Meditation: Shasta 2013 Retreat Notes

We do not warrant the completeness nor the accuracy of the notes published here.  They are meant to remind the student of the meditations performed at the conference, not to serve as a definitive description of the meditations.  As the resources for the descriptions are researched links to those resources will be supplied here.

Shasta 2013-08-28

Mountain majestic
Rising tall
Open your secrets
And tell all
Of heaven and earth
To us whom you call


The impact of meditative mind over the environment

No anxiety.  Slavery.

Kriya- sitali pranayam. Inhale hold 8 sec exhale nose 31 min inhale squeeze cheeks exhale3x

Kriya-left Jupiter on forehead. Ton. Pump navel. Right Jupiter.,Saturn up at sides. Tongue at upper palate.  Molars tight.  Listen every heartbeat.
Increases flow in the brain.  Self emboldment.  Vision.
When you react, you stop seeing.  Helps involve you with what’s going on.  Nm091

Kriya- right hand forearm up, palm level in front at shoulder.  Left hand extended, bent, palm up.  Eyes closed.  Waheguru jio gyani ji.  Balance hands.  Sing.   Whisper, silent & pump navel.  Then contemplate (no music).  Nm190.

Kriya-hands clasped in front, right over left.
“o” mouth Ldb.  Sense the lips and focus on sensation of hands.  Expand chest and shoulders on inhale. Strong breathing.
Inhale 3x.
Ldb. Focus on navel & hands and original Prana.
listen wha Yantee
“o” mouth only using diaphragm.
Inhale, squeeze, hold, exhale 3x.       La665.   Revitalizes.

Kriya – Sadhana.   Use med mind to suggest.
interlace hands in front of heart, pull thumbs back
Ra ra ra ra ma ma ma ma sa sa sa sa sat Hari Har Hari Har.
Ton. La031

Mantra. Direction to mind
“o” mouth stimulates frontal lobe. Original Prana field betw navel and crown.

Shasta 2013-08-29

Increase the Links between intuition and perception.
Your symbolic identity does not apply.

Kriya – hands interlaced in front, jupiters up at mouth. Ton, looking at mudra.  Inhale (sip) mouth 4x exhale nose.
16 min.  La936
Stimulates intuitive process, integrates with perception.

Kriya –  gives awareness of surroundings.  Tolerance.
Jupiters up tight at sides.  Breathe”o” w diaphragm.  Eyes closed.   11 min.Nm427
Then, begin Breathing w navel.  11 min.  Inhale,tighten muscles on spine 3x.

Kriya – upside down nose. La001

Kriya – hands interlaced at chin, knuckles up.  Elbows out.  Bof “o”‘

Kriya- jupiters up at sides,curved.  Waheguru jio.  Nm373
Humee hum, bole so Nihal.
Kriya – left palm up at solar plexus. Tight hand on top,
Alm jo.  Touch thumb and saturn I rhythm with heart. Eyes at brow point..
Then sat nam waheguru (Indian) 1/30/75”

Kriya – right hand over left, 4 inches in front.  Inhale nose, exhale mouth, flexing spine.

Kriya – interlock pinkies, left thumb up, right thumb down. 1 min.  Whistle areas bhaee.

Shasta 2013-08-30

Work in the mind

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn, up at sides.  Aad such…bay such. Whisper.

Kriya. – right hand on left, level of throat.  Breathe through left nostril.

Kriya. – prayer pose at 45 deg. Thumbs crossed.  Sat nam harinam ,,,  la041
2x / breath.

Kriya – right palm over lefy pal, facing up at plexus.  Gobinde Gobinde Hari Hari

Kriya –  for fear of unknown.
Thumbs and mercury together at plexus pointing outward.  Inhale nose, exhale mouth, inhale mouth, exhale nose.  3 middle fingers together.

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn up at sides.  Toc. “o” mouth.
Then tantric Har.

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn up at sides, spread wide.  Shoulder blades back. Listen ONG namo.  7 1/2 min.  Then sing.  To 11 min.
Tch2005. 7/23/96

Kriya – la051. ONG kar

Kriya – la051. Ek ONG kar

Shasta 2013-08-31

Kriya – genie pose   Sat Sam hari nam harinam…   Opens heart with unfulfilment.  11-31 min.

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn intertwined, up at sides.  Toc.  Har.

Kriya – for telescopic perception. La 687
3 lines
Inner state of enlightenment
UnDifferentiate everything

Interlace hands, fingers straight, thumbs touch, elbows out, palms in.
Wind – use ra ma da sa sa se so hung. Vibrate in heart, throat, and thymus
Enlightenment same position.  Harinam sat nam harinam haree.  Chant from the source.
Undifferentiation – 7th chakra. Ek ONG Kar sat nam karta purkh…
Ajunee without consonants.
14 min. For 1 year.

