Today: Reform division into unity – From the I Ching

It is time to disperse and dissolve the divisive egotism that keeps us separate from each other. Much as water collects in individual lakes as a product of rain, we should recognize the individual blessings that have come to us and others through grace.

Instead of allowing fear to cause us to hold tightly to what has been given us, producing mistrust, resentment of others’ good fortune, and in extreme cases, hatred, we should allow the wind to disperse those tendencies in favor of consolidating elements  in the formation of forgiveness, healing, repairing relationships and letting go.  We can unite in the heart, still enjoying what is given to us, with the added benefit of compassion that we can share with others.

In order to accomplish this, we can look inward to that which supports us and elevates our spirit and intuition.  We can then turn it outwards in the form of good will and a neutral, moderate view of others. What supports us can support others and encourage unity rather than division.  Holding to this vision will reveal to us the power of unity and will inevitably lead to peace, which tends to bring more prosperity.  However, it is not that simple.

The tendencies for personal accumulation and greed are strong.  They have produced personal habits that are not easily overcome and cultural artifacts that are not easily changed.  Where there is no clear precedent, the birth of new form can be beset with difficulty and chaos.  So, it is wise not to undertake any preconceived path to change.  Go within and allow a path to emerge.  Then, simply recognizing that we can help each other should be sufficient.  Hold to that.  We can lend a hand and participate in this reformation with our own unique inspiration and guidance.


I Ching: Today

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