you understand how successful Guru Gobind Singhwas as a father? And how Guru Gobind Singh wife was successful as a mother? You forget about the Guru side of the whole thing but just understand them as a parent, as a institute, as a parental institution, how wonderful and successful it was that because from it came those two children, seven and nine, fourteen and sixteen perfect.

I will like to appeal to your rational, your logic human being, have you ever considered in your life that you also have the same chance? What happens is these men of God came and they told us to worship God, we forgot God and we worship it, we started worshipping these men, convenience because that give us a connection. But what we did is after worshipping them we forgot that what they said, it is funny, I was in Atlanta Georgia and I saw that God bless his life Sat Bheer Singh two year old or year and a half, three year something, I do not know exactly his age is. Little guy I mean to say he is not a big man. But you cannot find another alert child of his caliber.

The most beautiful alertness which he represented was perfect and one when his mother said, I said, “But do you use some special technical” and when I was told by my secretary that she is exactly have totally followed the teachings which has been laid down in the past so many years. I said, “Can you ask her to sum them up to just make a consolidated effort so that everybody know what we are talking about?” Because there sits a living intelligent child, God bless him and worse may not happen to him at all ever.

Such a sweet and alert mind because her mother has thought it’s a gift of God and he must be made as a human being of God, that’s all and she has worked, she has not thought, she has to make this piglet, so that she maybe known she was a human pig but gave only two leg piglet out of the, out of a womb and she raised it exactly like that, so that there will be nuisance to the neighbors, nuisance to the home he lives, nuisance to the whole area and when they grow up they become nuisance to the law and order, nuisance to the country, nuisance to the whole world. And when I looked at that skinny woman and I, I just couldn’t say a thing, I mean I was, I mean to say to tell him to not come with us. She said, “Siri Singh Sahib, I want to go with you on this very plane, why don’t you take me, I won’t give you any trouble.”

(Students’ laughter)

It was far-out I couldn’t believe but this what you can say, what you can say, I told Sat Simran, I said, “Let us run otherwise we are going to get emotionally involved and we will get in trouble.”

(Students’ laughter)

Because he knows which button to press and look at me, I mean to say, he can press my button, what he can do for somebody else and we watched him and he was playing with a girl and I watched him and she punched him and he defended himself and punched back and what they, when he got hurt, he wanted to go in a room to cry, he doesn’t want to stand in hallway and shed his tears.

Sat Simran told me a funny thing, Sat Simran gave him a almond or something to eat and it was not the right time and her mother said, “I don’t think he can eat.”

She said, “Yes I know.” And he gave it back. Why not the child should lie down, ‘no mama, why not to I have a cookie, am I not a good Jew, Ibrahim told us to multiply.’

(Students’ laughter)

Couldn’t she lay all those tantrum those sick things, which make the basic culture? I think we are the worst animal race on this planet, we do not do anything, we spoil our own children because we are emotionally insecure, we are mentally corrupt and we have a bankruptcy of moral and we cannot give our children that strength which they need, I think that is why, Guru Gobind Singh came to prove this miracle that there is no miracle, man can evaluate himself, assess himself and can come out with every perfection. Guru Nanak talked to God and Guru Gobind Singh lived in the very spirit of God and proved and I think you all who has to follow that path.

I, I wonder sometime really do you understand sometime when you emotionally misbehave with your children, overprotect them, overfeed them, give them over lease to do wrong. What you actually do? You actually confirm on them a honoring degree of stupidity you want them to be stupid and there is nobody who can be punished for that, you don’t get punished because you old idiots you get away somewhere and you know you already have made up your money and some pension and other things will come through but those people suffer through the steps of walking the way of life. I think we are not in a position to create a superior human being but we are very conveniently we can, we can be perfect human being.

Today it is my experience that any man who can put it a just a honest effort can become graceful human being. I used to have a doubt that perhaps some people are mentally not capable today I am convinced everybody is mentally capable but emotionally not and why not? Because in the culture where we live, we feel if we do not commit mistake, we do not commit blunders, we do not create chaos, nobody will care for us. We are not convinced that righteousness, truth and decency has any value. I think our motivation is because Mafianos are very powerful, let us be a Mafiano, so we start our little Mafia, wherever we are and this ego and power struggle and in our power control, we end up as a mess.

Look to the reality of Godhood and watch in you, how much divine is near you, I was answering a question and they asked a question, “What best thing can happen to you today, which can be very pleasant, what best?”

And I said, “The best thing today which is happening to me is I am alive. Today there is nothing better happening to me than alive, today I am alive, I have lived today, it’s wonderful.”

“And how your children and you can love somebody, who can tell you God is omnipresent, omniscient, omni-powerful and then you tell him look but you can only find Him in such and such place through such and such way only.”

You will say, “What this man is talking about? I mean to say can you be not more stupid than that, you can do some better stupidity than this.” On one side, you say, God is omniscient, omnipresent, God is beautiful, God is life, God is experience. On the other hand you say, but this but is the main problem of human life. It is my very deep and sincere request that all of us who are trying to be something, let us understand that this game cannot continue.

3HO will serve people, it will continue way of life because it guarantees people to be healthy, happy and holy but those who are in 3HO and are continuously playing games, I think they should better think of themself. Because they are bleeding us, they are not allowing us to expand they are creating a situation, which is very saturated. I am not saying they are not beautiful people, I am not saying they are not beautiful people created by God, I am not saying they are not wonderful people, whom we don’t need but for the time being, we can’t use them. I think this shuttle service has no value and in your very life this shuttle service has no shuttle service has any kind of life. This you cannot create emotions to commotions and create a pattern and neurosis, it’s not healthy. You got to learn one thing, you got to be intelligent and intelligence doesn’t come near that man, who is not faithful.

The very essence, the very lay out of intelligence is you can faithfully present yourself and if you don’t have faith, if you have not lived it, it is not right out of you, how can you present it? That’s why your words are phony they are shallow, they are powerless, they are spiritless that’s why they don’t work at all. That’s why your prayers are not answered. Whole cosmos guarantees one thing, entire vibrant life guarantees one thing, entire happening guarantees one thing, that life is happiness. But this dragging down the situation is that is what the problem is. If this is true in scriptures, now I am using the word if, though I know it is true because you have shaken me so well by repeating the blunders, that in seven years by word of God consciousness changes, that means your patterns of life must change and if you are crossing that seven year limit, it means you love your pattern so deeply, you have loaded yourself so deeply with them that you have forgotten that there is a possibility that you can give yourself a chance and I believe and so the scriptures confirm it that every person can give himself and herself a chance.

I sincerely believe in the very core of my heart that even most misfortune person can become the most fortunate person provided, there is a very big provision, provided you desire to be so. The very desirelessness we talk about, here we are urging and longing for a desire, we need to desire, we want a desire.