Kriya – palms together, each in gyan mudra at heart.  8 step inhale nose. Exhale mouth.
Purify ourselves. La093.

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn up at sides, a little in front. Aap sahai hoa. Ton.  3rd eye Tch2408

Shasta 2013-09-01

Intuitive perception – integrate point on inner thigh  (body mandala)  with third eye and mantra Ek ONG Kar sat Hari.  La831

Spiritual beggar – left palm up at plexus, right hand out in front begging.  Toc.  No expectation.
Intuition gives rise to aspects in the mind.  If you give identity to them, superstion.
Intuition is integrating an experience in a synthetic way.  Every component reflects the whole experience.  Events of the whole are known by their relationships.

Kriya – la766.  Unload subconscious
Hands over left ear, right hand palm forward. Sing humee hum hum w tip of tongue.
Both hands over ears, sing Har haray haree.

Kriya – naad for opening intuition.  Fingers on pads, thumbs interlocked, palms forward at heart. Waheguru – diaphragm, first and second chakra.  3,4, use only nose. 5,6.  La159.

When you need intuition to work, fold arms an chant waheguru through nose 16x.

Kriya- rejection – clasp hands in ball over heart.  Chant Hari Har Hari Har… 8x/breath.
11-31 min

Kriya – for rejection nm345.  Stimulates  radiant body.
Arms straight out to sides. Palms rotate up and down.  Hold out straight. Har.
History is manifest as a resistance to the present moment.

Kriya -salameet – everlasting la697
Buddha mudra on lap.  Thumbs round.  Ldb.  Ton.  Invokes Prana.  7 min
Thumbs on mound of mercury.  Shake I horizontal circles at shoulders.  7 min.
Punch, eyes closed 4 min
Karl akal 4
Dance bangara 2 min

Shasta 2013-09-02

Kriya – gyan mudra hands facing front.  Inhale slow whistle, cannon exhale.  Nm336  11-21 min.  Reduces gap between thinking and doing.

Meditation: Meditations for the Radiant Body

We have ten bodies.  The projection of the radiant Body, the tenth body, determines how other people see us and how we see ourselves.  It can be shiny and protective, or dull and porous.  We also use our Radiant Body to heal.  If it is strong enough, we can heal people with our mere presence.  This is a goal that is our challenge in this age, where so many people need to be healed and there is so little time.

These meditations strengthen, enhance, and polish the Radiant Body.

NM345      NM345 Mind & Mentality II Scope and Projection I
    Tantric Har
NM0410     NM0410-The Northern Lights – EkOngKar

Ajai Alai – Guru Shabbad Singh
NM0163     NM0163 – Polish the Radiant Body

Meditation: Shasta 2013 Sadhana Meditations

This is not “Guru Dev Singh’s” sadhana meditation.  It is a collection of four meditations given by Yogi Bhajan as part of several classes.  These meditations were practiced daily at the Mt Shasta retreat.

1.  LA889-9601010-Uttar-Kriya

LA889-2     LA889-1

Sweep arms in wide circle from top to down, with bounce at the bottom.  Feel hands. Do it in rhythm of Tantric Har.  11 min. Right arm on top of left, elbows out, in front of chin.  3 min. Inhale, twist left, hold, exhale completely to the right/  3x.
    Tantric Har

2.  LA877-960604-SelfRealization

LA877-1     LA877-2

Hands in gyan mudra palms up extended in front with elbows at ribs.  Sing Humee Hum Brum Hum  8 min. Extend elbows to sides with fingers pointing inward in large arc towards thymus.  Hold position.  Sing Humee Hum Brum Hum.  3 min. Oscillate hands in front of heart quickly up and down, palms facing inward, elbows out. Listen tantric Har. Inhale, hold, oscillate rapidly, cannon exhale..  3x.
    Humee Hum Brun Hum

3.  LA819-850109-Eliminate-Brain-Fatigue

LA819-1 Funky swimming.  With hands facing each other in front. bring right hand up and out to side, then back around to center.  Left hand down and in, then back around to center.  Keep going at a fast pace.  Feel the hands, feel the brain.  9 min. LA819-2 Extend arms up 60 deg to right, palms together.  Hold position.  3 min. Extend arms up 60 deg to left, palms together.  Hold position.  3 min. LA819-3819-4 Inhale, interlock infers above the head, stretch, squeeze, exhale. 3x.
Lock hands in front at Thymus, left hand on outside.  Pull them apart with great strength, but hold them together.  Breathe in, hold, breathe out, 3x. 819-5 Stretch legs in front, cross ankles and try to pull them apart.  3x on each side, with a count of 16. Grip the hands again and cross the ankles, inhale, pull, to a count of 16, exhale.  2x

4.  LA918-970908-Internal-Effectiveness

LA918-1     LA918-2

Put right hand on top of left shoulder, led hand flat against the back.  Keep your posture.  Chest out, chin in, spine straight so that energy and spinal serum flow freely.  Close the eyes, breathe long and deep.  Inhale deeply, hold as long as you can, exhale long.  Do this very consciously without any rhythm.  11 min. Switch sides.  Do for 11 min.

