Meditation:  LA372 831212 Corruption and character

LA372 831212 Corruption and character. Save yourself from your own self corruption 

We have to do one little sadhana today to find out. I am going to adjust you a little bit. Okay. And I think you will do all right. Sit in a beautiful, simple yogic posture. 

Kriya 7 minutes: Breathe air like water. It is called ducking the air. Duck the air and reach the maximum point. Keep doing. Reach the maximum and keep doing. I know it will freak you out. I understand that because I have done it myself. I know what I am talking about so you keep doing. Inhale in under your own automatic system. Come on, come on, come on. Don’t stop. Duck the air. You are never clean my dear son. Do you know how to duck the air. We have been doing it for fourteen years. Inhale it and keep on, nah, keep on inhaling. Automatically exhale. Don’t worry about that. Keep on filling it. Don’t you try to exhale. Inhale. Breathe in, duck in. Just a glass of water. You take a full mouth of water and duck in. It wilt automatically leak somewhere and none of your problem. It will make you a little sweat and make you a little cold. It will make you a lot of things to you. Come on, come on, now you are all stopping. Keep doing it. Duck the air. Do you understand. Now is the time to do it. Now you are all trying to avoid it. It is a very youthful process. Come on. You have got to do it three more minutes. When you reach the maximum doing at that time means something. Try it, try it. It will relax you. You can’t forget it. What you are trying to do overload. the pranas do it. Are you doing it now? Hey Mr. Question, come on, keep doing. Don’t meditate. Try what I say. Don’t close your eyes. Come on, keep doing. Drink it in the air, through the mouth. Two more minutes. Don’t stop. That is not fair. Have you ever tried this before? Come on, do it then. Hurry. I teach you new things in yoga. You don’t want to learn it huh? One more minute. Try it honestly. Heh polar bear, do it right. Come on. You are doing good. Now try. There is about a half a minute left. What? You are just doing a little. Do it full strength. All I am telling you to drink air. It is not water that is going to blow up. Come on. Reach to the maximum. You have five seconds left. Drink it that much. You can hold the maximum air in you. That is a very good pranic breath. All right. Inhale and hold tight. Now please stay calm with that breath. It is very precious. Stick with it. Don’t let it leak. Let it go. Now tell me how you feel. You will never be again as you were when you walked in. For rest of your life. And what we did for five minutes that is all it is. That is all it takes. Yeah. I mean I have yet to do. But it has to be done in a very. very honorable manner. It should not be considered as a joke. It is called ducking the air. It develops the energy. pranic energy to multi-million cycles. It is very powerful exercise. Now you can think different. I mean try to think the same as you were. Try to bring tension on you. You can’t do it. Try to do anything you want. I mean to say you who practice Kundalini Yoga. you go and do normal suffering and do wrong things it is really a shame. You have capacity to control you. You have capacity to change you and you have capacity to excel. And you don’t use that capacity. 

Well we are, we have today and tomorrow somehow. It is very is very corrupt. We are talking about corruption and character, right. It is very corrupt that we don’t love ourself. It is very corrupt. Biggest corruption of all corruption is not what you do to others. What you do to others is called insanity. It has no reality to it. And there is a little justification, what you do to others is fine. Sometimes perhaps others can do you in too. I mean that is possible, so it is not something very bad. You get somebody and you lay a number and somebody can get around and nail your certain couple bones and you can get back sometimes. Not all the time but sometimes you can really hard. But what you do to yourself has nothing to do to you. Except in the long range when you are corrupt to yourself yourself totally becomes dismayed with you and you are called Mr. Depression. That is what depression is about. And second worst thing to do to yourself is that you cannot last long enough. 

In United States I am fifteen years here and I have met everybody. People do not last long enough. Neither in love nor in hatred. There is no grit. And suppose you go in a shop and you save about six hundred dollars and you buy a very beautiful suit and it is pretty and you come and you wear and next day you like to wear and you see it has totally messed it. What do you like that? What do you do with it? It will leave you a very deep sadness. 

I was very surprised. I was talking in Alaska to a mother of two children and I said, “Whatever you are doing is corrupt.” She said, “Yeah, you are right Sir. I am going to find myself through corruption?” What you can do. I said, “Okay, go ahead.” I have never seen anybody finding themself through corruption. I have found people finding themself through character, through commitment. The elevating self in you is when you have a basic character and you stick to it. It elevates you automatically. Pressure. It builds you up and up and up, slowly and gradually. but surely. Corruption will bring you down and down and down and at one time you will not care for your life. You will not care for your environments. your surroundings. your credit, your credibility. your affections. your relatives. your family. For some people America doesn’t work. And it will never work, because America is a pure tension. Here everybody is strung out. I am yet to see a one person who is loved in. 

I was sitting with some family and they were telling me. There are three children of this rich father. Three, three sons. Twenty-eight, twenty-six and I think twenty-two. They were far out. Father is highly professionally qualified. All three children are bums. I was talking to the daughter 

and she is sweet sixteen. And I said, “You have to match up your brother?” She said, “If I pass my high school, I have surpassed them already?” So, I understood it. 

