Timing in Strategy

MusashiThere is timing in everything.  Timing in strategy cannot be mastered without a great deal of practice.

Timing is important in dancing and pipe and string music, for they are in rhythm only if timing is good.  Timing and rhythm are also involved in the military arts, shooting bows and guns, and riding horses.  In all skills and abilities there is timing.

There is also timing in the Void.

There is timing in the whole life of the warrior, in his thriving and declining, in his harmony and discord.  Similarly, there is timing in the Ways of the merchant, in the rise and fall of capital.  All things entail rising and falling timing.  You must be able to discern this.  In strategy there are various timing considerations.  From the outset you must know the applicable timing and the inapplicable timing. and from among the large and small things and the fast and slow timings find the relevant timing, first seeing the distance timing and the background timing.  This is the main thing in strategy.  It is especially important to know the background timing, otherwise your strategy will become uncertain.

You will win battles with the timing in the Void born of the timing of cunning by knowing the enemies’ timing, and thus using a timing which the enemy does not expect.

–Miyamoto Musashi
The Book of Five Rings

I wish to express my gratitude to my teacher of many years in the Art of Aikido, Bobby Ishibashi, who explained to me the most important aspects of relating with an attacker:  distance and blending.     — HNS

The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age

1.  Recognize that the other person is you.

2.  There is a way through every block.

3.  When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.

4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.

5.  Vibrate the Cosmos. Cosmos shall clear the path.

— Siri Singh Sahib Ji
In the Name of the Cosmos

You Didn’t Build That

Nasrudin (during his age, there was no car) has been looking for a parking place for twenty minutes already. He turns around, he waits, he drives a bit further, but finds nothing.

He has an important business meeting and he’s going to be late, but nothing, no parking space. Filled with despair he raises his eyes up to the sky and says:

“My God, if you get me a parking space in five minutes, I promise to you that I’ll eat kosher (halal) food for the rest of my life…”

And suddenly – O miracle! – right next to him a car drives away leaving an ideal parking spot.

So Nasrudin turns his eyes to the sky and says: “God, stop searching, I found one!”

Nasrudin Tells a Lie

One day Nasrudin and his friends decided to play a joke on the people in a village. So Nasrudin drew a crowd, and lied to them about a gold mine in a certain place. When everybody ran to get their hands on the gold, Nasruddin started running with them. When asked by his friends why he was following them, he said “So many people believed it, that I think it may be true!”


Meditation: Notes from the Sat Nam Rasayan® Conference in Perugia, December 3-9, 2012.

We do not warrant the completeness nor the accuracy of the notes published here.  They are meant to remind the student of the meditations performed at the conference, not to serve as a definitive description of the meditations.  As the resources for the descriptions are researched links to those resources will be supplied here.


Perugia 2012-12-03

Kriya – fingertips together left hand, elbow out.  Right hand contains left, don’t touch.
Eyes closed.  Focus on forehead.  Ldb. 11 min. Each side.  Opens flow in. Chest.

Kriya–  gyan mudra hands extended, palms up.  Tip of tongue. Humee hum.  Ton 11 min.
Throat chakra is the bridge.  Chest out, point to self with straight fingers.  Elbows out.   Pressure on chest.  Oscillate hands up and down in front if solar plexus.  Har.inhale, hold, fast. 3x

Kriya – hands over ears, whistle areas bhaee.




Fix relation with active earth.  Grasp hands quickly in front, twisting.  “o” breath.  Inhale, vibrate, exhale 3x.  Push hands flat forward.  “o” breath. Alternate.  Inhale, vibrate 3x

Tongue out, mouth breathing.  Rotate open hands outward

Mercury fingertips touch, sun fingertips touch.  Saturn, Jupiter touch very lightly.  Thumbs don’t touch.  Balances parasympathetic nervous system with the earth.  Controlled breathing.  Inhale, squeeze, exhale.  3x

Alternate fists forward and back, Cannon “o” breath.  Eyes closed.  5 1/2 min
Hands Venus lock in back.  Eyes closed.  Look at forehead.  11 min
Hands in front of face. .  Look between the hands.  30 sec
Rotate arms at shoulders above.  2 1/2
arms up overhead, fingers spread.  Breath.  1 1/2
Inhale,stretch, exhale 3x.


Perugia 2012-12-04

Kriya – touch  Mercury,saturn, Jupiter, Mercury.  humee hum brum hum. Move knees  up and down.   T.o.n. 11 min.
Hands face forward at sides.  Touch thumb to palm, close hand, open…   Har on  open.   1 min.

Kriya – Surya   mudra on knees.  T.o.n.  ang sang whaheguru.  Aquarian march. Listen.  31 min.
Grab elbows above head.  Hari (navel) ommmm. (Focus on center of brain)
When you go into the frame of your nastiness.  This uplifts your onsciousness and changes the perception of the relation.  11 min.

Kriya – jupiter, Saturn up at sides.  Eyes 9/10 closed, t.o.n.  Har sing nar sing. Listen.  Disappear.

Kriya – swing arms in big circle outwards, up and down.  Har
Genie pose. Suck Prana in through navel, exhale.  Ldb.
Inhale left, then twist right, exhale.  3x.

Kriya – non-reaction LA907


Evening meditation

Control spaciness.  Hands face upwards, elbows on ribs.  Satnamx7 waheguru.  Inhale 8, hold 16exhale 8, hold out 16.  For parasympathetic nervous system.

Kriya – make fists, hold left hand thumb inside and lft hand inside right hand at heart.  Squeeze both hands.  Sing harinam,sat am…Hari  3x per breath.  T.o.n.11 min

Perugia 2012-12-05

Detachment comes when the natural flow and your Prana are integrated.  That’s what KY does.  We come here
1. To develop the teachings together.    Refine the projective meditative mind, by moving the elements in an integrative way.
2. The intensity of the experience revolves our dysfunctionality.  We don’t need to repeat the experience.

Kriya – swimming.
Palms together right up 60 deg
Palms together left up 60 deg
Inhale, fingers interlocked, push up hard, exhale 3x

Kriya –  asking posture, hands upward, elbows at sides. Thumb on mercury.  See through the occipital.  T.o.n.  singh kaur guru ram Das

Kriya – right arm up 50 deg.  Move thumb to mound of mercury and open. Then, pump navel, then b.o.f.
Right thumb on mound of mercury, make fist.  Move in circles at side.  Left hand open, move left and right.  Fast.  Inhale, hold, move faster, 3 x.

Kriya – tongue out, dog pant.  Thumb on mercury. Toc.  11 min
Open the diaphragm.  Affects central nervous system.

Kriya – jupiters touch ground, then each other at the chin.   Eyes t.o.c.
Sat nam sat nam waheguru waheguru.
jupiters touch ground, then each other above the head. T.o.c.

Golden chain – relate with the subtle body of the teaching lineage

Kriya – Har Harray haree waheguru. Hands together at chin.

Kriya – interlace fingers at navel.  B.o.f.  For toxicity.  Can be done lying down. 22 min.

