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Many of the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan refer to the transition of consciousness from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age.  That reference comes from a view of the Cosmos that is based on a system that relates the relative positions of celestial bodies to their effects on consciousness.  There are many systems like as this, including numerology, which uses combinations of numerals and sometimes geometry, the I Ching, which divines relative proportions of yin and yang and their movement,  systems involving the relative quantities of five elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether (ayurvedic) and other systems.

The systems themselves are empty, but they are self-consistent and depend on the application of the system to a given circumstance.  In principle, the tendency of a state of being (consciousness) can be described by each system by divining the relations between the components of the system relative to a given situation (event), e.g., a point in time or space or both.  Generally, it is an intuitive process performed by the one who is reading the components and who is in relation with the event.

I have been offering my readings using the ancient Chinese oracle the I Ching in order to provide a sense of the main tendency on a daily basis for those who would seek it.

From time to time, it seems useful also to share an astrological view of what is going on around us and within us.  If you look, you may see reflections of those inner and outer conditions in descriptions of astrological phenomena provided by those who are adept readers of that slice of the cosmos.  So, I have decided to share some of these readings which are designed for public consumption.  Mostly, my selections of these readings are based on what appear to be alignments that may have the capacity to produce conditions of significant intensity that many of us are, or can be, aware of in our environment and in our lives.  When we begin to see those interdependencies, sometimes they seem quite extraordinary. And, they can be helpful in forming how we relate with them.

Read on, and enjoy.


New Moon/Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017

The last of the virgo/pisces eclipses that began in march of 2015 occurs on Sunday February 26th at 6:58am PST when the new moon/Solar Eclipse at 8’12 pisces is exact.  Since early 2015 we have been gifted with lessons and opportunities to bridge the mundane and the sacred, the material and the spiritual.  Virgo is focused on reality, discernment and doing one’s inner and outer work- while pisces is focused on surrender, trust, faith and oneness.  The journey in the last couple of years has been to find where we overdo one focus as the expense of the other so we can find the middle path.  Too much detail oriented (like virgo) and we miss seeing the Bigger Picture (which is pisces).  Too much idealism and ungrounded fantasy and we float off the earth (very pisces) and are disconnected from our bodies and being here now (virgo).  Looking over the last 2 years and seeing how these lessons played out for you and how you navigate your path of learning and growing through these lessons can be insightful right now.

Solar eclipses are amplified new moons- which typically speak to new directions, seeds planted or new things coming in.  but this new moon is on the karmic south node- the point of the past where we get stuck, stay too long, play out karmic patterns and avoid our growth and evolution.  With the karmic south node in its last hurrah in pisces (it will shift into aquarius in may 2017) we have our last bit of focus on where we overdo the pisces energy:  live in denial, delusion, believe or perpetrate illusions, bury our heads in the sand to avoid the shadow within or without, turn to addictions to numb out, play the victim or the martyr, play out codependent dynamic with others, spiritually by pass, disassociate, try to save everyone else but ourselves and more.  This is personal but also collective- looking at the smoke and mirrors going on in the world right now.  What is the truth?  What is a lie?  Where are we being deceived?  Where are we deceiving ourselves?  Where are we living a lie?  This eclipse on the south node brings a new beginning to relating to our own Unconscious.  Where previously we let it run us, now we are challenged to step up, relate to it directly, see the shadow dynamics playing out rather than paint them in Love and Light to avoid the darkness going on behind the scenes.  Many of us have been living comfortably numb- sucked into our iphones, computers, dining out, shopping, living a privileged western life.  But guess what- now the collective shadow is out in the open.  We are starting to see other’s but also our own prejudices, darkness, hidden secrets.  It’s all coming out in the open- we are living in a time of transparency where what is behind the screen comes out into the Light.

We can use this solar eclipse energy to be willing, able and proactive about facing this shadow within and without.  With Neptune on the eclipse- the illusions and seductive fantasies of what could have been, should have been, would have been just keep us stuck in the past and in cycles of repetition and karma.  We have to BE HERE NOW and see what IS right now- in ourselves, in others, and in the world around us.  Only then are we truly empowered to change things and make them into what they can be.

A key signature of this eclipse is the mars/Uranus/eris conjunction opposite Jupiter- mars triggers all 3 bodies from Wednesday February 22nd through the 27th with the 2nd of 3 jupiter/Uranus oppositions on march 2nd.  This is some radical, revolutionary energy that can play out as activism, taking a stand, making huge waves that instigate change!  It can also express as a lot of anger and rage.  we need to remember Jupiter is in libra teaching us that to truly win we cannot have winners and losers.  We all share this planet, we all are connected.  If one person/country/political party benefits but another loses we stay stuck in the same game no matter what side we are on.  The days leading up to and following this eclipse can be particularly intense.  Using mars in aries energy to take conscious action and deal with things head on while mitigating his tendency to aggression, reactivity, impulsivity, selfishness and even violence is key.  Mars/Uranus/eris can wake us up in good ways or not so good ways.  Consciousness is key!

This analysis is reprinted from Divine Harmony.


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