Inhale, put arms out so sides at 60 deg,chin up, face up, praying to Almighty God. 3 min. Put hands on heart, right over left.  Contemplate. 7 min.

Put hands on lap, left under, right over.
Sing Har Har Har Har Gobinde…  Use Guru Shabd Singh version.  3 min.        Har Har Har Har Gobinde

Meditation: “Sniff” meditation

Sit cross legged. Place left hand on left knee, in gyan mudra.  With right hand, place thumb on the mound of Mercury (on palm just below the pinkie finger), palm facing your face.  “Sniff” each finger in succession as you silently recite the mantra “Sa Ta Na Ma”, starting with the Jupiter (index) finger.  After the fourth “sniff”, exhale the breath and begin again.

11-31 minutes

This meditation will stimulate your perceptive field and intensify your experience.

Meditation: “Blow Your Mind”


Put finger tips together at chin level. Sing Ra Ma Da Sa (pause) Sa Se So Hung. Emphasize the first Sa, then pause before the next phrase.

Eyes at tip of nose. Look at mudra. 31 min.
This is for when your space is too organized or constricted

Meditation: Initiate an Intuitive Existence

Place hands on knees with the thumbs touching the Mercury fingers (pinkies).   Balance the weight of the body.  Place eyes at the tip of the nose.  Place tongue at the upper soft palate, in the back of the mouth.  Don’t move.  31 min.

Meditation: LA877-19960604 – Self Realization


See the lecture video from 19960604

    Humee Hum Brum Hum

    Tantric Har

See full transcript LA877 960604 Self Realization in Library of Teachings

Meditation: KYB117-19860822 – Achieve an Experience of God

Sit in Easy Pose, bend your elbows so that your upper arms are by your rib cage, and the hands are at shoulder level, palms facing forward. Bring each hand into Surya Mudra with the thumb and sun finger (ring finger) touching. Keep the other three fingers straight. Silently meditate to Rahke Rakhan Har by Singh Kaur. Your hands are in Surya Mudra and you are meditating to a Surya Shabd. Close your eyes and go through your oneness.

Let the surya or sun energy circulate. Start with 11 minutes and work up to 31 Minutes.

Rakhe Rakhan Har

Transcript: KYB117-860822-Achieve an Experience of God 19860822

Meditation: Summaries from Perugia 2012 – Courtesy of Sandro

Meditation: LA769-19930415 – Development of Self Control

LA769 930415 Self Control

Pranayama(3 minutes): breath of the dog’s breath
Eyes: the tip of the nose
Mudra: open and close with powerful fists, twisting wrists from outside
“Open your mouth and look at this breath (start breathing quickly in and
out through the mouth) the breath of the dog, as dogs do. You do not
have to go to a doctor tonight, you should care for yourself. Eyes at the
tip of the nose. This is the reason why dogs never get sick. Breathe fast
and powerful, with all your strength. If you have cancer, do it, see what
happens. You can, use the power. Pull your fingers in hard. Keep your
mouth like an “O”. When you are in a hospital and you feel miserable, that one ‘becomes’ O’ and when you feel even more miserable, it becomes “Q”, your tongue comes out, remember? So, only “O”.
Finally breathe and tighten and squeeze, squeeze, the whole body like steel. Like a cannon, exhale. 3 times.

Pranayama (3 minutes) : breath of the dog’s mouth to O
Eyes: closed
Mudra: Push to turn your arms forward with the palms flat facing
outwards. (When an arm is to go as fast as strength to push off with
your blocks. Others instead returns to his chest and back). This
exercise and very unique, and a bit ‘difficult because will work on your
block and you know we’re all stuck. Same “O”. the breath begins in the
same way the previous one. Quick, quick alternately push out his arms.
Push, Push the dirt off of you hit strong, strong, swim, swim go push,
stronger stronger, whatever you release will be gone for good, you will
not have any new sense around you, stronger than most strong push, push, the hair will grow, push, push, push, push, push all that there is’ killing, push, stronger, with the “O” breath.
continue ……. Finally Breathe? Stay where you are …….. stretch, shake your body shake your whole body…shake … exhale. (3 times by changing the position of the hands) If you do these exercises, you can not have bleeding, you can not have an attack (cardiac), because you are a stress test, this is a stress test.