Evening – hands clasped in front.  Eyes closed t.o.n.  hold hands tightly. Ldb.  31 min.


Perugia 2012-12-06

Kriya – palms together pointing forward at navel.  Pressure on fingertips, not on palms.  Right thumb over left.  Ad such…bay such 2x/breath. T.o.n. Then 3x, 4x,5x. 31 min.

Kriya – grab left thum, left Jupiter, place other three left hand fingers over right hand fingers.  Over heart.  Eyes closed, breathe. Sing Harinam sat nam …sat nam haree.

Kriya – Har haray haree waheguru.  Palms together at chin.

Kriya – left hand gyan mudra up at side. Right arm across chest parallel to floor. Har Har Har Har haree haree.   ton.

Stabilizes arc line.  Stabilizes meditative mind.  Prevents influence by others.  Level of perception of patient.

Kriya –  jupiters interlocked at throat. Ra ma da sa .  For irritation in the brain.


Perugia 2011-12-07

There is a point in the occipital that stabilizes the inner vision.

Kriya – Gyan mudra up at sides, t.o.n.  inhale mouth, exhale nose. 3 min.
“o” mouth b.o.f.  3 min.  Tongue out b.o.f. 3 min.
Inhale, exhale very slowly 4x
Close eyes, hands down, hold silence.  3 min.
Sip in and out through mouth.

We need to see who is looking. No one.  We need to erase our identification.  We don’t want to identify what we assume to be our self.

Kriya – inhale mouth, exhale nose.  Hands crossed, right on top of left. t.o.n.
Connects perceptive system.
To connect the perceptive system in someone.  They make spider hands. Press cheeks aside nose.  22 min.   Squeeze 3x.

Kriya – hands face your face.  t.o.n.  see through eyes in back of head.  Control the breathing.  Guru ram Das.  31 min.  Squeeze heart, navel, ribs.
Do this every day.

Exercise:  move vision from 3rd eye to navel or heart.

Kriya – right Jupiter over left, right thumb over left.  Thumbs press up against nose.  Har har gobinde… Eyes closed.  3rd eye.  11 min.

Kriya – hold arms above elbows, right arm over left.  Ajai Alai.  For 3rd eye.  Relax the elbows.  t.o.c.  62 min.
Give you a sense of control of your development.

Kriya – interlace fingers at solar plexus. Interlock knuckles, Touch thumbs.
Sing ra ma da sa__Sa. Se. So. Hung.   LA018 (1982)

Continue Sadhana for another 2weeks.

Don’t try to reproduce the mental state we arrived at.  It is there, it will come.

Evening meditation –
Prayer pose. l.d.b.  eyes closed.  (gong)


Perugia 2012-12-08

The phenomenon of “position”.   We will work with the position of the system.
Evolution does not exist.  We don’t evolve into a more perfect being. We are.  Things happen to us, but we are the same.
Our essential discipline is not to be distracted.
Localize the position of objects in the system.  We cant express it.  We have to experience it.  We have to experience it as a nonlinear process.

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn up as sides.  “o” mouth.  Breathe.  Eyes closed. 11 min. Tiger claws.

Kriya – left hand heart, right over ear.  Long Ek ONG Kar.  Go out of time and space.

Ek – affirmation
ONG – infinite
Kar – release
Sat nam – the manifest one
Waheguru – beyond the beyond. 31 min.

Ek ONG Kar sat nam siri waheguru
Ek ONG Kar sat nam siri waheguru
Siri waheguru Ji Siri waheguru
Siri waheguru Ji Siri waheguru
Inhale, squeeze,pull the spine up. 3x

Kriya – right hand holds left thumb.  Left fingers overlap right hand.  Look at bridge of nose, silently reciting sa ta na ma.  Reverse nose. Ldb. 7-31 min
Breaks the limitation of the mind.

Kriya – break the identification.  Right hand at heart, palm facing left.  Left hand palm down, moving up and down, elbow at rib.  Ajai Alai.  Ton.  31 min.  Then whisper 31 min.

Kriya – gyan mudra on knees.  T.o.n. chant waheguru.  Water, air, fire.  Then silently do the same with the lips and mouth.


Perugia 2012-12-09

SNR we née ability to sustain shuniya and sustain relation.

Kriya – Jupiter Saturn intertwined up at sides. T.o.c.  Har. 11 min.  Tiger claws.

Kriya – to integrate,focus.  Palms forward up at sides. Spread fingers,close thumbs, close fingers, open fingers. Punjabi drums, chant Har on open.  18 min.

Kriya – power of self engagement.  If life makes no sense, dont try to fire it out.  It doesn’t.
Jupiter Saturn up at sides.  Aad such…bay such. 7 min. Interconnects neurosystem.

When you wake up, feel where the flow is blocked.
Engage the event, produce a phrase that resolves the resistance.  Perceive how the subtle bodies are interacting with the elements.  Propse a change in the e-m field somethingwith a phrase.
God is the only self stimulated entity.  There is no other reason for existence.

Kriya – inerrelate the hypothalamus with the nervous system.  Right palm up, left down,loose.  Arms 45 deg to floor.  Palms parallel to floor.  Eyes on nose. Inhale slowly and controlled with nose, exhale slowly through mouth. 22 min. Inhale press palms together. 3x. 6/30/97.  Kwtc03.

Kriya – palms together, right a little higher than left. Bof into mudra. Stabilizes your gains.

Kriya – fi gets interlaced, palms forward arms straight in front.  1 min breath.  3 min.  Inhale nose, exhale mouth.  3 min. Inhale, hold, pump navel as long as you can.  3 min.   up at sides, “helicopter” 2 min.

No Superstition and the Vagus Nerve – HNS Class Golden Bridge 2012-12-12

Hari Nam Singh<br /> Sat Nam Rasayan® Class<br /> Wednesday, December 12, 2012 -- 4:00 p.m.<br /> Bodh Gaya Room<br /> Golden Bridge -- Hollywood, California

Tune-in.  Ong Namo….

So what is it that’s supposed to happen today?

Student:  Lots of people are getting married today.  That was what they said on the radio.

Are they inducing labor, too?

Student: So that people don’t forget their Birthday maybe.  Lots of people are getting married today because they want their husbands to remember their wedding anniversary.

I guess that’s pretty practical.  Well, actually it makes sense.  For many years my wife and I could never remember what day our wedding anniversary was.  We had a tendency to think it was a day later for some reason.

Numerologically or astrologically you can discern certain tendencies that are produced.  It doesn’t mean that something’s going to go boom on one day or another.  We have in general tendencies to put a lot of energy into these things, thinking that one thing or another is really special.

It amounts to a lot of superstition that we hold.  Superstition is making an assumption about something because you think that something is supposed to happen.  It doesn’t mean that something isn’t going to happen.  We have the tendency not to base our perception on our experience.  Our experience is what counts, and really nothing else.  If we just assume something because everybody says this or that, that’s just really superstition.  So it’s really pretty useful for us to get beyond that tendency that we have of doing that, just be in the moment in the experience, and then see what happens with that.