I remember about three years ago a woman came to me and she said, “I have come to see you to hear from you the truth, give me some truth so that I can know and fulfill my soul. My soul is hungry for the truth.”

And I said, “Lady, you are not ready.”

She said, “No, no, no, no, don’t misunderstand me, I am so eager.”

I said, “Is that so, you have come in search of truth.” And then I started talking to her and in ten minutes I knew she wanted to runaway. I have talked to many people, when I talk to them and I talk to them the truth. They don’t want to hear, they feel trapped, but dear friends in 8.4 million life cycles at the rate of millions of year of the what you call it ray years, you have blessed yourself with the possibility to be a human being and what it matters, if you have the entire world in the palm of your hand at the cost of your soul.

And I tell you a story, there was a man and very beautiful con intelligent man and he conned somebody and conned so well that he took away the wealth of a person and totally legalized it. So having establishing himself, he took the money and wanted to go to a holy man and give him a present and this man of God said, “Thank you very much and for this present may that soul be blessed, which has retained and sustained itself through the total pain of deceit.”

He said, “Sir, I don’t do any deceit my soul is very free.”

He said, “No, no, no, I am not blessing your soul, I am blessing the soul of the person whom this present belongs to.”

He said, “This present belongs to me.”

He said, “You are a carrier, it doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to the someone who earned it.”

“Sir I earned it.”

He said, “No you only deceived it to your side, you didn’t earn it. You have not earned it and I can’t bless you for this, I am blessing the one.”

He said, “You are blessing him?”

He said, “Look my child, he is victorious and you are a loser because you took away from his, his Earth and he turned himself to ether. I see him in the realm of God consciousness sitting much higher than me and as he through you has send me this present, I want to thank him.”

It opened up his heart he realized that these Earthly games have to have a balance with ether also. This Earthly desires are good, I am not against it but you have to have a desire of God also, you have a desire to be kind also, you have a desire to be gentleman also, those are also desires. Not how can you con somebody, how you can strip somebody, how you can just make a person totally dead, these are not the desires, which will make you happy.

You have to learn in your life to relax. Because the source of happiness is based on relaxation and relaxation must come to you through your inner strength and it is my deep understanding that now I can say it with a clear consciousness that how sick a person maybe, if he has desire to earn Godhood, he can earn but also it is my deepest understanding, if you just give somebody Godhood, he may not be in a position to retain it. Because a foolish person may not value the diamond and may think it is a piece of glass but if you take that piece of glass to a jeweler who has the feeling that this is a diamond, he may pay you lot of money just for, just looking at that beautiful piece.

And that is exactly the story at the time of Guru Nanak. Mardana was very hungry, he said, “Lord, look now the pain not only has come to the heart but it has gone to the head and hunger pain those who know to suffer with hunger pain, they know what it is.”

So Guru Nanak gave him a big ruby and said, “Mardane, just go in the town few miles from here there’s a town, make it there and this piece of stone beautiful, you just show it to people and perhaps somebody can give you some food and you can enjoy yourself.”

So Mardana said, “Thank you Lord.” He picked up that stone, tight in his hand ran. So he first he went to a person, who was selling these white daikon radishes, eggplants those kind of goodies, vegetables, very good stall and other side there was beautiful fruit. So he said, “I have got this beautiful precious stone, if you can give food in turn for me.”

He looked at the stone and he said, “Yeah, hah those leafs of daikon radishes are sitting there you can get them.”

He said, “No daikon radish, no fruit?”

He said, “Oh no, no, no, fruit this side, you don’t look at, this side totally ban.”

He said, “No, no, no that’s not, give my stone to me.”

So he took the stone, he went to a place of a person of a Halwahe one who sell sweetmeats and channi and all that eatables perfect, you who those who have gone to India you know that what halwai is, so he showed him the stone, he said, “Yeah, look good I can use him in balancing the weigh, what do you want out of it?”

He said, “Just anything.”

He said, “I can give you few sweetmeats, just few.”

He said, “Nothing more?”

He said, “You can just have few pooris and I think that is maximum. Don’t ask me more or take your stone back, I don’t want to deal with you.”

He said, “My God Guru Nanak told me it is very precious, when these guys are not even giving me one full man meal what precious is this.” So he said, “Let me go to the jeweler and show him whether the stone is real or precious or not.” So he get to this jeweler shop and he said, “I have got this stone and I want to ask you, can you tell me what can be the price of it.”

The jeweler looked at it and he looked at it and he looked at it and he looked at it and he said, “Oh, nobody can buy it, it is priceless.”

He said, “But what you can give to me?”

He said, “I can give you hundred rupees just for showing it to me. You keep this stone with you, I don’t need the stone, I can’t buy it but I will give you one hundred rupees.” And in those days in one hundred rupee you can buy a one shop of fruit, another shop of halwahi, plus other shop of a vegetable, man all total. In three shops may not be worth eighty rupees. He said, “No, I will give you one hundred rupee because in my lifetime I always thought I can see that kind of stone who is the owner of it?”

He said, “My master.”

He said, “Where he lives?”

He said, “Outside.”

He said, “Don’t worry, are you hungry?”

He said, “Yes.”

He said, “Come with me.” He fed him, he clothed him, he gave him a bath, he did all the service and then he said, “Let us go and see I like to see your master, who has that kind of stones.”

So when he came out and he saw a saintly man sitting in a deep meditation he knew what he is. Learned knows the value of life and ignorant ignores the very value of life for which one has come to the Earth. What is ignorant? Ignorant ignores the very value of life, but the learned knows and lives it, experiences, enjoys it, fulfill himself. This aspect of life in reality we see it in our daily chores but we need the strength. It is that strength which can change ourself and there is no way, there is no miracle that you can have that strength without your Sadhana. These three lines are precious, you may not take care of them but I will repeat them for you, Sadhana Aradhana and Prabhupati, they don’t need explanation.

Sadhana, Aradhana whatever your Sadhana has been given to you do that, Aradhana mean doing the Sadhana and Prabhupati, Prabhu means God, Pati means the master, the swami of God. Therefore, whenever in your life you want to become great then you will take that path which reaches the greatness and the first symptom is that you will adapt your characteristic and your behavior, your personality and your environments to do Sadhana and once you determine yourself that Sadhana is my way of life, then Aradhana is complete and then God must fulfill the very promise.

‘Jho Simare Gobind, Gobind Sev Kamaye. Jho Simrae Gobind, Gobind Sev Kamaye Tein Khe Ghar Lakshmi Neith Neithyaye.’