Pranayama (3 minutes): breathing dog’s mouth in an O
Eyes: the tip of the nose
Mudra: hands open as shown and rotate the palms of your hands
quickly. You see now look, there is an absolute angle of the hand, look
at this. You have to do it exactly that way because the prana must
pass, and and this. (Start breathing of the dog), you see I’m dancing,
the whole thing moves
Come on, come on, move people, you should be at least 20 cm. above
the floor with every move, move, move.
Finally inspired!, And stick out your tongue, and squeeze, squeeze, tongue out, do it like iron and hammer. Squeeze your entire body, exhale. 3 times

page1image17615712 page1image17616128 page1image17616336


Put the tape (Punjabi drum music) and dance with your hands above your head (3 minutes)
Get up and continue dancing with arms up (3 minutes).


Meditation: Notes from the Sat Nam Rasayan® Conference in Perugia, December 3-9, 2012.

We do not warrant the completeness nor the accuracy of the notes published here.  They are meant to remind the student of the meditations performed at the conference, not to serve as a definitive description of the meditations.  As the resources for the descriptions are researched links to those resources will be supplied here.


Perugia 2012-12-03

Kriya – fingertips together left hand, elbow out.  Right hand contains left, don’t touch.
Eyes closed.  Focus on forehead.  Ldb. 11 min. Each side.  Opens flow in. Chest.

Kriya–  gyan mudra hands extended, palms up.  Tip of tongue. Humee hum.  Ton 11 min.
Throat chakra is the bridge.  Chest out, point to self with straight fingers.  Elbows out.   Pressure on chest.  Oscillate hands up and down in front if solar plexus.  Har.inhale, hold, fast. 3x

Kriya – hands over ears, whistle areas bhaee.




Fix relation with active earth.  Grasp hands quickly in front, twisting.  “o” breath.  Inhale, vibrate, exhale 3x.  Push hands flat forward.  “o” breath. Alternate.  Inhale, vibrate 3x

Tongue out, mouth breathing.  Rotate open hands outward

Mercury fingertips touch, sun fingertips touch.  Saturn, Jupiter touch very lightly.  Thumbs don’t touch.  Balances parasympathetic nervous system with the earth.  Controlled breathing.  Inhale, squeeze, exhale.  3x

Alternate fists forward and back, Cannon “o” breath.  Eyes closed.  5 1/2 min
Hands Venus lock in back.  Eyes closed.  Look at forehead.  11 min
Hands in front of face. .  Look between the hands.  30 sec
Rotate arms at shoulders above.  2 1/2
arms up overhead, fingers spread.  Breath.  1 1/2
Inhale,stretch, exhale 3x.


Perugia 2012-12-04

Kriya – touch  Mercury,saturn, Jupiter, Mercury.  humee hum brum hum. Move knees  up and down.   T.o.n. 11 min.
Hands face forward at sides.  Touch thumb to palm, close hand, open…   Har on  open.   1 min.

Kriya – Surya   mudra on knees.  T.o.n.  ang sang whaheguru.  Aquarian march. Listen.  31 min.
Grab elbows above head.  Hari (navel) ommmm. (Focus on center of brain)
When you go into the frame of your nastiness.  This uplifts your onsciousness and changes the perception of the relation.  11 min.

Kriya – jupiter, Saturn up at sides.  Eyes 9/10 closed, t.o.n.  Har sing nar sing. Listen.  Disappear.

Kriya – swing arms in big circle outwards, up and down.  Har
Genie pose. Suck Prana in through navel, exhale.  Ldb.
Inhale left, then twist right, exhale.  3x.

Kriya – non-reaction LA907


Evening meditation

Control spaciness.  Hands face upwards, elbows on ribs.  Satnamx7 waheguru.  Inhale 8, hold 16exhale 8, hold out 16.  For parasympathetic nervous system.

Kriya – make fists, hold left hand thumb inside and lft hand inside right hand at heart.  Squeeze both hands.  Sing harinam,sat am…Hari  3x per breath.  T.o.n.11 min

Perugia 2012-12-05

Detachment comes when the natural flow and your Prana are integrated.  That’s what KY does.  We come here
1. To develop the teachings together.    Refine the projective meditative mind, by moving the elements in an integrative way.
2. The intensity of the experience revolves our dysfunctionality.  We don’t need to repeat the experience.

Kriya – swimming.
Palms together right up 60 deg
Palms together left up 60 deg
Inhale, fingers interlocked, push up hard, exhale 3x

Kriya –  asking posture, hands upward, elbows at sides. Thumb on mercury.  See through the occipital.  T.o.n.  singh kaur guru ram Das

Kriya – right arm up 50 deg.  Move thumb to mound of mercury and open. Then, pump navel, then b.o.f.
Right thumb on mound of mercury, make fist.  Move in circles at side.  Left hand open, move left and right.  Fast.  Inhale, hold, move faster, 3 x.