We could relate with something through a numerological relation, and that has a lot of potential and perhaps even a lot of power; however, that’s just a matter of relating through our experience in that to see how we’re affected by that — not putting the cart before the horse and saying, “We expect this or that.”

That’s one thing that we’ve been working on a lot lately.  Especially in Guru Dev Singh’s Classes, the topic of superstition comes up a lot.  It’s something we can acknowledge, and don’t need to engage in so much.

So in order to mitigate that to some degree, Guru Dev Singh did give us this Meditation, which Yogi Bhajan gave us, which is useful in our time to be engaged with.  Is anybody doing this Meditation?  I thought we’d do that one.

Meditation For Faculty Of Self-Engagement:
Mudra:  Bend your elbows into the sides of the body.  Extend the forearms out in front of the body, and tilt them up at a 45-degree angle.  Have the palms flat, fingers’ pointing straight ahead.  The right palm faces the ceiling, and the left palm faces the floor.  The palms are at the level of the heart center, and the wrists are bent slightly.
Hold the position, and keep the spine straight the entire time.
Eyes:  Stare at the tip of the nose.
Breath:  Breathe long and deep in through the nose.  Breathe out long and deep through the mouth.  Mechanically breathe.
You are bringing a balance between Heaven and Earth in this posture.  Let your thoughts go.  Don’t work your brain.  It will take you through your non-reality, and go deep into Meditation.  Just breathe consciously.
Time:  22 Minutes, 45 Seconds
To End:  Inhale deeply, press your hands together in front of your chest really tightly, press hard.  Hold for 11 Seconds.  Exhale.
Inhale, really squeeze very hard, using the shoulders to add all the pressure you can.  Hold for 11 Seconds.  Exhale.
Inhale, squeeze your spine, vertebrae, muscles, hands, legs, everything, from the base to the top.  Hold for 20 Seconds.  Exhale.

Okay.  Take your partner.

Round One :  Take your partner.  Open the space.  Feel how the sounds inside you are affecting your Field.  In particular feel how the sounds are affecting your emotional sensations.  Within you feel the sensations of flow.  At the same time feel the sensations of no-flow or where there is numbness.  Feel all those sensations at the same time.  Keep researching how the sounds are affecting you.  Where you feel sensations of numbness or no-flow, feel that from within Shuniya, within Silence.  Feel how it feels from within Silence.  Give it space.  Give space to all those places inside you that feel numb with the intention to alter the perception of those points to be more like those where you perceive a flow.  Relate with your partner.  Feel how that relation is affecting the flow in you.  With your intention in the Silence, give space to those points of numbness — the intention of altering the perception to that of increased flow.  Hold the relation in the Silence.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Two :  Take your partner.  Open the space.  Feel how the sounds are affecting you.  Feel the sounds inside you, in particular how they are touching emotional sensations.  In your Field of Perception, recognize sensations of flow and sensations of no-flow.  Allow that to be the Mandala superimposed on your Field.  Relate with your partner.  Allow your partner to affect your Field, still being aware of flow and no-flow.  Give space to those points of numbness in the Silence.  Feel those points within the Silence.  Choose to relate with your partner’s Vagus Nerve.  Feel in the area of your left eye and in your face any sensation of numbness.  Allow that to be present in the Silence.  Allow the Silence to affect those sensations.  As those sensations alter, follow the resistances down the length of the Vagus Nerve.  Give space to the resistances as you encounter them, researching the length of the Vagus Nerve through the body.  Allow the sensations of flow.  Balance the sensations of numbness to being more like the sensations of flow.  Allow the sensations of numbness and flow to begin to merge.  Feel it.  Don’t push it.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Three :  Take your partner.  Open the space.  Relate with your partner, and in particular the Vagus Nerve, and first of all the area around the left eye and the resistances in that area.  Allow them.  Give them space.  Allow those resistances to mingle with the sensations of flow in your body.  As the perception of those points of numbness begins to alter, follow the resistance down the length of the Vagus Nerve, down the face and the left side of the body.  Begin to recognize how all of the sensations of flow, numbness, and everything related with the Vagus Nerve are affecting your brain.  Allow all the sensations to appear as though they’re happening in the mind.  From that vantage research those sensations along the entire length of the Vagus Nerve, and feel the sensations as a whole.  Give space to that flow that appears in the mind.  Feel how it’s affecting all your sensations.  Let the nature of that flow as a whole come into balance.  Feel it inside your brain.  Balance the sensations there, and the sensations as they are suggested to the mind.  Let all of them interact as One Field.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Four :  Open the space.  Recognize your partner in you, in particular the space of the relation with the Vagus Nerve of your partner, and the sensation of the points of flow and the points of no-flow.  Feel those points in you, from the vantage of how it’s affecting the brain.  Feel those points of numbness in the brain, and how they’re affecting the flow of the mind.  Give space to those points.  Bring the points of numbness in the flow into balance.  Give space to the points of constriction in the mind.  Let them balance with perceptions that have more flow.  Allow the Field to be One Unified Space.  Just with your intention bring it into balance.  Come to conclusion.

So we can maintain some form of reference to sensations that appear in the body; however, we can allow them to be more generalized in a way that they become more diffuse and represented in a more unified way, something that appears in the mind as well.  By maintaining that reference to the body, we can see how we’re doing.  Where we place our intention is in the Overall Field, which includes more than just those specific sensations here and there.

So does anybody have any questions?

We feel something perhaps here or here, and they seem present in the body.  If we allow those sensations and feel how they’re affecting how our brains feel, we can begin to feel how that’s affecting the brain and affecting the mind.  So it’s not just those specific physical things, rather a little bit more diffuse and generalized.  So it’s not just there.  It’s more everywhere.

You can feel where there is flow somewhere.  Feeling where there’s numbness is a contrast to that.  So it gives you some point of a polarity that you can start to balance, not that you push anything through somewhere; however, you feel the difference.  You just give space to those places that feel numb.  We do that with Shuniya.  We go to that place that’s completely Empty, and then see what happens to the flow.  Shuniya is something that’s everywhere.  It doesn’t have a location.  So we would like to start to go beyond just having everything have a location.  Maybe that’s where we can start because our body is a Mandala, which can represent something that’s happening in our Perceptive Field; however, then we can take it further than that and include all perception.  Perception can include what’s happening in the mind.  That’s more where our intentions are held.  We use our mind.  So we don’t need to try to change the perception directly in some place.  There can be a lot of resistance to that.  So what we’re doing is making it a little bit more efficient.  That’s something that you can do more quickly.

You don’t have to believe ahead of time that it’s based in something that’s held emotionally.  You can perhaps discover where in the Emotional Body or in that part of your Mandala it’s appearing in you.  It will touch someplace in your perception where it’s appearing in you.  We deal with it directly there.  We don’t have to assume ahead of time that it’s anywhere.  We don’t have to give it a location.  Just allow whatever then appears in your Field as resistance, and deal with it there.  Just relate with it there.  If it is affecting some kind of emotion, then you can deal with that.  You can relate with that in that way there, and give that space.