That’s a very beautiful simple couplet those who meditate and chant and repeat the name of God, God serves them and in their house the Goddess of wealth comes again and again because to such people, opportunities, prosperity, happiness, value, completion of desire become meaningful and to the others all fulfillment becomes meaningless.

Tonight in this series where I am trying to take you that you can enrich yourself, you can be a living human being with a living human experience. You all can do one thing and it is same thing that you stop looking at your past, if you go on the side of the mountain and you look on the deeper side the very fact of your looking at the deeper side may pull you right deep into it and lot of accidents have happened that way but if you look to the top and you know the mark and you make it that is what life is about.

Dear folks, life won’t come again and again, these games you are playing, they will play you out. To become adult in your spiritual life, not in your physical life, you have to one day decide, that’s it. I am, I am, the day you decide this, that is the most fortunate day of your life and of your spiritual (?). Let us do this meditation.

… Inhale, Hari, Hari, Hari, Hari…

(YB & Students chanting, ‘Hari Hari Hari Hari…’)

(Chanting stops)

Don’t become very fast, now listen. Patience pays. Listen to the note and the tune which I am meditating and chanting and then you can create that sound yourself, first is a higher powerful tone, second is female soft sophisticated tone, both are very important. Hari Hari Hari Hari…

(YB & Students chanting, ‘Hari Hari Hari Hari…’)

Side B

(Chanting continues)

(Chanting stops)

Inhale, stretch your hands up please, stretch, stretch powerfully and exhale. Inhale again and please stretch, give your spine a chance, exhale. Inhale again and open your fingers wide and stretch as powerfully as you can and relax. Relax, relax, relax, you did it for eleven minutes, you can recognize if you can do it for a very longtime, it can bring swift and powerful change, mantra is very powerful, so is the possibility. May the longtime…

(Students singing, ‘May the longtime sunshine upon you…’)

(Song stops)

Creator, this congregation has been created by you through all these creatures whom you have directed to come. Those who have found Thy will have come, others couldn’t and you have blessed the ways of these creatures, oh Unknown one through this known action, fulfill their heart, give them health, happiness, wealth, prosperity. So that out of their radiance they can glow and shine in Thy name, may this day bring us to Thee forever, ever and ever. Sat Nam.

Students: Sat Nam.

(Students singing, ‘When things are down and darkest…’)

(Song stops)

Lecture: The meaning of love

Lecture: The meaning of love

Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles April 12, 1989

Meditation: LA589-890412-GoldenGrain

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There is a very popular saying. If you make all good things you will go to heaven, if not you will go to hell but anyway you will go somewhere. So don’t be very serious about life. Because you have not understood one concept. Life is not what you think it is. Life is seventy percent free of you.

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Lecture: KWTC-19940725 – Fact of Impact Is That You Can Rule

The only way a woman can be prosperous is if she understands that her life is full of problems and she has the capacity to overcome all problems with one damn smile. That’s truth. No woman who can smile can fail.
I am not denying that your life is easy. I am also not denying that it is convenient. I am also not denying that it is not complicated. I fully understand that your life is very powerfully a complicated life. And I cannot deny the fact that men have a half brain. I have been saying it for the last 25 years, nobody has been listening. So when you deal with a man, you deal with an equal, but you deal not with a child, a adult and an insecure grown up man. There are three in a man. You may not ejaculate or you may not come through, you may not bother without it. If man doesn’t get up, his month is out.

Man’s total life is based on his basic elementary ego which as a woman you don’t understand. So men  can be vastly positive and vastly negative, and vastly immature and vastly mature. It is very very difficult to find a man which is consistent. And dealing with man there is only one way that you can keep the smile going. And if that you can do, then you can be served.

You want to be prosperous, your established nobility, diplomatic statesmanship and your reality as a woman can make you the happiest.

Unfortunately, now the world has changed. Every woman should be basically a professional. Those days are gone when you could be married and man will earn and woman will run the house. Now actually two people have to work. And the problem is the woman has to work exactly equal to a man and plus she has to do all the housework job as a woman plus she has to keep smiling. Your one smile can earn you all, your one frown can  destroy everything. there is nothing which I can give you a better advise than that. Because I have counseled thousands and thousands and thousands of people.

There is no doubt in my mind that you have to be alert. A woman who is not alert, she cannot make it by being a flirt. The moment the man thinks you are shallow, or you are wrong, or you are not real, or you are hiding something. You must understand the man. Men have very weird capacity. And that most weird capacity is his relationship with his mother. Men react to mother, men react to mother-in-law. And they want you as a wife. How can I justify this, I don’t understand. I really appreciate how you live.

There is an established identity between a man and his mother. All the comfort which mother gave, he wants it out of you. Number 1. All the discomfort which his mother gave, he doesn’t want you to touch it. 2. At one time, when he is in a horny mood, he wants the super sex. And the other day, when you are horny and everything, he doesn’t want even a foot massage. Now what should I tell you. And that applies to every man. Have no misunderstanding. Is it clear?

And there is another problem. If a man is in love with you or you are his wife or girlfriend, whatever you call yourself. I don’t care. His ego is totally absolutely locked in. He will tolerate from anyone from you he will tolerate nothing. Nothing. N-o-t-h-i-n-g. They don’t have a capacity. Who was he? He smiled at you. How do you know him? By the way, some mistake, somebody in a restaurant smiled. Oh my God, it took three months to put that one smile together. Finally worked, I told him, “She is a pretty woman, and a lot of men have a habit of smiling at her.”

He said, “This bothers me.”

I said, “Then put a mask on her face when you take her out. What can you do, God made her very pretty, she is very elegant.”

You know my little Junior girl, little thing? I stopped going to the club. I used to go to L.A. Sports Club. and naturally she is very caring of me, she would walk with me. And everybody would start hitting me, the would start looking at her, forget I am with her. They would bang right into me. And two or three times I got bumped, I said, forget it, I’m not going to go to this damned club. And I tell those men, yes she is pretty, look at her, but spare me. I am an old man.” I was very sick in those days and I used to go for exercise. And it didn’t happen once, twice, three times, four time, the fifth time, somebody really hit right in my face and I said, “Who are you looking at? Me or her.” This is men. What you can do?

You have to understand. Somebody has to affectionately tell you, you are the prettiest incarnation of God, and you are the insane-est person by being insecure or seeking security from man other than God. If you just dwell in your own soul, and seek your own security, and you act nobly, I don’t think you have a problem.

