Any man who creates environments to show clarity…


“Any man who creates environments to show clarity about the causes and effects of the Creator – beauty and bounty in this world – gets merged into infinity.” Yogi Bhajan
(via Ram Anand)
Note from Ram Anand:

This is a very special quote that speaks to me on many levels; professional, personal, healing, teaching and sharing. It serves as inspiration in connection with the work we do in the hospitality sector. It illuminates how we are responsible and hold space for others and our own selves. And it clarifies and projects the mission of The Bound Lotus Foundation to promote healing and the creation of the Bound Lotus Pavilion.

Today I share it in support of a dear friend that is about to embark on an immersive study in Vaastu architecture. I met Jan Raj ~ Rachel Edrington during project presentations as part of an offering of the Surat Shabad School. She had created the most beautiful tiny temples on paper. When she revealed them to the group, for me, they were immediately connected to the Bound Lotus Pavilion and this QFYB.
For you, please visit this website: where Jan Raj is offering these beautiful original works of art. Perhaps they will resonate with you. A purchase will help support her studies which she describes as:
I will be embarking on a 2-year independent course of study under the training of Dr. Jessie Mercay, one of the world’s most renowned active scholars of ancient Vaastu Arts and Architecture. Our studies will include the Great Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Greek and Mayan temples and the great works of the Renaissance period, all of which exhibit this supreme form of architecture, unique for precise attention to and alignment with the laws of nature. My aim is to apply these principles to contemporary design proposals for private homes, schools, hospitals, medical facilities, higher learning institutions and community gathering spaces such as libraries, performing arts centers and museums. By undertaking this endeavor, I believe I will be contributing to the immediate need for enrichment and healing of our communities and cities.
Ram Anand

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