Recap: Healing and Meditation Class at Yoga West with Hari Nam Singh 2019-02-18 – Healing with the Visual Field

Healing with the Visual Field

We held a workshop at Yoga West on February 19, 2019 on the occasion of the full moon.

We performed a 31 minute meditation Drib Dhristi Lochina Karma.
It has an effect of giving one the capacity to heal with the eyes.

In our healing exercises we practiced recognizing and engaging the visual field to heal.

We commonly use the visual field to see objects which we perceive to be outside of ourselves.  If we turn the vision inward, we can open a new channel of perception closely linked to intuition which can merge with our healing space.  So, we are able to “see” structures in our healing relation that we can give attention to and form a healing intention.

When we look outwardly, see see more or less what we expect to see.  When we look inwardly, and renounce all expectations and preconceptions, we can begin see what was previously formless.  It adds a new dimension to our healing.

Listen to the class audio, which begins right at the end of the meditation, with a discussion of the method:

When we renounce all expectations and preconceptions, the inner vision, or “second sight” begins to clarify.  To assist this, we can practice non-reaction:
Meditation: LA907 – Kriya for Non-Reaction

Vision also clarifies when we become aware of (“open”) our third eye:
Meditation: LA827-19950307 – Third Eye

You can try these meditations.

Proving experimentally Einstein’s general theory of relativity.  A lecture by Kip Thorne.

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