But it takes time to get to this point, or you should be trained from the very beginning. in the very beginning, the tragedy is you have been trained to sell yourself. Be beautiful, be smart, how many men such everybody. I don’t know who you are sucking. You can such a devil. I mean, I am using English English, not American English. I know what I am saying. I am a holy man, I have to be very polite. You have to have a caliber that you are you within yourself. There is no possibility technically speaking that you can just flirt and get away with it. No way. You have to be very smart, alert. One step ahead of man. That’s why because now it is an open society, the marriage is maximum 9 years 3 months, 2 days. And the tragedy of the whole thing is the children. What you can say to them? Half father, half mother, double mother, triple father. What is this going on? It has become something which doesn’t make sense.

Now the generation which will come will have no security of home and parents, so there is going to be a very rough future.

Do you understand what I am saying? So the ultimately the society will become woman will become just a woman, man will become a woman, woman will become a man, and man will be a man and woman will be a woman, woman and a man, man into a woman, something like that. Touch and go system will start. I don’t think sooner we are going to have a home. That I think we are already losing very fast. and we will lose it very soon totally. Because woman with the circumstances and the pressure and the education, she doesn’t understand man at all now. They think they are great. They are never great. Men are never great. Men are very short-circuited quick identity. It is ridiculous. I don’t know what you have been taught, but as far as I know, men psychologically, sociologically, personally, man lives in his dream and he just pursues it. If you are part of his dream, you are fine, if you are not part of his dream,  it doesn’t matter how great you are, there is nothing to it. They love children and they hate mother. How you can deal with that. Have you any idea?

It is technically, society has come to this openness and this openness has brought a very unique understanding in which the reality of the female is totally lost. There is no credit that you can be a mother. Your mother is totally out of the window. there is no credibility to you that you are delicate. I always give that example in Washington D.C. I was going and I saw a woman with a jackhammer on the road. Now if that woman works with a jackhammer on road for ten years or five  years, what kind of child is she going to produce? You know what I am saying? So, he will be born a jackhammer, whatever she produces. There shall be

Woman was supposed to give sophistication, elegance, sensitivity, touch, balance, to the man’s life. Now they are tomboys, there is no woman. Circumstances have been so cruel to find a one man to live with there is already 15 men she has 30, 40, 25, 6, ten, what is this? So, she has been with 15, 16th won’t bother. And man has been with 47, so 48th will not matter. This is what society is going to be. It will be a touch and go society and in that society woman cannot live.

Woman has a problem. Man doesn’t have that problem. Woman’s problem is that she can conceive. She has to nurture. She is very psychically involved with the child. You know what I am saying? Man has no such feeling. He says so, they pretend so, I have seen a man, he has nine children, nine children. Now they are grown up. I have seen this in my last 25 years. Now she has to drive them to school, bring them back, cook them food, this and that. And then he says, “Have you made my appointments for tomorrow?” Can you believe it?

Nine children driving to school, bringing them home, taking to the judo classes, taking to this. If you count her driving time,  I think he requires 3 drivers to do it. Whole day she is driving one child to another place, then at night she is a wife, then dinner she has to prepare, then every child has to go to school she has to create breakfast. How much a woman can do? And then he wants her tip top.

I told him, “Why don’t you marry a robot?”

He said, “Oh, no, I love my family.”

I said, “What family you love?”

Finally, under my pressure of friendship you call it or whatever, he has hired a maid. because she was getting very sick and very skinny. I told him, she works too much. She needs rest, so there should be a maid. An know she is cursing me. Now she has four or five maids, so there are children and maids together. You know what I mean? That’s the kind of man he is. So he thought a maid would take care of everything. So he brought one maid for the kitchen, and all that, other maid is for cleaning and all that, one secretary has established I the house and one woman is there to drive some of the kids because she cannot do all that. I understand. I fully understand. But to her, four children more have been added.

This is how men are, ladies. When you are young, you don’t mind,  there is a lot of hot blood, you can go long. When you are old, you need calmness, sobriety, consolation, something to lean on, something to deal with, something dependable and they call it middle age crisis, men start looking around.

I am not against men, I like them, but I have not found a man yet, by definition. Man is what man does in a manly way. And many ways cannot shake him. I was discussing just now with a man I said, “Well, have you reconciled with your wife?”

And he said, “No, sir, noooo, sir, nooo. We have gone too far away?”

I said, “Then there is another woman in your life?”

He said, “Not fully yet…”

Now, technically speaking, his first wife left him for this woman. He almost killed himself to get her. I know, I was his counselor. I’m not denying it.

Because to men, every pasture looks more green which they don’t have it. But when they have it it dries just overnight. It’s funny. it’s very funny. I do not know at night there’s no light, what do they see? What goes off? I don’t understand.

But you do not know it is the conquering position of the mother. There is a very beautiful word in Sanskrit:


                        Yunee khandh nakhandh bhaayaa hoa,

                        Murdaar huaa mard na huaa.

                                                            –(Sanskirt saying)

                        He is running to break into the vagina;

                        It is as if he is dead — he is not a man.


There is  a very technical word for it. Yunee is vagina. It is called yunee. Khandh means break it. He is just running to break into the vagina. Nakhandh bhaaya hoa: He is not infinite. He’s dead he is not a man. This little couplet can tell the whole story about a man. The tragedy is if the mother does not give the grace to a man to act with a female with a wife he cannot. That’s where we goof. And blame it on mothers and blame it on men or blame it on anybody claim anything, but fact is, you learn to respect a woman, by the first touch of the mother. That’s men’s problem. If you don’t have that, then there is nothing you can do. So you have to come forward to compensate for that. And when you end up compensating for everything, there is nothing left of you. And that’s a very vital truth. And as the days are passing, you all have to get your scene together. Because sooner or later it will be very difficult to find a man which you are having in your imagination.

S: How do you think that the mass media is contributing to false expectations with men?

YB: Mass media is expecting nothing. Mass media is giving you a fantasy. Mass media have to provide…the media cannot come through if they do not cater to your fantasies. Period. It is not practical for a media. A teacher cannot give you your fantasies and gives you your reality. How many people like a teacher? Preacher, yes, preacher will tell you the story. Teacher will chisel you down in a second. You won’t like it. That is the tragedy of it. My men students are very scared of me. I may not say one thing. I am a very powerful father figure, I am very straightforward, and I am not dependent, I am independent. I am very thoroughly independent. I make my own buck, I don’t depend on anybody. And I don’t need anybody. it is a tragedy. That’s where you understand.

Life actually, the majority of life is a fantasy. I went to France to the Eiffel Tower and this kid about middle aged, 35-40 years old with his knife was writing his name on the edge of it. You know what I mean? He had this fantasy that he is going to write his name and he is going to live forever. It means he has no karma that he can deal with. People write names on rocks. It was a very trip today, about 2:30 we left. We went to Taos and beyond Taos there is a valley. I never knew that that kind of green valley lush valley lives their. And we were trying to run around and one place we went we asked the man, “Do you know where are these homes which they make with tires and tins.”

