Meditation: The Alchemist

Reorganize and purify the tattvas and call on them to project your excellence.

The elbows are bent, and held into the ribs. The hands are in front of the body.
On the left hand, the four fingertips meet the tip of the thumb, and are held in that position. The left wrist is bent backward so that the left palm faces up to the ceiling.
On the right hand, all the fingers are spread apart. The right forearm and hand are in a straight line, held at a 45-degree angle forward from the right shoulder. The right palm faces front.
The eyes are focused at the tip of the nose.
Breathe long and deep.
Feel the hands. Feel the flow between the hands.
Time: 11 minutes
To finish: Inhale, hold, exhale — 3x.

Author: harinam

Yogi, teacher, healer

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