Kriya – tongue out, dog pant.  Thumb on mercury. Toc.  11 min
Open the diaphragm.  Affects central nervous system.

Kriya – jupiters touch ground, then each other at the chin.   Eyes t.o.c.
Sat nam sat nam waheguru waheguru.
jupiters touch ground, then each other above the head. T.o.c.

Golden chain – relate with the subtle body of the teaching lineage

Kriya – Har Harray haree waheguru. Hands together at chin.

Kriya – interlace fingers at navel.  B.o.f.  For toxicity.  Can be done lying down. 22 min.

Evening – hands clasped in front.  Eyes closed t.o.n.  hold hands tightly. Ldb.  31 min.


Perugia 2012-12-06

Kriya – palms together pointing forward at navel.  Pressure on fingertips, not on palms.  Right thumb over left.  Ad such…bay such 2x/breath. T.o.n. Then 3x, 4x,5x. 31 min.

Kriya – grab left thum, left Jupiter, place other three left hand fingers over right hand fingers.  Over heart.  Eyes closed, breathe. Sing Harinam sat nam …sat nam haree.

Kriya – Har haray haree waheguru.  Palms together at chin.

Kriya – left hand gyan mudra up at side. Right arm across chest parallel to floor. Har Har Har Har haree haree.   ton.

Stabilizes arc line.  Stabilizes meditative mind.  Prevents influence by others.  Level of perception of patient.

Kriya –  jupiters interlocked at throat. Ra ma da sa .  For irritation in the brain.


Perugia 2011-12-07

There is a point in the occipital that stabilizes the inner vision.

Kriya – Gyan mudra up at sides, t.o.n.  inhale mouth, exhale nose. 3 min.
“o” mouth b.o.f.  3 min.  Tongue out b.o.f. 3 min.
Inhale, exhale very slowly 4x
Close eyes, hands down, hold silence.  3 min.
Sip in and out through mouth.

We need to see who is looking. No one.  We need to erase our identification.  We don’t want to identify what we assume to be our self.

Kriya – inhale mouth, exhale nose.  Hands crossed, right on top of left. t.o.n.
Connects perceptive system.
To connect the perceptive system in someone.  They make spider hands. Press cheeks aside nose.  22 min.   Squeeze 3x.

Kriya – hands face your face.  t.o.n.  see through eyes in back of head.  Control the breathing.  Guru ram Das.  31 min.  Squeeze heart, navel, ribs.
Do this every day.

Exercise:  move vision from 3rd eye to navel or heart.

Kriya – right Jupiter over left, right thumb over left.  Thumbs press up against nose.  Har har gobinde… Eyes closed.  3rd eye.  11 min.

Kriya – hold arms above elbows, right arm over left.  Ajai Alai.  For 3rd eye.  Relax the elbows.  t.o.c.  62 min.
Give you a sense of control of your development.

Kriya – interlace fingers at solar plexus. Interlock knuckles, Touch thumbs.
Sing ra ma da sa__Sa. Se. So. Hung.   LA018 (1982)

Continue Sadhana for another 2weeks.

Don’t try to reproduce the mental state we arrived at.  It is there, it will come.

Evening meditation –
Prayer pose. l.d.b.  eyes closed.  (gong)


Perugia 2012-12-08

The phenomenon of “position”.   We will work with the position of the system.
Evolution does not exist.  We don’t evolve into a more perfect being. We are.  Things happen to us, but we are the same.
Our essential discipline is not to be distracted.
Localize the position of objects in the system.  We cant express it.  We have to experience it.  We have to experience it as a nonlinear process.

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn up as sides.  “o” mouth.  Breathe.  Eyes closed. 11 min. Tiger claws.

Kriya – left hand heart, right over ear.  Long Ek ONG Kar.  Go out of time and space.

Ek – affirmation
ONG – infinite
Kar – release
Sat nam – the manifest one
Waheguru – beyond the beyond. 31 min.

Ek ONG Kar sat nam siri waheguru
Ek ONG Kar sat nam siri waheguru
Siri waheguru Ji Siri waheguru
Siri waheguru Ji Siri waheguru
Inhale, squeeze,pull the spine up. 3x

Kriya – right hand holds left thumb.  Left fingers overlap right hand.  Look at bridge of nose, silently reciting sa ta na ma.  Reverse nose. Ldb. 7-31 min
Breaks the limitation of the mind.

Kriya – break the identification.  Right hand at heart, palm facing left.  Left hand palm down, moving up and down, elbow at rib.  Ajai Alai.  Ton.  31 min.  Then whisper 31 min.

Kriya – gyan mudra on knees.  T.o.n. chant waheguru.  Water, air, fire.  Then silently do the same with the lips and mouth.