And he said, “Well, you are the other person. I’m tired of telling people. They all come to my home. But you know, we live here so nobody can come.”

And it is astonishing that in that lush green valley, there are 250-300 thousands dollars of beautiful houses sitting. Condominiums are there, it is a strange v alley. Nobody has to go to Shangri-la. its right there. We couldn’t believe it that that even exists. So I wanted to go and see myself. what is it. There was one development we went in and these two girls we were asking them and they spoke to me in a way and I said, “Where are you from?”

And one said, “I am from California. She is from New York.”

I said, “What are you doing here? ”

And they said, “I am running away from the population.”

So what I mean to say is that people have now come to a point that they cannot handle themselves. And you have all to find a way to match up the modern difficulties.

Now the stage is coming we send our children to daycare centers. You understand what I mean? What that will mean? All things included, we are losing a grip called family grip, family togetherness, and that is going to create generation after generation the family will not be a main idea. But in that man will not have any security and female will not have any identity. That’s what it has come down to. So you have to have now not the environmental and physical strength, you have to have the spiritual strength. And marriage will be only available between two people who will be psychically locked in. You know what I mean?

So physical understand of sex and relationships, hugs and kiss is not going to do the job. Mentally you will not be in a position to hold together. Only now it will be interlocked situation of the psyche of the spirit of the soul of the two.

Then it will come to what Guru Nanak said:


                        Dhan pir eh naa(n) aakee-an, behen iktay hoe

                        Ek jot doe mooratee, dhan pir kahee-ai soe.

                                                            -Guru Amar Das,  p. 788

Don’t call them together who just sit togehter, call them together who                  have two bodies but one bright soul.


Ask them great. That’s my dream, that’s what I am asking you for the last 25 years. With all the difficulties you have and with all the difficulties I have in this understanding, that’s why I am trying to relate to that I feel a woman has to be 16 times stronger basically and elementary. I have a problem with everybody. Its not that I don’t have a problem. I can’t tolerate a weakness in a woman. I tell them on their face. I tell them, “Look, you can fool around for a while, but it is going to cost you pain.” And tragedy is every woman understands that man is equal. It is not true! Men are men, they cannot be but men. Even that transvestite when they dress up like a female they are men. Can you believe this. I have seen them. I have seen gay men, I have seen transvestite men, I have seen sexually catering men, I have sport addict men, I have taught in the factory in Los Angeles, I know men.

So what I am saying to you is it is not practical so we have to build a super woman for tomorrow. So that she may handle her own sorrow with a big smile. You know what I am saying? No, you don’t like it, I know. I know you don’t like it. Neither I like it too. But that is what is right coming on us. So when you have to have a super smile tomorrow, why to start today. Brush your teeth, and show them all the time. It will work both ways. It will show the bite, it will show the smile. Really.

S: How do we chisel our male children to be like you?

YB: No, no, no. Male children can be chiseled not. They can be told straight. In my life when I was a young child, I was told straight. I never have been told anything twisted, complicated, or unattended. I am very straightforward. I was told that way. I was raised that way. That is the only way you can raise a son. Tell him to walk tall at every cost. Once the child has that capacity, as a son, he will be all right. He can handle.

I know banana men, I know lemon men, I know peach men, I know apple men. I may be the most rotten man, but when it comes to the call of duty, I know that I am straight. If your son does not know how to answer the call of duty, better you have a dead child, not a male child. If you do not teach a child how to answer to call of duty, and if you do not teach a child how to handle the environments, control the environment, you have a prostitute I the house. She won’t make it. Try whatever you want to try, there are two things: a female child has to be taught how to master the environments, control the environments. She has not to control her psyche or anybody’s psyche. She has to control total psyche. That’s female. And the man has to be very very straight. Then it is fine.

When you are single, you don’t have to lock the psyche, you have to wait. There are two ways in life. When I got married, it came to me. I had 750 girls in the College, everybody wanted to marry me. And not a single girl in Delhi didn’t want to marry me. that is a fact. It is not a lie. But I always wanted to marry somebody which comes to me. And when this engagement party was organized and all that, I never knew, I was innocent. And when I was told I had gone to see Bibiji, I said that’s it. That’s it. Or have you seen her..

I said, “No, but that is okay.”

And that okay will remain okay if I die or thereafter. That’s okay. It’s not that I don’t fight with her. I am a very cruelly bitter fighter. When it comes to that her psyche will not be maintained. You don’t understand. I can shed anything in the way if it comes through.  Because if anybody who works with me, their psyche is in danger, forget it. I have no tolerance for it. I am very straight. It has to be exact. I am telling her that she has to take care of everybody, not just herself. It is my duty.  That’s the way it is. It is not that I have not been attacked. I love it. I am a fighter. I don’t mind.

But basically you have to have that capacity. There is a Gurbani. Guru Teg Bahadur boleaa:

                        Gur shabdi eh man horee-ay,

                        Baheh jinna dee pakaree-ay, sir deejai baheh naa choree-ay.

                                                                        –Guru Teg Bahadur, (Unverified Gurmukhi)

Guru Teg Bahadur said, with the Guru’s Word hold your mind, but once you have held the hand of somebody, let the head go, but not the hand.

So this is also true. Giving is not what you think is giving. Giving is for giving. I’m teaching Sampuran, I don’t tell her anything, and she is learning fast. Because I know if I tell her critically, she will not learn it. Because that is she expects. She is perfect. You have to see the psyche of the person and deal with it. With some people, if you never criticize, they will not know what it wrong. And if you see something is wrong, be straight, honest, simple. And I don’t say with malice, with vengeance, I do not say to grind my ax. I don’t believe in control. That you should make in your mind. Do not control anybody. If you control anybody, you have to carry  that body. Make another person strong to carry you. Some people are afraid: if somebody is strong, then what will happen to me. Nothing! Somebody is rich, we will have a good breakfast. What is wrong with that.

Greatness around is the symbol of greatness. Smallness is a terrible mistake. And some people do have that capacity that they cannot tolerate anybody happy. You see, my entire staff? I want them very precisely decorative. Why? Principle is, if your presence doesn’t influence then no influence is there. If your presence cannot create impact, you cannot impact. And if your presence creates any crack or cheap impact, forget it. You messed it.

I know how men talk. I know. I have seen a man in love with a woman who used to be my secretary. She went off. This man thanked and had a party. So he was chasing her but when he met her in a hotel and she was without bana and all that he returned very fast. He was my friend, too, so I knew the difficulty. I told him, I said, “Hey, what happened? What went wrong? Now she is free, you are free, marry her.”

He said, “Well, when she was with you, she was very beautiful, I could have given my head and heart both. But when I went myself, I couldn’t find what I was looking for.”

