Today: America’s birthday – “Under attack, the only recourse is to come together” – I Ching

Under attack, the only recourse is to come together.  The strength of the whole is much greater than the sum of the factions.  United we stand.

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Thunder comes resounding out of the Earth:  Similar thunder roars up from the masses when the Superior Person strikes a chord in their hearts.
You must gain support from others.  Find a way to make others want to see your objectives met as badly as you want it.
Game is in the field – it has left its usual haunts in the forest and is devastating the fields. This points to an enemy invasion. Energetic combat and punishment are here thoroughly justified, but they must not degenerate into a wild melee in which everyone fends for himself. Despite the greatest degree of perseverance and bravery, this would lead to misfortune. The army must be directed by an experienced leader. It is a matter of waging war, not of permitting the mob to slaughter all who fall into their hands; if they do, defeat will be the result, and despite all perseverance there is danger of misfortune.
The Superior Person recognizes the situation calls for joining together.
Thus he cultivates friendly relations with all.
Good fortune is possible.
This is a time of connection with another or others — not just an alliance, but a melding of parts into a new whole.


Tao Te Ching – Verse 60

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