Perugia 2012-12-09

SNR we née ability to sustain shuniya and sustain relation.

Kriya – Jupiter Saturn intertwined up at sides. T.o.c.  Har. 11 min.  Tiger claws.

Kriya – to integrate,focus.  Palms forward up at sides. Spread fingers,close thumbs, close fingers, open fingers. Punjabi drums, chant Har on open.  18 min.

Kriya – power of self engagement.  If life makes no sense, dont try to fire it out.  It doesn’t.
Jupiter Saturn up at sides.  Aad such…bay such. 7 min. Interconnects neurosystem.

When you wake up, feel where the flow is blocked.
Engage the event, produce a phrase that resolves the resistance.  Perceive how the subtle bodies are interacting with the elements.  Propse a change in the e-m field somethingwith a phrase.
God is the only self stimulated entity.  There is no other reason for existence.

Kriya – inerrelate the hypothalamus with the nervous system.  Right palm up, left down,loose.  Arms 45 deg to floor.  Palms parallel to floor.  Eyes on nose. Inhale slowly and controlled with nose, exhale slowly through mouth. 22 min. Inhale press palms together. 3x. 6/30/97.  Kwtc03.

Kriya – palms together, right a little higher than left. Bof into mudra. Stabilizes your gains.

Kriya – fi gets interlaced, palms forward arms straight in front.  1 min breath.  3 min.  Inhale nose, exhale mouth.  3 min. Inhale, hold, pump navel as long as you can.  3 min.   up at sides, “helicopter” 2 min.

No Superstition and the Vagus Nerve – HNS Class Golden Bridge 2012-12-12

Hari Nam Singh<br /> Sat Nam Rasayan® Class<br /> Wednesday, December 12, 2012 -- 4:00 p.m.<br /> Bodh Gaya Room<br /> Golden Bridge -- Hollywood, California

Tune-in.  Ong Namo….

So what is it that’s supposed to happen today?

Student:  Lots of people are getting married today.  That was what they said on the radio.

Are they inducing labor, too?

Student: So that people don’t forget their Birthday maybe.  Lots of people are getting married today because they want their husbands to remember their wedding anniversary.

I guess that’s pretty practical.  Well, actually it makes sense.  For many years my wife and I could never remember what day our wedding anniversary was.  We had a tendency to think it was a day later for some reason.

Numerologically or astrologically you can discern certain tendencies that are produced.  It doesn’t mean that something’s going to go boom on one day or another.  We have in general tendencies to put a lot of energy into these things, thinking that one thing or another is really special.

It amounts to a lot of superstition that we hold.  Superstition is making an assumption about something because you think that something is supposed to happen.  It doesn’t mean that something isn’t going to happen.  We have the tendency not to base our perception on our experience.  Our experience is what counts, and really nothing else.  If we just assume something because everybody says this or that, that’s just really superstition.  So it’s really pretty useful for us to get beyond that tendency that we have of doing that, just be in the moment in the experience, and then see what happens with that.

We could relate with something through a numerological relation, and that has a lot of potential and perhaps even a lot of power; however, that’s just a matter of relating through our experience in that to see how we’re affected by that — not putting the cart before the horse and saying, “We expect this or that.”

That’s one thing that we’ve been working on a lot lately.  Especially in Guru Dev Singh’s Classes, the topic of superstition comes up a lot.  It’s something we can acknowledge, and don’t need to engage in so much.

So in order to mitigate that to some degree, Guru Dev Singh did give us this Meditation, which Yogi Bhajan gave us, which is useful in our time to be engaged with.  Is anybody doing this Meditation?  I thought we’d do that one.

Meditation For Faculty Of Self-Engagement:
Mudra:  Bend your elbows into the sides of the body.  Extend the forearms out in front of the body, and tilt them up at a 45-degree angle.  Have the palms flat, fingers’ pointing straight ahead.  The right palm faces the ceiling, and the left palm faces the floor.  The palms are at the level of the heart center, and the wrists are bent slightly.
Hold the position, and keep the spine straight the entire time.
Eyes:  Stare at the tip of the nose.
Breath:  Breathe long and deep in through the nose.  Breathe out long and deep through the mouth.  Mechanically breathe.
You are bringing a balance between Heaven and Earth in this posture.  Let your thoughts go.  Don’t work your brain.  It will take you through your non-reality, and go deep into Meditation.  Just breathe consciously.
Time:  22 Minutes, 45 Seconds
To End:  Inhale deeply, press your hands together in front of your chest really tightly, press hard.  Hold for 11 Seconds.  Exhale.
Inhale, really squeeze very hard, using the shoulders to add all the pressure you can.  Hold for 11 Seconds.  Exhale.
Inhale, squeeze your spine, vertebrae, muscles, hands, legs, everything, from the base to the top.  Hold for 20 Seconds.  Exhale.