It’s a good thing that you’re not thinking in terms of a disease or in terms of something with a cause-and-effect or something that has a position like a sore throat.  You may want to say, “Okay.  Let’s go with the throat here, and see what we can find in our throat.”  We don’t have to do that.  You can use your intention and say, “Well, let’s relate with the throat because that seems to be a gross manifestation.”  Beyond that it’s going to take you to someplace in you where you’re feeling something. You relate with it there, wherever you’re feeling it in you.  It could be an emotional thing.  It could be a flow perhaps somewhere in the body.  You let it be whatever it is.

If we do that, then we’re minimizing our tendencies to be superstitious about it.  Superstitious would be maybe, “Well, let me try to release a blockage in the throat.”  Well, there could be a big assumption in that because often things that happen with people and conditions are much more complex than that.  So the least that we can assume about something and the least superstition we can hold about it and the least belief we can hold, then the more effective we can be.

We’re finding that we can heal things in the most unexpected ways.  Whatever presents itself is your reality.  You can rely on your perception because your perception is what you know, just as it is, unfiltered, and without having to have the commentary, “Oh, well, this is that; this is that,” and start interpreting.  Feel it where it appears in you.  If you can remain stable in Shuniya, then something will start to happen.  You’ll get a broader experience of what’s going on, and allow the complexity of everything that’s going on to start to emerge.  You may find that you’re in a place, relating in a way that’s very different from where you started.

You could ask somebody, “Well, what’s going on?  How do you feel?  Where does it hurt?”  If you ask that question, that’s fine.  The answer is:  What happened in you when you asked the question and there was some response?  That’s the answer:  What happened in you?  Where did you feel that?  Where did you feel the reaction?  Where did you feel the sensation that appeared?  It will always relate with your question; however, you don’t have to interpret the Tiny Pet’s answer because that is irrelevant.  Do you understand what I’m saying?

When you apply an intensity to something like asking the Tiny Pet, “Where does it hurt?” that puts a little intensity somewhere.  There’s going to be a reaction, and it’s going to manifest in some way; however, you are relating with that Tiny Pet; and you’ll feel in you where that’s happening.  That’s where you start.  Forget what the words are of that they say, or not.  You could include that if you want; however, that’s not the point.  That’s not the answer.

Okay.  Maybe we had better finish.

Sat Nam.  Sat Nam.  Sat Nam.  (silent prayer….)

Meditation: Breath to Conquer Time Space and Destiny

Breath to Conquer Time, Space and Destiny

“Practice this kriya with and empty stomach. This is a special meditation through which a juman has the power to halt time and space an destiny. Do you understand to what vastness you can reach if you want? One who loves God can twist around even God. That is why we say love is God. The organization of God is timeless, but one who loves God has the power to bring this timelessness into time and space.

“This kriya neutralizes the energy and gives a wider horizon to anyone of limited nature. It is very simple, highly psychological, vey healing and most powerful. It neutralizes the energy and gives a wider horizon to an individual. Left side of the body (Ida) represents time, right side of the body (Pingala) represents space, and the central self (Shushmana) is infinity.

“It is not very complicated, but it does a very computerized , complicated job for any human mind and body. Previously, it was only taught to those who were gifted in the spiritual world. Old Christian mystics used to do it to gain Crist consciousness.

How to do Reverse Prayer Pose Mudra

Roll your shoulders inward toward your chest, stretching your shoulder blades apart. Bring your hands into traditional Prayer Pose and then roll you r wrists so that your palms face your chest. Continue rolling your wrists until the backs of your hands are touching from the wrists to the tips of the fingers (be sure that backs of your Jupiter (index) fingers are touching each other with the same amount of pressure as the backs of the other fingers are touching each other).

This puts a great deal of pressure on meridian points in the shoulders. Maintain the stretch in the shoulder area so that you do not put too much pressure on the wrists. The angle of the forearm is sixty degrees from elbow to wrist.

This mudra puts pressure on the area that controls the secretion of the pancreas. It blocks the sugar flow in the blood stream and gives powerful alertness to the mind. When our mind is alert, it can defend our spirit and we can live spiritually amid the challenges of life.



1. Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine, chin in, and chest lifted. Balance your weight on your sit bones. Your eyes are nine-tenths closed. Bring your hands into Reverse Prayer Pose in the center of your chest. Hold the posture for 2 1⁄2 minutes to let your aura adjust. Then inhale in four slow. Powerful strokes through the nose and exhale all the breath our with a continuous whistle. 8 1⁄2 minutes (11 minutes total time)

2. Inhale, exhale, and stretch your arms straight up, spreading the fingers wide apart. Stretch all the way up. 30 seconds.



3. Come back into Reverse Prayer Pose and calmly begin long deep breathing. Inhale, mentally chanting “Wha-hay”. Exhale mentally chanting “Guroo”.
9 1⁄2 minutes

4. Stay in position and continue long, deep breathing. Slow the breath down to 30 seconds for the inhalation and 30 seconds for the exhalation (one breath a minute, or as slowly as you comfortably can, up to on breath a minute). Mentally vibrate Wha-hay Guroo with your heartbeat (75-80 times per minute). 13 1⁄2 minutes.

5. Inhale, stretch the hands upward briefly, exhale, and relax.

“This exercise can be given in cases where there is a breakdown in a drug hallucination and the patient doesn’t want to control himself any way other than be controlling his own system, This can save a lot of suffering.”

Breath To Conquer Time Space And Destiny PDF

HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-11-21 – Healing in the Aspect of Remembering

Tune-in.  Ong Namo….

Let’s do this Meditation For Deep Intuition (SSSji Lecture M074 — 920423)

Part 1. Hold hands out forwards; elbows bent and in at the sides,  Fingers are straight.  Right hand, palm faces slightly up (60 deg from horizontal); left palm down but slightly up (30 deg from horizontal).
Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose.  Hold this posture.
Breathe very slowly.  Inhale as long as you can, hold as long as you can, exhale as long as you can.

Time:  11 min.
To Finish:  Inhale, hold, squeeze.  Synchronize the body.  Stiff as steel.  Feel Shuniya.  Exhale.  Relax. — 3x

Part 2. Arms out straight at sides, 60 deg, stiff, fingers spread.
Move arms in big circles, backwards.  Keep arms and fingers stiff.
Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose.
Time:  2.5 min.

Part 3. Continue moving the arms in big circles, backwards.
Stick the tongue as far out as it will go.  Put pressure on the throat by holding out the tongue.
Breathe through the mouth.
Do it hard and fast.

Time:  5 min.

Part 4.  Arms up straight, palms together.
Powerful Breath of Fire.

Time:  3.5 min.
To Finish:  Inhale, hold, stretch tight, exhale — 3x

Part 5.  Arms straight, flat out in front, palms up.
Close the eyes.
Breathe long and deep.
Listen to or sing Bountiful, Blissful & Beautiful.

Time:  3 min.
Inhale, hold the breath, exhale, relax.

That Meditation changes the chemistry of the brain.  It separates the functions of the pituitary and the pineal glands, which has an effect of giving you deep intuition.

