Meditation: KWTC 880701 The Moon & Sun Energy


The moon is for expansion. The sun is for completion. Birth and death relate to the sun. Maintenance,  expansion, growth, color, shape and form: all that is moon. But the moon by itself has no power; it

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Meditation: KWTC04-960627-Soul and Identity

Put your Jupiter fingers out and start doing “Humee hum brahm hum”
and move them, move them, move them, move them. Look at the tip of your nose.

And see that you see both index fingers moving. I am in

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Today: “Success is assured.  Be content with your victory.” – from the I Ching

Success is assured.  Be content with your victory.  Do not overdo it.

Meditations:  Meditation: LA589-890412-Golden Grain

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Tao Te Ching – Verse 46 – When the world has the Tao Fast horses are retired to till the soil. When the world lacks the Tao Warhorses give birth on the battlefield

Tao Te Ching – Verse 46

When a country is in harmony with the Tao,
the factories make trucks and tractors.
When a country goes counter to the Tao,
warheads are stockpiled outside the cities.
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Today: Only conscious breathing, praanayam, gives you consciousness.” Yogi Bhajan

“Only conscious breathing, praanayam, gives you consciousness. You can breathe automatically. Breathing you can do unconsciously. Why do we do conscious breathing? Are we insane? No. Conscious breathing leaves you with consciousness. Conscious relationship with praana is the conscious relationship … Read the rest