Okay.  Take your partner.

Round One :  Take your partner.  Open the space.  Feel how the sounds inside you are affecting your Field.  In particular feel how the sounds are affecting your emotional sensations.  Within you feel the sensations of flow.  At the same time feel the sensations of no-flow or where there is numbness.  Feel all those sensations at the same time.  Keep researching how the sounds are affecting you.  Where you feel sensations of numbness or no-flow, feel that from within Shuniya, within Silence.  Feel how it feels from within Silence.  Give it space.  Give space to all those places inside you that feel numb with the intention to alter the perception of those points to be more like those where you perceive a flow.  Relate with your partner.  Feel how that relation is affecting the flow in you.  With your intention in the Silence, give space to those points of numbness — the intention of altering the perception to that of increased flow.  Hold the relation in the Silence.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Two :  Take your partner.  Open the space.  Feel how the sounds are affecting you.  Feel the sounds inside you, in particular how they are touching emotional sensations.  In your Field of Perception, recognize sensations of flow and sensations of no-flow.  Allow that to be the Mandala superimposed on your Field.  Relate with your partner.  Allow your partner to affect your Field, still being aware of flow and no-flow.  Give space to those points of numbness in the Silence.  Feel those points within the Silence.  Choose to relate with your partner’s Vagus Nerve.  Feel in the area of your left eye and in your face any sensation of numbness.  Allow that to be present in the Silence.  Allow the Silence to affect those sensations.  As those sensations alter, follow the resistances down the length of the Vagus Nerve.  Give space to the resistances as you encounter them, researching the length of the Vagus Nerve through the body.  Allow the sensations of flow.  Balance the sensations of numbness to being more like the sensations of flow.  Allow the sensations of numbness and flow to begin to merge.  Feel it.  Don’t push it.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Three :  Take your partner.  Open the space.  Relate with your partner, and in particular the Vagus Nerve, and first of all the area around the left eye and the resistances in that area.  Allow them.  Give them space.  Allow those resistances to mingle with the sensations of flow in your body.  As the perception of those points of numbness begins to alter, follow the resistance down the length of the Vagus Nerve, down the face and the left side of the body.  Begin to recognize how all of the sensations of flow, numbness, and everything related with the Vagus Nerve are affecting your brain.  Allow all the sensations to appear as though they’re happening in the mind.  From that vantage research those sensations along the entire length of the Vagus Nerve, and feel the sensations as a whole.  Give space to that flow that appears in the mind.  Feel how it’s affecting all your sensations.  Let the nature of that flow as a whole come into balance.  Feel it inside your brain.  Balance the sensations there, and the sensations as they are suggested to the mind.  Let all of them interact as One Field.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Four :  Open the space.  Recognize your partner in you, in particular the space of the relation with the Vagus Nerve of your partner, and the sensation of the points of flow and the points of no-flow.  Feel those points in you, from the vantage of how it’s affecting the brain.  Feel those points of numbness in the brain, and how they’re affecting the flow of the mind.  Give space to those points.  Bring the points of numbness in the flow into balance.  Give space to the points of constriction in the mind.  Let them balance with perceptions that have more flow.  Allow the Field to be One Unified Space.  Just with your intention bring it into balance.  Come to conclusion.

So we can maintain some form of reference to sensations that appear in the body; however, we can allow them to be more generalized in a way that they become more diffuse and represented in a more unified way, something that appears in the mind as well.  By maintaining that reference to the body, we can see how we’re doing.  Where we place our intention is in the Overall Field, which includes more than just those specific sensations here and there.

So does anybody have any questions?

We feel something perhaps here or here, and they seem present in the body.  If we allow those sensations and feel how they’re affecting how our brains feel, we can begin to feel how that’s affecting the brain and affecting the mind.  So it’s not just those specific physical things, rather a little bit more diffuse and generalized.  So it’s not just there.  It’s more everywhere.

You can feel where there is flow somewhere.  Feeling where there’s numbness is a contrast to that.  So it gives you some point of a polarity that you can start to balance, not that you push anything through somewhere; however, you feel the difference.  You just give space to those places that feel numb.  We do that with Shuniya.  We go to that place that’s completely Empty, and then see what happens to the flow.  Shuniya is something that’s everywhere.  It doesn’t have a location.  So we would like to start to go beyond just having everything have a location.  Maybe that’s where we can start because our body is a Mandala, which can represent something that’s happening in our Perceptive Field; however, then we can take it further than that and include all perception.  Perception can include what’s happening in the mind.  That’s more where our intentions are held.  We use our mind.  So we don’t need to try to change the perception directly in some place.  There can be a lot of resistance to that.  So what we’re doing is making it a little bit more efficient.  That’s something that you can do more quickly.