Okay.  Let’s put our intuition to work.  Let’s do something that we haven’t done for quite a long time.  Let’s try to heal something from the past.  The past is a relative thing.  Sometimes something that happened that seemed that it was in the past is still with us; right?  Especially a traumatic event or something you just don’t get over:  It feels present.  Well, let’s work on healing something like that in the past.

We’re going to place our awareness in a particular aspect.  We’re going to access our memory.  As the healer we’re not going to remember anything; however, we’re going to access our memory as though we are remembering something.  We all do it.  When you try to remember something, you go to where your memory is.  We’re going to go to where our memory is.  We’re going to open the space, and we’re going to sit in that place where we remember.  We don’t usually do it without a purpose, object, or focus; however, we’re not going to have any object or focus here, except to heal.

You’ll relate with your partner to heal.  We’re going to heal through that aspect of our awareness.  We’d like to heal something in our partner’s past.

Okay.  Let’s try it.

Round One :  Open the space.  Feel the sounds as they manifest inside you.  Merge with that experience of the sounds inside you.  Be aware of what is being produced by your mind.  Just observe it.  Watch the flow.  Now go to that place in your mind where you can remember, as though you’re trying to remember something.  Don’t try to remember anything in particular.  Just go to where your memory is.  Relate with your partner from that place of memory where you remember, with the intention of healing something that is recalled by your partner in your partner’s memory.  Find some place in the memory that’s a point of irritation.  Give space to those memories, and release their attachment.  Come to conclusion.

What seems to be the nature of the attachment to a memory that keeps it present?  In general it’s emotional.

Okay.  Switch.

Round Two :  Open the space.  Feel the sounds as they’re expressed inside you.  Be aware of how the sounds are stimulating the thoughts.  Observe the thoughts as they flow.  Continue to feel the sounds as they’re expressed inside you.  Observe the flow in the mind.  Go to that place in your mind where you remember just in general.  Don’t try to remember anything in particular, just where you go when you remember something.  Only go to that place where you remember.  Still feel the sounds inside you, and how they affect your experience of that place where you remember.  From this place relate with your partner in this space of remembering with the intention of healing something that’s present in your partner’s memory.  Feel how it’s affecting you.  Give space to that.  Don’t resist the thoughts.  Give space to them.  As the resistances resolve, go further and deeper back into your partner’s memory.  Go to the First Chakra.  Memories are stored there.  Relate with that.  Go to the darkest place in the space, and dwell there.  Heal the memories that come from the First Chakra.  Release the resistance.  Come to conclusion.

That was an interesting journey.  That could be very effective to go to the deepest root of some things that just are bugging somebody that become compulsions, maybe some things that happened a long time ago — maybe an event or maybe not, some experience, something that affected the person’s patterns of thought, behavior, perception.

You can go through all these layers, very emotional at first.  You go through all the emotions.  Then the emotions start to settle down.  Then you can go to the really tough stuff.

Most of the emotional baggage is fear-based in people, motivating them to do things in ways that are just expressions of their fear.

Anything else?

Darkness is a perception.  Since we were already Dreaming, I thought we would go through that Gate that goes into the Earth.

That felt pretty good for the Tiny Pets.  Yeah, it was pleasant.  The space was really nice, free, easy, and open.  There wasn’t a lot of conflict in in it.  That’s a nice approach.

Okay then.  We’ll finish.

Sat Nam.  Sat Nam.  Sat Nam.  (silent prayer….)

A pretty major component of the subconscious is old pattens of memory of the Soul.
These are Warrior Days, too.  There’s still a lot of violence perpetrated on people in very grotesque ways.  It’s not always in a dungeon with physical instruments of torture; however, there are a lot of pressures that are put on people in a way that is like torture:  psychological pressures, pressures of feeling helpless in fulfilling their Destiny.  They can’t accomplish what they know they have to do.  Just a regular person who has a family may have a lot of trouble providing for that family.  That’s torture.  Watching people hungry and exposed to the elements is violence. That’s violence.

We should try to heal anything that we can relate with, have an experience, and contain that.  In some way we’ll have an experience of it.  If we can contain that without imagining what we think that is, then it will have a big effect and an impact:  maybe make the person stronger in the way that person needs to be stronger, or however it will work.  We don’t have to understand the mechanics of how it will work necessarily.  We may be given the knowledge of that at some point in doing that; however, we don’t start with that.  Just contemplate it.

Very often when you deal with things that are really different, or dealing with people’s attitudes, or dealing with really ingrained patterns of behavior, it could feel very uncomfortable and feel wrong — that that’s not what this is that you’re experiencing; however, it is what you’re experiencing, without going to the imagination of what you think it is.  Sometimes it gets very uncomfortable relating with conditions in healing.  We just need to contain it though, no matter how uncomfortable it is, or even if we doubt it and think that it’s not right, that this couldn’t be it; however, it is it.  Whatever the experience you’re having is it.  Maybe it’s producing a lot of thoughts or a lot of doubts, or you want to reject it.  That is what it is.  We just allow that experience, however it manifests.  Because we picked something that seems a little unusual and you wouldn’t really know how that could be fixed, it’s still okay.  Go there.  Relate with it.  Contain it.

I’ve contemplated a lot on the positions that people take who are very firm, strident, unyielding, intractable, and they say, “I’m never going to change.”  The things that brings up are those kinds of feelings:  “This is impossible.  How will this ever be different?  How can this change?”  As long as we ourselves don’t hold a position about it, a belief that it must be this or it must be that, then we’ll be okay.  We’ll be able to heal something.  We’ll be able to have an impact on it — just not taking a position and not holding any particular belief about it:  “This is because of that.  What these guys are doing is wrong.”  That really isn’t a useful part of our healing process.

You can relate and see what happens.  Maybe there will be some effect; however, we don’t need to expect any particular outcome, such as, “Oh, he’s finally going to change in a perceptible way, or in a way that we expect him to change.”  That may not happen.  I don’t think we should expect that.  It doesn’t matter.  If you’re healing, you’re just healing.

You have to see how you can be effective in any situation.  If you find an opportunity where confronting him with it will shed light on it in some way that matters, then maybe that’s a good thing to do.  Just confronting him and saying, “You’re bad” probably won’t work.  There could be risks.

We don’t need to know the particular mechanics of how things resolve or what trajectory it’s going to take because it’s really complicated; so we contemplate.  That’s the answer to everything.  Just contemplate.  Give it space.  Try not to get too upset.  Don’t react.  Just be watchful for where there’s some opening.  There has to be an opening for something to happen.  That’s where you apply intensity.

Applying intensity, saying, “I saw you do that.  You’re really bad,” you’re pushing directly against and opposite to the way this person is already pushing; and so that doesn’t have a big effect.  The person pushes harder.  “No.  I’m not bad.  You’re bad.”  Then maybe they set you up to look really bad if they have a lot of power.  If there’s an opening somewhere that goes in-between or perpendicular to what they’re doing and the direction they’re pushing, then maybe you can have some effect on something.

