Today: “Appreciate everything that comes to you.  Avoid assessing what you have and do not have.  Avoid being prideful of others’ envy.”  – from the I Ching

Appreciate everything that comes to you.  Avoid assessing what you have and do not have.  Avoid being prideful of others’ envy.

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Tao Te Ching – Verse 77 – As it acts in the world, the Tao is like the bending of a bow.

Meditation:  LA049 780901 Homeh Bandana Kriya: takes away self-pride and vanity 

Today: I Ching – Previous Reading – “Live simply with what is required for your contentment. Avoid ambitious ventures that produce inefficient expenditures or even challenge your resources.”

Today: I Ching – Previous Previous Reading – “Provide for yourself. Take care of your own nourishment rather than coveting others’ resources. Envy arouses contempt.”

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14 – Fourteen.  Ta Yu / Great Treasures

The Fire of clarity illuminates the Heavens to those below:
The Superior Person possesses great inner treasures — compassion, economy, and modesty.
These treasures allow the benevolent will of Heaven to flow through him outward to curb evil and to further good.

Supreme success.


You have become an instrument of Heaven’s will, offering a balance in the world around you.
It is not swashbuckling prowess or uncanny talent that qualifies you for this office, but your simplest gifts — your modesty, your compassion, your economy.
Because you can see clearly who most needs a miracle, Heaven’s bounty is being put at your disposal.

Nine in the fourth place means:

He can make the distinction between his true treasures within and the material possessions others covet.

He makes a difference
Between himself and his neighbor.
No blame.

Problem neighbor

This characterises the position of a man placed among rich and powerful neighbors. It is a dangerous position. He must look neither to the right nor to the left, and must shun envy and the temptation to vie with others. In this way he remains free of mistakes.1

1. Another generally accepted translation of the line is as follows:

He does not rely on his abundance
No blame.

This would mean that the individual avoids mistakes because he possesses as if he possesses nothing.

41 – Forty-one. Sun / Decrease

The stoic Mountain drains its excess waters to the Lake below:
The Superior Person curbs his anger and sheds his desires.

To be frugal and content is to possess immeasurable wealth within.
Nothing of value could be refused such a person.
Make a portion of each meal a share of your offering.


This is an occasion for downsizing to fighting trim.
Simplicity and economy are strong defenses against the slings and arrows of Outrageous Fortune.
Whether this is a time of want or a time of plenty, it is an auspicious time to shed a dependency.

Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's, Thomas Cleary's, Brian Arnold's and other translations of the I Ching

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