Meditation & Healing Workshops at Healing Heart Center Taught by Hari Nam Singh – Audio

2014-12-28 “Outer Projection”

Meditations:    LA827-19950307 – Third Eye
LA544 – 870610 – Know and Experience the Unknown
LA041 & LA042 – 780524 – Control the Mind

2014-09-27 “Healing with Elements: Water, Fire & Air”

Meditations:  NM0415-20100910-Karma & Dharma – See everything from God
LA112 790528 For Support From the Elements

2014-07-19 Heaven and Earth-Healing with Elements: Earth and Ether
Meditations: Increase the Flow of Earth Within You
LA093-790319 – Meditation on the pranic energy – the earth element balanced by ether
Tune the vagus nerve to cosmic consciousness

2014-06-14 Healing with the Second Sight
Meditations: Dhrib Dristi Lochina Karma
See Without the Eyes

2014-05-03 Resonance

2014-03-29  Healing the Perception

2014-02-01 The Art of Knowing

2013-12-28 Beyond Form

2013-11-16 Non-Duality

2013-09-28 Healing with the Ten Bodies

2013-03-16 Healing in the Absolute Field

2013-02-04 Healing with the Visual Field Part 2

2013-01-07 Healing with the Visual Field Part 1

2013-01-26 Extending Perception

2012-11-17 Reducing Resistance to Reality

2012-04-21 Healing with Sound

2011-11-19 Healing for the Times

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