Meditation: NM0416-20010911 – Oneness of Heart

MEDITATION – Oneness of Heart

Sit in a cross-legged position. Fold your hands in front of the heart. Eyes are closed. Chant the mantra, “Raa Maa Daa Saa, Saa Say So Hung”(“Ra Ma Da Sa” by Gurunam). Be very sincere, very devout and solid. Continue for 11 minutes singing with a full voice, then for 5 minute in a whisper and then for 1 minute in silence. To end, Inhale deeply, hold, and give this breath to those who need it. Exhale and relax.
Many times we may have differences between our concepts but, when the time comes, we must stay together.
This is not a small tragedy. The insanity is around the corner and we have to act right and fearlessly, being alert.

Lecture – Attack on America
Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. – September 11th – Espanola, NM, USA
You must have watched the tragedy. So it comes true, that it takes one thought to make an enemy or a friend.  It was the thought of animosity against the openness of the United States. We do not know how many people have died, but America is under attack. They have attacked our symbol of trade; they have attacked our symbol of strength and, if that plane had not fallen, they would have attacked the White House. So there’s no might, there’s no superpower. A handful of people, when they put their life at stake can do all this. Don’t be amazed at what reaction there will be tomorrow. There will be a very severe tragedy to face for the people who have done this.
It is true that we have a collective responsibility. That is why Guru Nanak gave credit to sangat. We are one.
We will also suffer as one and we’ll act as one. All these people who died had not even a thought. Their only crime was that they were Americans. It was a well-planned attack, hijacking our own civilian planes full of gasoline and diverting them into the act of terrorism. Now you figure it out, that when I’m crying that the Age of Aquarius is coming, this is a period of insanity in between. See what has happened, and many more things are expected. It’s a tragedy we have to face.
What we can offer is one minute of prayer in our silence, with our heads bowed to the Almighty seeking His protection, kindness and compassion for those left behind. Seeking the healing energy for those who are injured.  Let us pray from our hearts to God Almighty.
Now it is up to us not to react but to root it out. Sometimes it is better to root out the tooth. By filling the cavity, the temporary pain will go away, but the danger shall still be there. In World War II, it was Japan who attacked Pearl Harbor. We could have pocketed it, but we didn’t. It’s the faculty of every American to keep on pocketing a lot of things until it goes over the line. Then we won’t pocket anymore. Pearl Harbor brought World War II, and made us participate. Our whole lifestyle changed. We were not the same again and we are not going to be the same again. Similarly, this attack has done it. This attack is going to change our lifestyle.
America will never be the same. You will have to go at least two hours earlier to the airport. Things will look rough. The policy in the domestic world will be changed and everything will be searched out. Similarly, in the foreign world everything will be changed that way.
That is what religion is all about. Search your inside, give yourself a chance, eliminate your fantasies and your imaginations. Don’t live in a dream world. Things can happen, and that is what has happened. When the World Trade Center was attacked a couple of years ago it was not much of a damage, but the method was not very sophisticated. So, they have been planning. Remember that the enemies do plan all the time. You have to defend a thousand times; the enemy wants one chance, which they got today. Now it is upon the nation to respond.
If America does not respond these kinds of things will be repeated. It’s very unfortunate for those people who have done this that our whole country is not divided at all. Because everything has been glued together–America will act with one voice, with one determination and with one strength, which is huge.
Our spirit of America does not lie in those towers and that side of the Pentagon. Those are symbols, which have been disturbed. Now there is a time for reaction. That’s why the concept of saints and soldiers, which was given by Guru Gobind Singh, comes in handy. People used to say, “What do we have to be a soldier for?”
We have to be a soldier for this insanity. And we have to be a saint for this kind of insanity. What Guru Gobind Singh said was that there can be a possibility where you have to defend yourself in a very saintly, firm way.
There are a lot of religions that say if somebody hits your left cheek, turn your right. And I used to say, if somebody hits your left cheek, hit his right cheek so there should be no cheek. Otherwise, some other poor fellow will get it. We must have an applied spiritual strength. Time is on us, and we are walking into that time where we have to relate to our inner and outer strength both.
You’ll be hearing a lot of talk about it in the next few days, but I can assure you that they are planning quite a big number. Don’t get into your hippie mood. They’ll put you behind bars such that you will never be heard from again. Everything is on candid camera; every word said will be seen. So I’d like you to be very cautious. Learn in sympathy that life is a commanded sense of coordination, cooperation and projection. You have to survive as an individual, and you have to survive as a collective individual. When you, inbetween yourself, do not find the cohesiveness, exclusiveness, and strength, you can’t survive.
The circumstances which are going to face us will tell us that the world has really changed. You can learn it the hard way, or you can learn it by the collective way. It is up to us whether we have peace of mind and we can live collectively to face the tragedy, or to be shattered individuals. This is a very condemnable act, but when you leave tomorrow for your offices or for work or sit down and talk with your colleagues, keep your spirits high and be effective.
At this time with the sorrow there is a great anger. Throughout the world there is a frustration and this act has triggered that frustration. Sometimes, being naive, we start talking about something which is not responsible.
Please avoid such conversations and discussions. It will not benefit you; rather, it may put you into jeopardy.
This whole thing has hurt every American. Whether we like it or not, there shall be a reaction. Don’t become victim to that reaction. It has to happen. World shall act insane. There’s no sanity in what has happened. Nobody among you could believe that this would happen. Still it has happened. Unknowingly, people are attacked personally, collectively, and nationally for no reason. We should send the healing energy to those who are still in pain. We should show our oneness of that heart.

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