HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-03-07 – The Visual Field

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Meditation To Stimulate The Third Eye:
Meditation: M043-19890623 See Your Soul Within Your Third Eye
Har Har Gobinday Har Har Mukanday Har Har Udaaray Har Har Apaaray
Har Har Hariang Har Har Kariang Har Har Nirnaamay Har Har Akaamay — 11 minutes

That Meditation produced a certain space and overall feeling. The experience of that Meditation is what counts. Doing that Meditation produced a memory in our experience. We’ll recall the experience of the Meditation.

In Sat Nam Rasayan®, we practice doing things in the way that we’ve been taught. We experience exercising our intention to heal. We adjust our awareness in a way that allows our intention to become manifest. We become aware of our awareness. We modify our awareness in specific ways.

We don’t necessarily know how to do anything. We set an intention to relate with something for healing. We’re affected by the relation. The experience of that is what’s important.

We can feel only ourself. I know something because I feel it. We can know how we’re affected by something. We don’t look to our memory or past experience. We experience our perception directly. We observe the unaffected flow of experience uninterrupted.

Being stable in Shuniya, the unhindered state of mind, is a prerequisite for healing.

Yogi Bhajan said, “If you can empty yourself, the whole universe will come, bow, and serve you.”

Yogi Bhajan referred to Shuniya as “Zero Mind,” the place where everything exists all at once.

Healing Exercises:
Round One (Sanjiwan Singh and Jayson — down): Open the space. Recall the space of the Meditation. Become aware of the Silence in the space. Now open your eyes just enough to allow in some light. Now come into relation with your partner. Allow your partner to affect you. Become aware of the position of your partner’s awareness. Now set the intention to move your partner’s awareness into your partner’s Third Eye. Now come into relation with your partner’s Inner Projection. Set the intention to increase your partner’s capacity for self-healing. Use your intention to neutralize the tendencies. Come to conclusion.

It’s all resistance. We can absolutely assume that when we relate with something in a healing way, everything in our experience is included. Whatever feels contrary to our intention is a resistance. Everything is included when we relate with something. Treat feelings of insecurity, doubt, and uncertainty as resistances.

When we relate through the Silence, we cannot be bothered and reactive. All reactivity in the whole system begins to disappear. The reactivity is to the intention. The whole system begins to align with our intention.

Round Two (Siri Seva Singh and Roopmeet Kaur — down): Repeat of Round One….

Now you lie down, Hari Simran Kaur. Everyone come around Hari Simran Kaur, and heal her now. Just go directly to the experience of the Meditation, and heal Hari Simran Kaur now….

We can either take the steps, or we can just go directly to the experience and heal. There is no controversy. The experience contains everything. None of it needs explanation.

Be aware of what touches your intuitive intellect. What you’ll perceive is resisting its balance. You perceive through your intuitive intellect, which is not based on forms that we impose. The healing is based on our awareness and how our awareness is Impacted.

In Shuniya, we’re choosing how we relate, which is how something will be healed. We know it in terms of our experience. We are the source of all our own perceptions.

In this Body of Teachings, any Teaching that you say contains all the Teachings.

There are a lot of ways that we’re distracted. Pain is a distraction.

Because you Meditate, you go directly to the Source.

This is the first time that we’ve used the Third Eye in this practice.

You don’t have to hold the position that I’m sitting, listening, and trying to understand what the instructor is saying in English. Being aware that you’re hearing something and that something is happening is good enough.

You’re jumping into Dreams. If you find that it gets very Dreamy and you are present, that’s enough.

When you’re using the visual component of your perceptive field, opening your eyes more to allow more light will tend to keep you more present. It’s okay to open your eyes. It’s easy to be distracted by forms that we think we recognize and then build stories.

Very often I’ll heal with my eyes open. When your eyes are open, you have to be really stable in your neutrality so that you are not swayed by anything that you think you see.

Seeing inside with your inner vision is the Second Sight. Drop the preconception that there’s anything out there. We are the source of everything.

You heard it inside of you. You triangulate and impose the presumption of measurement and distance. It’s better not to be distracted by all that. When you are not neutral, you find some bias. Then you’re feeling that something is in some direction with some tendency. A bias can be feeling really good, a discomfort, or out of sorts.

Become aware of anything that has a prejudice or bias. Bring that to no position. Then the perception of the tendency starts to disappear. We can neutralize everything. A tendency has bias and resistance in it.

Light is the sensation that is produced that has color and intensity. Light as an “agent” has meaning and qualities. Associating light with a feeling state with qualities is imposing a prejudice. We give up all our attachments to our preconceptions, and become neutral.

We don’t like to feel anger and hatred. They’re not neutral.

Your intention is more effective when you are neutral. Your intention can change and become new. Your intention is based on something. We’re not completely free to go beyond all forms. Intention arises from contemplation. Contemplate the intention, and allow that intention to include more. Then we’re in this new place.

You’re always listening.

We have a concept of what healing is.

Things are pleasant and unpleasant. Subtleties come up. We don’t need to philosophize.

Our compassion is our motivation. You heal it, and move on to the next thing.

The Yoga Kriya in its pure form itself produces an intention to have some kind of experience happen. Doing the Kriya will produce the experience of the intention.

Some people are motivated by their beliefs that practicing Yoga will benefit them, and that belief gets them to class one more time.

The experience is what happens when you do the Kriya. Yogi Bhajan said, “I don’t guarantee you anything except that you’ll have an experience.”

You guys were strong and cooking today.

We should close class now.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

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