It’s how the U.S. Government put Al Capone in jail.  They were trying to get him for all those people he had killed and all of the mayhem that he caused in his life.  They could never do it because he was so protected and so insulated from the people who were doing all these things for him.  They went sideways.  They said, “Oh, yeah.  Look at this, man, your books, your accounting.”   It’s just as good.  They got him on his accounting.  It was just as valid at the time for whatever happened there to put this guy in jail for accounting fraud, manipulation, and bad reporting.  That was how they got him to go to jail.  They could never get him for the really bad stuff.  That was an opening.

Sometimes that’s what being really clever is: just waiting, watching, and finding when there’s an opening to do something and be effective in something.  They’ll change, or something will make them change, or there will be pressure on them that you’re not putting on them directly because they’ll just resist that.

When you’re healing and you find resistance, you don’t push the resistance.  You expand that experience.  We make it Silent.  There’s no pushing.  Then something can happen.  That’s when you’re effective as a healer.

Okay then.  We’re finished.

HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-11-14 – Stillness and Peace

Tune-in.  Ong Namo….

Let’s do this Meditation:

The right hand wraps around and holds the left thumb.  The hands rest in the lap.     Close the eyes.  Focus your eyes downward to the tip of the chin.     Silently recite to yourself, “Wa… he… Gu… ru….”  Contemplate the space between each syllable:  “Wa… he… Gu… ru….”
Time:  11 minutes
To Finish:  Inhale deeply, and relax.

Okay.  Take your partner.

Round 1:  Open the space.  Feel the sounds as they resonate inside you.  Feel how the sounds are interacting with all of your perceptions.  Find the Silence in your space, and expand your experience into the Silence.  In your experience of the sounds find the emotional component.  See what stimulates emotion.  Use that emotional component of your experience to bring your awareness to your Third Chakra.  Allow that emotional sensation to remind you to hold your awareness there in the Third Chakra.  Go beyond the forms of your mind.  Experience the Silence, beginning in the Third Chakra, and then let it expand.  Research that relationship between the sounds and the emotions, and experience it in the Third Chakra.  Let it expand.  Now choose to relate with your partner.  Relate with the Third Chakra of your partner with the intention of moving the awareness of your partner to the Third Chakra.  Relate with the Third Chakra of your partner with the intention of clarifying the mind.  Keep sitting in your Third Chakra.  Observe the relationship between the sounds and the emotions.  Relate with your partner in a way to clarify the mind with the awareness in the Third Chakra.  Use the Silence to expand the experience.  Keep going beyond the forms of the mind, and just allow it to clarify.  Bring the entire space of the relation with the Third Chakra of your partner to neutral, observing the effect on the mind.  Come to conclusion.


Round Two :  Open the space.  Allow the sounds to begin to affect your entire Field of Perception, and to penetrate inside you.  Feel the sounds inside you.  Feel how the sounds are affecting the emotional component of your Field.  Set the intention to move your awareness to your Third Chakra.  Perceive the sounds, emotions, and everything in your Third Chakra.  Choose to relate with your partner and your partner’s Third Chakra.  You need to move your partner’s experience to the Third Chakra.  Research how your relation in the space of your partner’s Third Chakra is affecting the mind and how it’s working.  Find how you can relate with the space in the Third Chakra, in that Field, to clarify the mind.  Expand the space in the Third Chakra.  Use the Silence.  Bring the space to neutral.  Expand the space in the Third Chakra.  Expand the space in the mind.  If you think it’s too abstract, you can continue to be aware of the sounds and their effect on the emotions.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

We’re not done.

Round Three :  Open the space.  Be aware of the sounds in the space.  Feel the sounds inside you.  Move your awareness to the Throat Chakra.  Feel the sounds inside your Throat Chakra.  Feel how the sounds affect the part of your Field that’s the emotions.  Relate with your partner.  Relate with your partner’s Throat Chakra.  In the space of the relation with your partner’s Throat Chakra, modify that relation in a way that will adjust your partner’s spine.  Adjust the neck.  Adjust the cranium.  Release the pressure in the vagus nerve.  Release the pressure, beginning in the face.  Release all the places where there’s pressure.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Four:   Open the space.  Open your Field.  Relate with the sounds inside you.  Relate with the sounds’ connecting with emotions.  Observe your Perceptive Field in the Throat Chakra.  Keep the connection with the sounds.  Relate with your partner’s Throat Chakra.  Relate with the Throat Chakra in a way that will adjust your partner’s spine, neck, and cranium.  Release any pressure and swelling in the vagus nerve, and any irritation in the face, or wherever there’s any pressure.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Five :  Healers, as you approach your partners, put yourselves into a position where you’ll be able to touch your partners’ heads with your right hands.  Open the space.  Relate with the Field of the Sound inside you.  Put your hands into the Mahan Gyan Mudra.  (The elbows are bent and into the sides.  The left palm faces up to the ceiling, and the right palm faces down to the floor.  On both hands the Jupiter fingers are straight, and the thumbs hold down the other fingers.  The top section of the right Jupiter Finger sits on the top section of the left Jupiter Finger.  The two Jupiter Fingers form a 90-degree angle.)  Place your awareness in your Crown Chakra.  Relate with your partner’s Crown Chakra.  Don’t do anything.  Just contemplate the relation.  Feel the resistances.  Feel everything that is movement away from Stillness.  Go more deeply into Stillness.  Continue to contemplate and feel the resistance, allowing the Stillness to amplify the perception.  Bring your mind into Absolute Stillness.  Don’t move from that Stillness; however, do move your right Jupiter Finger, and touch the top of your partner’s head.  Release all resistance.  Okay.  Switch.

Round Six:   Open the space.  Feel the sounds inside you.  Move your awareness to your Crown Chakra.  Relate with your partner.  Place your hands into the Maha Gyan Mudra.  Relate with your partner’s Crown Chakra.  Bring your mind to Stillness.  Feel the resistances.  Let the Stillness amplify the resistance.  Don’t change anything.  Stay in that Stillness.  Don’t move from it; however, move your right Jupiter Finger, and touch the top of your partner’s head, releasing the resistance.  Okay.

Sat Nam.  Sat Nam.  Sat Nam.  (silent prayer….)

“Lincoln” the Movie (and a healing workshop)

“Lincoln”, the movie produced by Steven Spielberg, is a story for our time.  It portrays how a relatively small group of people, known as the House of Representatives, who held the public trust during Lincoln’s administration, were consigned the task of deliberating a very large question.  The situation that they contemplated manifested as the largest storm that has ever enveloped the land and the consciousness of the people of the United States, the War Between the States.   They deliberated whether to abolish slavery.  Lincoln’s vision of governance was simple.  He stated in perhaps his most famous speech that his prayer and firm intention was  “…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”.  Under Lincoln’s leadership they resolved that the Constitution was to be amended to abolish slavery for all time, the Thirteenth Amendment.   That legislation has had profound and far reaching social, political and economic consequences to this day.

