Today: If what is going on with people worries you… – from the I Ching

If what is going on with people worries you,  if it seems like everyone is stampeding towards a cliff, don’t panic.  With gentle words that are firm, calm and confident, and by your example you can help effect change.  All persuasion should be almost unfelt, yet consistent and persistent. People are aware of the anger and discontent that drives this insanity, but they don’t know how they got there. Understand that the pain and discomfort of the condition is real, but they have been mislead about the causes for their condition, and they believe it.

History makes it clear where the influences that caused this came from, though those influences have been deliberately obscured by unfriendly players who remain largely in disguise.  The very anonymity of such plotting requires an especially vigorous and indefatigable effort, but this is well worth while. For when such elusive influences are brought into the light and branded, they lose their power over people. They need to know who these players really are who are telling them stuff so they can see through those influences and see for themselves the real causes of their suffering.

Like the gnarled Pine that grows tenaciously off the Cliff face, the truth tellers cling faithfully to dignity and integrity, thus elevating the Collective Spirit of Man in their own small way.  If you are among them, then your adaptability mixed with integrity will bring a calm, steady progress in bringing the truth to light.

Move from your center, always faithful to your principles, yet with the flexibility to weather any tempest.  Yours is not a meteoric rise to the top, but the solid, confident footing of one who has a clear vision of what can be, and who is willing to climb the distance to reach it.


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