Ladies, you have nothing but a thing called impact. Fact of impact is that you can rule without impact you are a slave. Get it? So long you are on a sale, everybody can nail you. Sale is a sale, whether 5% off or 95% off. So don’t put flowers around your ears. (Laughter) Stop being cheap. When you are cheap, you are a creep, you weep. When you are strong everybody sings the song of your presence. That is your destiny, ladies.  Whichever way you are doesn’t make any difference whatsoever. Your strength is your birthright. You gave birth to the man, you are the jananee, you are the power and you should remain always that power. Without that power, you cannot prevail. Prevail you must. In that song Noble Woman, what they say? “Don’t barter character values for benefits.” Benefit will make you very unfitting person.

I had a very funny meeting. Once I sometimes notice these things. I used to have a very she is my beloved secretary and she is very beautiful and she was there and she was pretty, smart, so this guy was really drunk and he was going in circles. I noticed it, so when I noticed it just to tease her, I just left and started talking with other people, intentionally. I am very mischievous sometimes. But I told my security, keep an eye. Situation doesn’t seem to be rational.” He said, “Okay.” And I just went further and further in distance. But smart as she was, he went to her and said, “I want to talk to you, please come.” She came to me and said, “Your holiness, he wants to talk to me. It will be very accomplishing if you speak to him and few wise words.”

I have never seen a man sweating. He said, “My name is so-and-so,” He had to talk. (Laughing.) The other person I was talking to was the Governor or New Mexico. He said, “Oh, how are you.” The whole conversation I felt his hand cold like ice. But she did it. Because he was drunk, he was going in circles, and she did a very sharp job.

Your alertness and your impact and you are three things in the world which are beautiful. You know what I am saying? Your cheapness, your cheapness, and your weepness is always the tragedy of life. Got it? Any questions left?

There was a man who had a habit to take his pant off. There are men like that, they are psychological cases. Once our ladies were going and he did it. This lady went to him she said, I have seen you from the very childhood this stuff. Why you are showing it to us?” I don’t know what she did, but I have seen that man walking one mile putting both hands on that area and I asked her what you did? She said, “Nothing.” He will never show it again, that’s it. And she did it with such a thunderbolt fastness, even I couldn’t grasp it what happened. We wanted to see this man just pass. Within that passing, all was done, completely. And that’s called martial art. She said to me I said, “what, suppose it could have been a serious injury we would have been stuck.”

She said, “Don’t you say you are a different type than others. If somebody hits your right cheek, blow up his left so he may not hit ever a cheek. So this is what I did. And she did it. But I still appreciated my memories, it was such a fast job, such an elegant, done in such a smooth way. That none of us could feel it. But when I saw him walking like this, hands like this, I knew. He’s cooked.

So, every woman has to learn self-defense. Every woman must learn martial art, otherwise you can become victim for anything.

Those days when sophistication and elegance better half, and people used to open doors for you and ladies first, are gone. You can see the modern movies today, and you see the forties movies, you can see the difference You know what I am saying? It is a different world now. Now you are going to fight in combat just like men.

There was an area, it was not a slavery, it was a protection. You were considered the basic strength of the society. Now it is not. So I would like to let you know.

And that is very huge difference. Understand that? A woman and man in ordinary 50 years from now will not consider that but 50 years in the back if you look it woman was considered as the honor of the man. But now it is not that it is just gone.

What else you want to know?

Do you all watch those talk shows at noon? Sometime just see how ugly, how unlivable, how neurotic our society has become. I was watching that Geraldo Show, I was switching the channels to find CNN and it ended up this guy Geraldo, that’s what they call him? He had sixteen women who were men. Not in change of dress or anything—characteristically. I couldn’t even believe what they were talking. So all hidden garbage of the society is now on the media and you can have it by tons free, it’s right in your living room. What do you expect your children to be? You know what I’m saying? Have you sometimes seen at 1 o’clock all beautiful channels you watch, during the day are very sober how wide they are? There is a tremendous amount of education which is available for the children which can mess them up totally. Have you seen a boxing match between ladies now? Not that real boxing, the boxing kind of there is another kind of boxing, fake kind of boxing. No, no, mud wrestling is fine, at least there is something to wrestle with. No, there is a one real boxing match, with gloves and all that. There is a freestyle kind of boxing, what do they call it? Wrestling. free-type among men. Now they have started women. Oh, my God! It is the ugliest scene you can live with. And these women participate. Really true. Watch it and you will not like to yawn. So if by mistake your family watches it, you have had it. Comparative to the society today, we are angels. It is true, you don’t value yourself. You are precious left over species of this age.

S: When we meditate, we think of a horrible movie we have scene, is that memory being cleansed by our subconscious?

YB: When you mediate, if whatever comes in meditation, you cut it with a mantra, it is eliminated from subconscious and you cleanse your subconscious. Meditation is nothing but a self-hypnosis to clean the subconscious. Meditation has been very badly misunderstood. Meditation is cleaning your house every day. Meditation if you do not meditate everyday and your subconscious gets loaded to unload itself into unconscious, you are almost half of your life. But if you unconscious start loading into your conscious, you are done.  You can’t enjoy the life. After that, the only chance is that you can be put into a trance. So, Meditate every day. It is just cleaning the house. It is required. When you meditate, every thought can come to you, every unwanted thought can come to you. Just say, “Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru.” Get rid of it. you are fine.

Somebody there was

S: What is the difference between meditating on your third eye point, the tip of your nose, or the moon center?

YB: When you meditate at the tip of your nose, your mind is locked, it can’t move. When you meditate on the moon, you can see yourself clearly. When you mediate at 3rd eye, you develop intuition. There are three points.

S: Could you talk a little bit about why women have a lot of emotional kinds of problems like chronic fatigue and depression and why men don’t seem to as much.

YB: You are asking the same question as “Why moon is waxing and waning.” You need that mental flexibility to cover the totality. It is not a negative thing, but when you get stuck with emotion, then there are problems.

S: So why do women have depression and men don’t seem to have depression, or chronic fatigue or things to start with?

YB: Oh, men are sick to start with, what are you talking about. Their ego machoness carry them. Have you seen men coming home. What is that—not depression. And have you seen sometimes while reading the newspaper they sleep, how they sleep? 30-40 year old man. (Snores.) What are you talking about? Men have no problem because they have no elementary part of the brain hemisphere, so when they act they act as unison, there is no this-that. You get lost in this-that. Men don’t have that capacity. When a man falls apart, he falls apart, when he doesn’t fall apart, he doesn’t fall apart. That is the tragedy of it. With a woman if she is falling apart, she still can carry on and when she can carry on she can fall apart. That is the tragedy.

S: So could you explain what we can do when women get into that stuff?

