Today: ”On the threshold of success, don’t rush it.  Let it happen.” – a reading from the I Ching

On the threshold of success, don’t rush it.  Let it happen.  You have already won victory.  Don’t wreck it.

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Resist the rush to completion.
Anticipation of fulfillment may callous you before you have fully absorbed the lessons of the journey.
The endpoint of this Quest will only prove to be the threshold for another.
You are short steps from Mastery on this plane, yet you stride toward Ignorance of the challenges lying beyond.
Savor this accomplishment.
Fully Become.
Take full possession of your world before embarking to discover the next one.
That voyage begins soon enough, and you will reminisce about this one.
These are the Good Old Days.

Lecture and Meditation: Patience Pays – LA-19831020

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