You don’t have to believe ahead of time that it’s based in something that’s held emotionally.  You can perhaps discover where in the Emotional Body or in that part of your Mandala it’s appearing in you.  It will touch someplace in your perception where it’s appearing in you.  We deal with it directly there.  We don’t have to assume ahead of time that it’s anywhere.  We don’t have to give it a location.  Just allow whatever then appears in your Field as resistance, and deal with it there.  Just relate with it there.  If it is affecting some kind of emotion, then you can deal with that.  You can relate with that in that way there, and give that space.

It’s a good thing that you’re not thinking in terms of a disease or in terms of something with a cause-and-effect or something that has a position like a sore throat.  You may want to say, “Okay.  Let’s go with the throat here, and see what we can find in our throat.”  We don’t have to do that.  You can use your intention and say, “Well, let’s relate with the throat because that seems to be a gross manifestation.”  Beyond that it’s going to take you to someplace in you where you’re feeling something. You relate with it there, wherever you’re feeling it in you.  It could be an emotional thing.  It could be a flow perhaps somewhere in the body.  You let it be whatever it is.

If we do that, then we’re minimizing our tendencies to be superstitious about it.  Superstitious would be maybe, “Well, let me try to release a blockage in the throat.”  Well, there could be a big assumption in that because often things that happen with people and conditions are much more complex than that.  So the least that we can assume about something and the least superstition we can hold about it and the least belief we can hold, then the more effective we can be.

We’re finding that we can heal things in the most unexpected ways.  Whatever presents itself is your reality.  You can rely on your perception because your perception is what you know, just as it is, unfiltered, and without having to have the commentary, “Oh, well, this is that; this is that,” and start interpreting.  Feel it where it appears in you.  If you can remain stable in Shuniya, then something will start to happen.  You’ll get a broader experience of what’s going on, and allow the complexity of everything that’s going on to start to emerge.  You may find that you’re in a place, relating in a way that’s very different from where you started.

You could ask somebody, “Well, what’s going on?  How do you feel?  Where does it hurt?”  If you ask that question, that’s fine.  The answer is:  What happened in you when you asked the question and there was some response?  That’s the answer:  What happened in you?  Where did you feel that?  Where did you feel the reaction?  Where did you feel the sensation that appeared?  It will always relate with your question; however, you don’t have to interpret the Tiny Pet’s answer because that is irrelevant.  Do you understand what I’m saying?

When you apply an intensity to something like asking the Tiny Pet, “Where does it hurt?” that puts a little intensity somewhere.  There’s going to be a reaction, and it’s going to manifest in some way; however, you are relating with that Tiny Pet; and you’ll feel in you where that’s happening.  That’s where you start.  Forget what the words are of that they say, or not.  You could include that if you want; however, that’s not the point.  That’s not the answer.

Okay.  Maybe we had better finish.

Sat Nam.  Sat Nam.  Sat Nam.  (silent prayer….)

Meditation: Breath to Conquer Time Space and Destiny

Breath to Conquer Time, Space and Destiny

“Practice this kriya with and empty stomach. This is a special meditation through which a juman has the power to halt time and space an destiny. Do you understand to what vastness you can reach if you want? One who loves God can twist around even God. That is why we say love is God. The organization of God is timeless, but one who loves God has the power to bring this timelessness into time and space.

“This kriya neutralizes the energy and gives a wider horizon to anyone of limited nature. It is very simple, highly psychological, vey healing and most powerful. It neutralizes the energy and gives a wider horizon to an individual. Left side of the body (Ida) represents time, right side of the body (Pingala) represents space, and the central self (Shushmana) is infinity.

“It is not very complicated, but it does a very computerized , complicated job for any human mind and body. Previously, it was only taught to those who were gifted in the spiritual world. Old Christian mystics used to do it to gain Crist consciousness.

How to do Reverse Prayer Pose Mudra

Roll your shoulders inward toward your chest, stretching your shoulder blades apart. Bring your hands into traditional Prayer Pose and then roll you r wrists so that your palms face your chest. Continue rolling your wrists until the backs of your hands are touching from the wrists to the tips of the fingers (be sure that backs of your Jupiter (index) fingers are touching each other with the same amount of pressure as the backs of the other fingers are touching each other).

This puts a great deal of pressure on meridian points in the shoulders. Maintain the stretch in the shoulder area so that you do not put too much pressure on the wrists. The angle of the forearm is sixty degrees from elbow to wrist.

This mudra puts pressure on the area that controls the secretion of the pancreas. It blocks the sugar flow in the blood stream and gives powerful alertness to the mind. When our mind is alert, it can defend our spirit and we can live spiritually amid the challenges of life.