YB: There is only one thing. Get into a bathroom as fast as possible, urinate, number one, take cold water put it on your face, number three, take your ears and put cold water and massage as fast as you can so that meridian points are set. Then sit down and look at the tip of the nose for about 3 minutes and you are super-fine. Chant the mantra. Three or four things you have to do fast. What did I say? One is

S: urinate.

YB: Must you urinate. Number 2

S: Cold water on your face, eyes,

YB: eyes, ears, and take this mount, Venus mount, this fits in the ear. Ear has all the acupuncture points, meridians, massage your ears both at the same time. You are fine. After that. Sit down on the bathroom seat, put the cover over, otherwise you may start pooping. Sit on that seat properly and look at the tip of your nose, lock your mind and chant any good mantra and just mediate for three minutes, wash your face again, come out, you are fine. There is no way to mess yourself. It exactly take 5 minutes. I timed it. You call it depression, a person came and busted in tears, whole body started shaking and 5 minutes she was just talking normal, authentic. You can always do it.

Okay, when you are under bombardment pressure, right?  Very bombardment pressure, put your eyes on the tip of the nose, you will not feel it. Moment you lock your optical nerve on the tip of your nose, you are a super woman. Take it for granted: nothing will touch you. Because both optical nerves can put the neurons of the brain into right center zero. you are perfect. Otherwise you will react, there will be problem.

S: ?

YB: That is my question, too. I think pituitary secretion and biorhythm creates sexual psyche intercourse possibility. I think God made it that way. Doesn’t matter how cold our mind and suffering we may go through, it still creates some heat. Heat has his own problem. When you are very young, you do it anywhere in the car, anywhere you can get into and quick sex, long sex, fast sex, this sex that sex, okay. When you get married once twice, then after a while once a week, then comes a stage when you do with each other just by crossing and calling each other a name. So goes that way, so please forgive me for that. Sex is a pituitary adjustment. But if you can adjust your pituitary yourself, then you don’t have a problem. Sex is not in clitoris or in the penis, please understand that. It is not true. Sex is in pituitary. Sex and the sixth sense is the same thing. How many of you have read that article of mine: There is nothing in Sex, there is Nothing Without Sex? Get it. Get that article it is very classic. Get a copy and distribute to everybody. Yes, dear.

S: Sat Nam. My question is about developing, we want to develop a martial spirit and interest in our spirit and respect for arms, but what about young children playing with each other with sticks or having a toy guns, pointing them at people, even other kinds of weapons?

YB: I am a good man, because I have learned martial arts, I have learned to handle swords, I have learned to handle arms. When you do that, then you have respect for everything. Knowledge is a great virtue but when you are a lay person, then it is a weapon of destruction. It is a force. Have you seen a Sikh taking a sword out and touching the forehead? When they do it, they respect it. It is very qualifying. That shows in itself. A samurai will do a perfect ceremony before he will even put his hand on his sword. Laymen quick, 1-2-3 go. If you teach your children martial arts, you teach them the respect, you teach them how to handle it, they fully understand the impact of it, it will be a different world.

S: Also the understanding that it is for defense and not for offense or just coming onto someone and pointing something in their face.

YB: It is only done when people do not have the knowledge or the training. A man will training will never do it.

S: Thank you.

S: Sir, we talked before about the subtle body of the human when it leaves about a 1/4 ounce its supposed to weigh, that the human weighs less.

YB: Experimentally they say after death man is accurately a 1/4 ounce less.

S: What I was wondering is what about little bugs and other tiny little creatures that also have the soul in them whey don’t they weigh…

YB: They may be also shrinking proportionately. (Laughter from audience).

S: So that means the subtle body is less weight?

YB: Soul cannot leave without subtle body. And to me, if you want to answer me a question, this is old scripture language, but to me, when a man dies, the cells do shrink. This is my feeling. Living cell is a very living cell, but when soul is gone, cell is dead. And that much difference is not a very minor thing it is a major thing.

S: So it may actually be a like a subtle force within each cell.

YB: Without subtle body your body can fragment and start stinking. Body by itself has no value it is the spirit soul circulatory which gives you all the passion.

S: What about when a soul is in a mineral or a rock or something like that.

YB: Same. Have you seen a dead rock? No, no, I am not kidding. She can answer my question very well. Rocks and dead rocks? Come I’ll show you. In terms of the look, the feeling, the handling…the glow to your very eye would be different of the same rock but two different rocks would be different.

S: So are you saying some of them have souls and some of them don’t?

YB: Some have the brightness of it some don’t. Nothing can exist without a soul. Matter must have energy to exist. Energy must transfer itself to matter.

S: So how would it be determined how small that mineral or that inanimate supposedly thing would be to have a soul?

YB: The tip of the ray of the sun, measure it. You are a physicist.

S: So each one that small has a soul. That’s a lot of souls.

YB: Tons of them. Elephant has a soul and little ant has a soul.

S: So how does the soul get liberated from say a mineral?

YB: It depends. A story which I know which befits very much. There were two frogs on the bank of the river. A holy man came and he wanted to clear his throat, so he spit it. It went on both frogs equally and that’s it. The thing was such that both died. They both became men, so they both became honorable men and they had their land equal and everything was fascinating. But one man was always appreciated, respected and honored, the other one was always abused and slandered and everything.  So this man which was slandered came to the other and he said, “What things you have done with God that he gave you everything which he gave me, but I have this nonsense?”

He said, “I can tell you why you are fighting with me.”

He said, “Tell me, I am in pain.”

He said,  “We were both frogs. The man of God spit at us, we got this virtuous life. But you idiot, you jumped in the river and cleaned yourself off. I didn’t.” You got it?

S:  So, for instance, where a saint walks, the dust particles become liberated?

YB: If a man of God walks on the dirt, entire dirt is liberated. Touch of a man of God is why stronger than God itself.


                        Raam kee baandhee bagat churaa-e,

                        Bhagat kee baandhee ko-ee naahe.


                        “A knot given by God, bhagat can open.

                        But a knot given by a bhagat, nobody can open.”


If knot is given by God, man of God can open it.  But knot given by a man of God, God cannot open it.  That is called bhakti.

S:  So that would mean one soul flies away another flies back into that particle to go through whatever?

YB: it is technically very true. Why we touch the dust of the feet and we put it on our forehead? Whose psyche uplift us. It is true. There was a very holy man, once he touched me and there was so much heat in  his hand that it was like a heater. And I laughed. And he said, “Why you laugh?”

And I said, “You must be convincing everybody you are a man of God, and you are, and this must impress people.”

He said, “It works.”

I said, “You will have many, many, many students, but you will have no devotee.”

A few days ago he called and he said, why you said that?”

