Meditation: LA589-890412-Golden Grain

LA589-01Master your soul, conquer disease, balance the chakras, kidneys, adrenals, pituitary, golden meridian (sugar point).

1.  Sit with the back straight and arms up in front at 60°.  Stretch shoulders up, pulling up from ribs.  Thumbs touch sun fingers at the tips.  Close eyes and concentrate at the third eye point.   Look at the screen of the third eye.   Listen and sing Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful.
13 min.

Inhale, stretch up, stretch shoulders, spine,  angle forward from lower spine, squeeze body, hold, exhale 3x.

    Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful

I am bountiful, blissful and beautiful
Bountiful, blissful and beautiful I am
Ek Ong Kar
Sat Gur Prasaad
anand bhaiaa mayree maa-ay
Satigur may paia
Satigur ta paia sahayjay seti
Man vajia vadhaia
Rag rataan parvaar paria
Shabad gaavan aia
Shabado ta gavoh Hari kera
Man jini vasai
Kahai Nanak anand hoa
Satigur mai paia

Rest 2 min., moving shoulders and arms in all directions.




Repeat 1, above, 6 min.




2.  Put the hands in front of the face, vertically.  look at the hands, and begin moving the hands facing forward and backward, rapidly, from

the elbow.  Watch the hands as they move.  2 1/2 min.
Inhale, hold, stretch, exhale, relax.



3.  Repeat 1. above, 3 min., then again 4 min.



Inhale deeply, lock the back molars, stretch like steel.  Exhale.  Inhale, hold it tight, pull out, stretch, exhale.  Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale deep, hold out.  Pull the navel in and push yourself up.  Stretch (10 sec).  Let go.

LA589-890412-GoldenGrain  (See the complete class transcript, courtesy of Sandro)

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