It’s not too big of a stretch to compare this scenario with what we are facing today in the United States.  We have witnessed one of the largest political storms in memory that was the election held last week.  The hurricane Sandy physically devastated a region of the country.  Record numbers of people are living in poverty, in the richest country on the planet.  The list of such factors contributing to our situation is long.  Exacerbating the problem is that there has been a growing pressure on the nation’s psyche to continue to produce these conditions using instruments of fear, intimidation, and subjugation.  And the collective psyche has permitted and accommodated this pressure.  Why?

It’s easy to point to two obvious motivators, greed and fear.  Greed is a dominant quality of oppressors and fear tends to keep the oppressed where they are.  Underlying these, however, is ignorance.  It isn’t just that there is no sense of fairness or justice.  These are principles that an enlightened people will employ in their governance, but they are still relative.  The declaration “…that all men are created equal” is really preceded by “we are all the same”.

The lack of that realization was a root cause of the Civil War.  The assumption that there is some fundamental defining difference between individuals produced contempt.  It produced a perception of superior and inferior.  It produced slavery.  It produced economies that were based on slavery.  When those closely held perceptions and economies were challenged, it produced hatred.  The challenge also produced some form of that realization in those people who were consigned the task of deciding the slavery issue.  There were intense forces that resisted any change in the status quo.  The political battle that ensued reflected the war that was being waged on the battlefield.  As in the war, courage prevailed and the law became an embodiment of that realization.  Still, after 150 years, some hatred has persisted.

We have come to the point where that battle is being litigated again.  The same contempt born of the same assumption of difference has produced the same perceptions of superior and inferior.  This time, instead of just race, it is based also on the status resulting from one’s relative accumulation of material wealth.  A new economic subjugation has been evolving where wage earners do not make a living wage, even if they are fully employed.  The social “safety net” is under attack, leaving a majority of people more vulnerable to financial ruin, and some, even death in the face of catastrophic events.  Shared participation has given way to purchased representation.  A new civil war has broken out that is being waged in the channels of communication.  It is a war whose major weapon is chaos.  The very language used to describe this war has been a casualty.  The so-called makers are becoming the new takers.

Fortunately, the structure that saved the nation from the first Civil War still exists in some fashion.  We have the same governing body whose members will be consigned the task to deliberate pretty much the same question.  And, again, we have a President who understands the big question, even if he personally does not have the definitive answer.  In his own words, President Obama has distilled the words of Lincoln to their essence: “We are all in this together”.

What can we do about any of this?  This Saturday, we will research how to heal this situation at the Healing Workshop at the Healing Heart Center.  To heal something of this magnitude, or anything, for that matter, it is important not to take a position.   Politics is sometimes useful as a social tool to describe a situation or to litigate it as a participant in the process.  We have already voted, so our political role has been fulfilled.  What can we do as healers?

Meditation: KWTC 19970630 – For Faculty of Self Engagement

Yogi Bhajan – June 30, 1997

Mudra: Bend your elbows into the sides of the body. Extend the forearms out in front of the body, and tilt them up at a 45 degree angle. Have the palms flat, fingers pointing straight ahead, with the right palm facing the ceiling and the left palm facing the floor. The palms will be at the level of the heart center, and are bent slightly at the wrists. Hold the position, and keep the spine straight the entire time.

Eyes: Stare at the tip of the nose.

Breath: Breathe long and deep in through the nose; breathe out long and deep, through the mouth. Mechanically breathe.

Time: 22 minutes, 45 seconds.

End: Inhale deeply, and put your hands together in front of your chest, press hard. (Held 11 seconds.) Inhale a second time, press very hard, using the shoulders to add extra pressure – “all the pressure you can.” (Held 11 seconds.) Inhale a third time, and this time squeeze your spine, vertebrae & muscles, from the base to the top. (Held 20 seconds.) Relax.

Comments/Effects: We are going to give you trance interconnected mental meditation, and we would like to connect your hypothalamus with your neurological system and your salivary system, which is responsible for your circulatory life. It is so effective that if your inside circulatory system is very good, then social circulatory system will be very good and then your interacted circular which you act with everybody, that shall have no pressure. You will be very relaxed. You are bringing a balance between heaven and earth in this posture. You’ll feel the effect afterwards. Let your thoughts go; don’t work your brain. It’s not a time to work your brain. Try to deeply meditate. You can enter in your inner circle of the psyche. It will calm down your irritated nerves and your non-reality.

Now, before I start I’d like to tell you something. You are not born to suffer, but you do suffer. You are not born to be poor, but you are, some of you, are poor. You are not born to be unhappy. Many of you are unhappy.

You are not to be and you are. This is what we are discussing today. We’ll go step by step in a very complete, rational approach so there should be no misunderstanding why we are the way we are and why we are not the way we should be.
You have a personality. Some have great features, some are very pretty, some are very intelligent, some are very energetic, some are very sexual, sensual, some are very calm, quiet. Everybody has their different attitude, different values, different desires, different ambition and different circumstances. Your geography is different, the way you took the life in longitude, latitude, that is different. But after all, what is the answer to life? If you do not develop your faculties, you will never have facilities.
What we do? We develop ourself professionally, that’s all we do it. We never develop ourself personally. We also do not develop ourself impersonally. We have absolutely no power over us. Where there is a emotional thing we get involved. We get involved, we do not know what we are getting involved into and we have nothing but trouble.

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When you develop your personality you must also develop your faculty (to) be impersonal. When you develop your identity you must also be in a position to read, see, find fairly to merge in other identity. When you have all the facilities of life you need, you must have all the facets of life you need.
I was talking to a professor in the university today.