Money is not the foundation and the fundamental of you. Money is the mean. It is not the end in itself. Life has to be somehow, somewhere very meaningful. I do not know in fourteen years by my talking you have even understood what meditation means. Meditation does not mean anything more than that that you will stop being corrupt to yourself. Instead of demonstratingly being corrupt to yourself through meditation you will get the subconscious corruption out and you will have a chance to be clean and clear and you will be a chance to be a tomorrow. It is not very virtuous to give in. 

Somebody once asked me, he said, “I have been a failure but I have done my sadhana.” I said, “Sonny. if you would not have done sadhana God knows where failures would have taken you. The fact that with all the failures you are surviving with all the mess.” He explained to the mess. My God. I can’t believe it. How can these people do it? I am sometimes wonder struck. I mean to say. “You write on your check. You know there is no amount and you write a check. You definitely know it is to be bounced. You know it has to be covered and then you don’t cover and the bank teller calls you and says. “Your check is going to bounce. What you are going to do?” You say. “Bounce it.” And then you are worried why it has bounced. And then you go and pick up a fight with the manager of the bank. You say. “My check has bounced.” And you say. “Well, tell her call you?” And you say. “Bounce it.” And we bounced it. 

There is a one couple. They were helped by the whole community. They were in accident. They were taken care of. People spent money. People did the whole thing. Finally when the insurance settled the case. It was very honorable to pay back whatever they took loan, or whatever they. Now they are not talking to anybody. No communication. And all they say is. “You want to take away our money. We got it after accident. It is all ours.” What about those people who shelled out a couple thousand dollars? It is a very strange world isn’t it? Strange attitudes. 

The fact in your life what fact is. You have to walk straight, talk straight and live straight. You have to establish a communication with yourself. It will save your from your own self corruption. 

You know once a king was very baffled with all his queens and forces and he called Grand Wazir and he said, “I am going through my middle age crisis and I am very bored with the whole thing. Find out somewhere where I can get rid of boredom. He said, “Sir, it is very. very easy. You want to get rid of boredom. You are very sure for it.” He said, “Is that so?” He said, “Yeah?” So, the grand Wazir put a Regent in the office in command to take care of the state of situation, told him secretly where they are going and asked the king and they changed the clothes and they picked up their horses and took a couple of men, very good knight kind of thing who can protect them, other reasonable rations. facilities and pretending they are going for hunting. And they left. So, after a while the Grand Wazir made a place and he said, “This will be the camp. You guys stay here”¨ and then he took the king and he started wandering. At one place they went they found water. They had a little food. They sat down and they camped there. Four or five days went by and the king said to the Grand Wazir, “Don’t you think we should go back home? He said, “No, just for two more days.” So they stayed two more days and the Grand Wazir said, “Your majesty what do you want now?” He said, “I think we should go back to the city. see the affairs and you know it is very interesting to be here. But you did nothing, what happened?” He said, “Sir, only for these five days you have lived straight. You were afraid to talk to me hanky panky. You know I am very wise. You couldn’t play any game. You have to live on a simple food and simple water which was not in your karma in that palace. Everybody comes and tell you and big things and you are big. You have been told so big which you are not. So you live in a very corrupt environment.” 

And I tell you, you all live in corrupt environments. Built around you very. very huge corruption. Unnecessary things. unnecessary furniture, unnecessary whole stuff is there. Totally unwanted. Nothing, in most of the houses there are very few things which can cater to you, mostly they cater to your ego. Am I right or wrong and moreover in your refrigerator there are a lot of things which only cater to your ego, not to your body. not to your nourishment or to your life. Am I right? Here when you come to the class. because you pay five bucks. You say. “Yes. yes. yes.” Moment you go out there you do the same thing. 

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow we have. Now we cannot do anything further. You know what I mean? Now, we have to sing and relax and be good, da, da, da, da, da, da. 

Sita, you have some time. I want to talk to you. Or you want to run straight home? Okay take care of the client. Give him my love too. Okay go ahead. 

Come on you. 

Sat Nam. Today is Dharam Damama Singh. Dharam Damama is the person who preaches. Oh fantastic. You should tomorrow do something. This girl who is into this art, Mogul art, Mogul period. She has made all the pictures of the Guru and Siri Guru Granth and she has made one picture of mine beating the drum. I have never seen such a beautiful collection myself. It is a priceless collection. I do not know how many copies we can make and what we can do I did not get into it, but it is something. So today is Dharam Damama Singh’s birthday. There will be a dessert. You are going to dessert us? Dessert, oh not desert. The other dessert, sweet one after class. In celebration of Guru Ravi Kaur’s birthday tomorrow cake will be served after class today or tomorrow. Today, what about tomorrow? Oh yeah. I never thought of it too. I am so stuck with these airlines. There is so much pressure. The airlines have short and the tickets are unavailable. Phhhew. I wanted to stay two or three days here and do my number but I couldn’t. But luckily an opening came Wednesday available. You know we were trying hard. So I picked that. Amigo, when you are going? You won’t meet me will you. It is going to be end of the love huh? Good, okay. Thank you very much

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