I said, “That’s how it is. Because you want people to love you, to obey you, to respect you, and that is what you will get.”

He said, “Well, you have got students, too.”

I said, “I don’t have disciples, I have a discipline. They follow the discipline, they will become great man tomorrow, or great woman tomorrow, they will carry it. they are my tomorrow’s greatness, not today. I am great anyway. But my greatness will be then if they are great. Your greatness is how many people you have.  I don’t have that idea.”

I honestly don’t believe that my job will be finished until somebody will rise ten times better than me.

S: You’ve taught us that we can connect with you through the subtle body. Can we always connect through the radiant body and how would it be different?

YB: Man by his psyche has the power of projection and that projection is unlimited. If there is any cloudiness, that is just impurity, or self-hatred of the person who is doing it. If it is a clear mind, you can do many things. It is very very simple thing. there are two things which can stop your life from becoming great: your personal neurosis and your personal fear. If your personal neurosis and your personal fear are not in your way, your life is better than any angel.

S: Sir, I have been saving my questions for the last four weeks. I have three now. I heard that you like bowling. I was wondering if that is true, can we go sometime.

YB: No, I tried to do bowling to encourage people to go bowling I go myself. Once in a while I went and did bowling it was pretty good. I dropped all those pins. But I think it happened accidentally. In L.A. we sometimes go on a birthday, and some people like to take everybody bowling, so I was invited, too. It was a big thing, you put your fingers in the center. It goes and hits everything. So, it so happened that they all dropped dead. So I started enjoying the fun of it. Once I was very wrong, I just rolled it, it went into the one corner, hit it, then the other corner, hit it, then the center. And they all tussled their head and they were gone. It was a kind of funny game, but I did go. I think once or twice, enjoyed it. It’s pretty good.

S: I hope we can do that in the future.

YB: Well, I the future it depends on the circumstances. If somebody goes, sometimes we go so many of us. Whose birthday was it? Oh, Ravi’s birthday.

S: The second question. Why are some people really rebellious and what can they do about it? What can I do about it?

YB: Why people are rebellious. Personal weakness joint with anger makes you rebellious. There is no such think as rebellion. Personal weakness and anger put together makes you rebellious. Rather then understanding something and experiencing, you don’t want to touch it. Now I have a trained mind, if someone is rude, abusive to me, negative, I would like to listen to that person. I like to not bother that person is mad at me, abusive, and all that I would like to listen where it is coming from rather than being meek, my strength comes in handy at that time, because rebelliousness is just when you do not have the capacity to understand and experience the impact of environments. So the only alternative is  to become rebellious. Because your anger joins together. When ignorance and arrogance join together you become rebellious. Otherwise, you can argue, you can logicalize, you can totally rationalize things. Nothing to it.

There came that woman that day in my room I was having an interview I didn’t know who she is. I am direct descendent from God. The moment she uttered that word, I said “Wait a minute. Then I’ll talk to God myself. I don’t want to talk to direct descendent of God.” You know. And she inflated me so badly. Oh you had this triple-bypass and I am so-and-so unhealthy. You asked for it. Your death will be little, capillary by capillary, take my word as granted, and now leave, if I say something further, it is not going to be untrue.” So she asked for it. Normally I am very respectful to woman. But when I met a direct descendent of God, then there was no woman. And when she sat in the House of Guru Ram Das, Hacienda de Guru Ram Das and made a mockery I definitely knew how to deal with it. And I did it right on the spot.

S: Can one combat their own rebelliousness?

YB: When your heart opens with love there is no rebellion. what rebellion for? Rebellion is arrogance. Ignorance and arrogance, what is the value? Some people talk very rudely to me, I really laugh. They don’t know what they are missing. So who cares, a dime a dozen, the insanity is everywhere. Who wants it? It is the reality which is valuable. You know what I am saying?

S: I think so.

YB: Don’t think. Experience. It isn’t the life that matters, it is courage you bring to it. And the strength of wisdom is the experience of wisdom, not the knowledge of the wisdom. Because your strength and my strength and our strength is in deliverance. If we cannot deliver, we cannot make it. Whatever we cannot deliver shall destroy us. Neither over-deliver like me, work 22 hours, turn around and get sick, don’t do that either. I overworked. That was not right either. you know, everything has to come to an understanding, but that’s the way it is. Don’t too much, don’t do too less, just keep going at a proper pace. You rebel, in the modern times, if you rebel, nobody will take care of you. Nobody will care for you, you will be isolated, lonely, self-dying individual. That rebellion means today. Today is a very loving world. Love, affection, caring, compassion, kindness, That’s what is needed today is Aquarian Age, is nurturing. We must nurture each other, we must love each other, we must be kind to each other. Rebellion, neurotics, psychotics, doesn’t work.

You must understand in life, folks, you can be wrong only once. It may take you whole life to become right. You know what I am saying? A fruit can drop from a tree, but it is never sure that it will become a jam. It may end up sitting there rotting.

S: Thank you.

The chick of the eagle can fly from its nest when it can, and when it can’t fly and get out of the nest, it is the next breakfast of the bobcat. One wrong word spoken can turn your life 180 degrees. One wrong action can turn the course of your life. There is no substitute for mistake. One wrong exit from freeway will take you going about a couple of miles to come back and be on it. So sometime you may be insensitive and don’t feel it. Therefore, life is a process of being very very alert and absolutely exact. that’s how it is.

S: I have a couple of students around 30 and 34 and they want to get pregnant. According to the doctor there is nothing wrong with them. I was wondering if there is something like a kriya or meditation that can help them?

YB: We have seen in cases where there is no possibility of pregnancy and someone wanted it eagerly they have done Sat Kriya and it happened. Because Sat Kriya has the capacity to stimulate all glandular systems and put everything in order. In case of female it is the most wonderful thing.

S: So would that be for 31 minutes.

YB: That’s what they say.

S: 40 days?

YB: Till she gets pregnant. And it depends on the male too, if he can make her pregnant. Pregnancy is either biorhythm or it is a mental state.

May the long time sunshine upon you….

Blessed are those who bless themselves. In the Name in the identity of Sat Nam, the essence of breath and self, may you all find peace and peace of mind may give you the prosperity, power to prevail. May this day leave you to the infinity of your own qualifications and projections and may the brightness of your soul guide your way. Always remember there is no truth but you and if there is not you, there is no truth. Make your life very truthful, grateful, and blissful so that you can enjoy the existence of your divinity, in God’s Name.  Sat Nam.

In the United States, in the election of 2018, 100 newly elected women are heading to the House of Representatives.  That is a new record. The previous record was 84.  Over the years, Yogi Bhajan had a lot to say about women and men, including this lecture which touches on leadership. -hns

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