Today: “Channel the awesome power that comes from within you” – from the I Ching

Channel the awesome power that comes from within you.  Resistance to your intentions is waning.  As long as you use it wisely you will have a clear path to success and great abundance.

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#34, line 2, #55

The Awesome Power available in this hexagram stems from what the Taoists call your Te, a term not perfectly translated into English.  Roughly, it is your Integrity — not in the Western sense of honor — but more in the  psychological definition of a full integration of Who You Are.
Such self-knowledge spawns a Mastery tempered with the humility necessary to rein in and harness this Awesome Power.
The premise here is that the gates to success are beginning to open. Resistance gives way and we forge ahead. This is the point at which, only too easily, we become the prey of exuberant self-confidence. This is why the oracle says that perseverance (i.e., perseverance in inner equilibrium, without excessive use of power) brings good fortune.
It is not given to every mortal to bring about a time of outstanding greatness and abundance. Only a born ruler of men is able to do it, because his will is directed to what is great. Such a time of abundance is usually brief. Therefore a sage might well feel sad in view of the decline that must follow. But such sadness does not befit him. Only a man who is inwardly free of sorrow and care can lead in a time of abundance. He must be like the sun at midday, illuminating and gladdening everything under heaven.


Tao Te Ching – Verse 13

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