Those of you who have done it, know it…


“Those of you who have done it, know it. There’s nothing I can add or say. With honesty, honor, and intensity you have done it; that’s your experience. It doesn’t take much to bring God down into us. Actually,
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Today: Go within and adapt yourself to the demands of the times – from the I Ching

Allow external matters to be what they are.  Go within yourself to find how you can adapt to the demands of the time and relate with all that is going on around you. You will find that there are kindred … Read the rest

Meditation: NM0394 – Live Above Denial

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 11.14.33 AMMEDITATION – Conquer Self-Denial Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Brings the hands together in front of the throat. The left hand is higher than the right hand so that the fingertips of the right hand fit exactly on the … Read the rest

Today: Refuse the fruit offered by the serpent

Oppressors are attempting to seize power, violently, if necessary.  It is a situation of which many people are totally unaware.  When fruit offered by the serpent is refused, the snake swallows its own tail and the light is restored.  The … Read the rest

The power of a teacher of Kundalini Yoga is in his zero…

SSSYWa“The power of a teacher of Kundalini Yoga is in his zero, in his shuniya. In shuniya you become zero, you reduce everything to nothing: “I am nothing. Everything is nothing. There’s nothing to be nothing.” The moment you become … Read the rest

Today: Accept rewards for your deeds

Accept rewards for your deeds, whether from on high or from the humble whom you have helped to elevate. Whether it is what you expected or needed, allow them to feel that they have repaid you.  Keep an attitude of … Read the rest

Meditation: NM0380 – Ecstasy and Joy


MEDITATION – Purify your Body and Being.

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Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Hold your hands in Sarab Gyan Mudra in front of the heart—fingers interlocked with the
index fingers extended pointing up.
Eyes are closed and focused at … Read the rest

Today: You Can Do Anything – from the I Ching

The time for action has come for accomplishing great tasks.  The path before you is being cleared and reward lies ahead.  Use all of your creative powers to manifest your intentions through your highest nature.  Awaken and help develop the … Read the rest

If you cannot practice shuniya…

SSSYWa“If you cannot practice shuniya, you cannot be a teacher of Kundalini Yoga. Shuniya means zero. The moment you become zero, then all powers will prevail through you.” Yogi Bhajan

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shuniya meditations

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Today: You are the change – from the I Ching

You are the change that is called for. Read the Signs of the Times* and make the Season apparent to all.  Report the real abuse of power and oppression of the small by the powerful. You must rely on a … Read the rest

On Oneness and Division – Yogi Bhajan

You know each other, because you were all born in the same time and space as a batch of the third millennium. No matter where we live—we have all come to the planet Earth. You know that you are here. … Read the rest

Meditation: LA0967-Division and Oneness

MEDITATION – Division and Oneness
1. Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Raise both hands to shoulder level with the elbows relaxed down. Point the index fingers up and the other fingers curled down with thumbs covering them. Eyes are … Read the rest

Today: Day of Reckoning – from the I Ching

Shock and thunder from the heavens bring a reckoning and justice.  They can bring distraction from reflection and clarity of vision to the point of insanity.  The best thing is to keep still until composure and clarity are restored. If … Read the rest

Ego is the very capacity to be finite…

 SSSYWa“Ego is the very capacity to be finite. You say, “I am. These are my things. This is my life. Nobody can tell me anything. I’ll do whatever I want to do.” In the end it confines you tremendously and
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Today: Peace and Prayer – from the I Ching

Today, the small departs and the great approaches.  Expect good fortune and success.  For now, heaven and earth have united, so it is a good and powerful time for prayer and advancing peace.  It is a good time to elevate … Read the rest