I said, “Professor, now these are holidays. Why don’t you come here?”
He said, “My facility of my holidays, I’m going to totally sleep.” I just laughed. I said, “That’s why from last twenty years you are junior professor. You have never become a full professor. You sleep too much.”
He said, ”Why not? I get enough salary. It doesn’t make any difference. I am not in any trouble. What do I lose?”
Everything you think in your life is loss and gain. Everything. There is nothing loss and gain. Somebody’s loss is somebody’s gain. Somebody gain is somebody loss. Somebody take away your husband; you take away somebody’s husband. You find somebody. Somebody find you.
Why all this is happening? Because you do not have develop your faculty. As a woman you are not a woman. You are a statue of a woman. That’s all right. Your emotions are not under control, your projection is not under control. Your own confidence is not under your control. Your self-esteem is not under your control. Nothing.
What kind of woman you are? Even you see the boundary, house has a boundary and it has walls. It has… structurally everything has something there to identify it.
You have actually identity crisis. You can’t identify yourself who you are. So when you cannot identify yourself, you hustle. “I am a woman.” Then what, we should make pickle out of you? You’re a woman. Be a woman.
Because you are not a woman to the standard, you are a woman to your own thoughts of a woman. World has a standard. World will never respect you, love you or respect you or be with you until you are not a woman of standard.
You must in your mind understand that you are the upkeeper of your own grace, own character, own commitment, own standard. You have your own facility, own faculties, and own facets. If you cannot be you, then you are going to be exploited and you will be losers.
What happens? When we are young, our blood is hot, we smell men. We smell men and we want to eat them. And if somebody doesn’t get lot of men around, then they put themselves on sale: fifty percent off, twenty-five percent off, seventy-five percent off, free.
You forget one thing as a girl. It is the girl who becomes the mother. It is the girl who becomes the woman. It is the woman who becomes the mother. It is the mother who becomes the family. You are the base of reincarnation. And no purity will suit you. No impurity. Men are impure to start with. I mean somebody they say because I’m a man therefore I put men out of the trouble. No, I’m not putting men out of trouble. Men are half-brain. They don’t have a left brain.
Talk to any man. If he’s reading a newspaper, he will not break your teeth, ask me. Ask him to watching a football team, tell him, “I want to tell you something,” he’s drinking a cup of tea, he’ll throw it at your face. They don’t have that faculty. They are not you. And your fundamental identity is not that, “Oh, I love you, I know I love you.” What it matters if I love you? Doesn’t matter. I hate you; doesn’t matter. I sleep with you; doesn’t matter. I have sex with you; doesn’t matter. I am your companion, all that. Nothing matters.
Whatever you say, nothing matters. Don’t have any idea that whatever you are saying, that matters. What matters is, that you are you. That matters. When you walk tall, the world will walk with you. When you will give a call, everybody will come to you. But when you are a split personality, who’s loving who? Which part of you?
I am yet to see a one person who doesn’t want to be great. If you want to be great, the only answer is be great, act great, move great. If you can act state great, you will never be turned by the fate.
For a woman there are certain things. She’s sixteen time more intelligent than man, and she is two hundred time more sensitive than a man. If there is a something very supersensitive, that is a woman. And by cutting your hair this way or that way and wearing shorts and showing your things and all that, tight all what you can. All you are (is) inviting trouble. Graceful woman will never be daringly touched by any low grade man.
And many time I have counseled when, “Husband is this, my husband is that.” Husband have no problem. Show him you are you. Humee hum brahm hum. Third day the man will be straight.
Men cannot exploit you by right. He will exploit your emotions. Men are very clever. Take it granted. First they create feelings. “Oh honey, I miss you. You know I was sitting there, cup of tea.” He was having a cup of tea with somebody else, you know what I mean? He’s not telling that. He say, “I was having cup of tea, and I was really thinking of you, I was just, I miss you. And when I was drinking tea, it was as sweet to me, and I was thinking of you, you are so sweet.” And he may having girlfriend and having tea with her. That’s how liars these men are. Including me. (Laughter) Men are men whether they are upside down, downside up.
If you do not know the English spelling of a woman, that means contain the man: Wo-man. “She” contains the “he” and “female” contains the “male”. Your process is to contain the man, and if you contain the man you have a granted (guaranteed) happy life. If you can’t contain, consult me.
And learn from the heavens. There is a moon, it reflects the sun. And it wanes and waxes to adjust to it. You should also have a man, you should reflect him. If there is nothing to reflect, then be a full moon and reflect your total self.
No woman can live in peace if she is not respected. Because the faculty of mother cannot be worshipped until woman is respected. You have not to gain money, health, beauty, and all sexual, sensual effects; you have to gain a social system of respect.

In psychology, social life is admissible. Counseling is admissible. But it is not to tell somebody what is wrong and what is right. That is a matter of dispute. But to tell how person can regain one’s own social identity. And that’s how you should look at it.
Your education is your education. Your environments are your environments. Your relationship is your relationship. Social psychological system of your life must stand ahead of you. Ninety-nine percent woman who are battered woman and get a beating are those who are not head of them. All they believe is they get angry, they provoke, they provoke, and the guy already needs that time. One two three, ta ta ta, it doesn’t make sense. Take it granted, now repeat it.

YB: Take it granted.
SS: Take it granted.
YB: Man is a man.
SS: Man is a man.
YB: Neither he menstruates. SS: Neither he menstruates. YB: Nor he has boobs.

SS: Nor he has boobs.
YB: And he’s not going to ever deliver a child.
SS: And he’s not going to ever deliver a child.
YB: So he’s a very different half-headed species.
SS: So he’s a very different half-headed species.
YB: Therefore the half-headed species,
SS: Therefore the half-headed species,
YB: Creating a conflict,
SS: Creating a conflict,
YB: Is just getting the beating.
SS: Is just getting the beating.
YB: So if you want to be beaten, go ahead.
SS: If you want to be beaten, go ahead.
YB: True, true.
S: True.
YB: Why you want everybody to appreciate you? May I know the reason? First appreciate yourself, then people will appreciate you. What you cannot do for yourself why somebody should do for you. If glass is not full of water how can it quench the thirst?
You have to understand ideally one thing. As a woman you are a person who can create another woman who can create a man. Man has no credibility to create another human. So you understand how humungous and most powerful credit you have?
One lady once asked me, “When I speak there is a fight in the house.”
I said, “Go on silence. Why to speak?” Any fight, any insult, any rudeness is against you. Your system is sixteen time more sensitive than a male, and affects you very deeply.


PDF: Meditation For Faculty Of Self Engagement


HNS Class Golden Bridge – 2012-11-07 – The Flow of the Earth

Hari Nam Singh
Sat Nam Rasayan® Class
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 — 4:00 p.m.
Bodh Gaya Room
Golden Bridge — Hollywood, California

Tune-in.  Ong Namo….

Let’s do the Rain-Catcher Meditation for Intuition:
The right arm is straight in front of the body, parallel with the floor.  The right palm faces up to the ceiling.  The right hand is cupped.
The left elbow is bent.  The left hand is in front of the shoulder.  The left palm faces front.  The left thumb holds down the left Sun/Venus (ring) finger.
Close the eyes.  Look down at the inside of the tip of the chin.
Recite silently to yourself, repeating, “Wahe Guru….”
Put the tip of the tongue in the notch up in the hard palate.
Time:  11 minutes
To Finish:  Inhale.  Make claws like a tiger.  Twist to the left.  Exhale center.  Inhale and twist to the right.  Exhale center.  Relax.

Well, let’s get started.

Round One :  We’re going to pick it up where we were last time.  Open the space.  Move your awareness to your Root Chakra.  Relate with your partner’s Root Chakra.  In the space of your partner’s Root Chakra, sense the Flow of the Earth.  Relate with your partner’s brain in a passive way.  With your intention modify the Flow in the First Chakra in order to balance the brain.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Two :  Open the space.  Choose to center your perception in your Root Chakra so that all your perceptions will appear in your Root Chakra.  Relate with your partner’s Root Chakra.  In the space of your partner’s Root Chakra, relate with the Flow of the Earth.  In a passive way relate with your partner’s brain.  In the space of your relation with the Root Chakra and the Flow of the Earth, modify the Flow in a way that will balance the brain.  Come to conclusion.

When we work with the Root Chakra, we’re dealing with very basic things like compulsions and things that produce in us patterns of behavior, ways that we relate with things, with the world, and with each other in a very basic level.  It manifests in some way in the brain in the way that we think about how we relate with people and things.  In this case it’s those basic things like compulsions, which form patterns of behavior in ways that we operate.  The brain is how we operate.

It’s influenced by what’s going on and whatever balance or imbalances in the Chakra.  How well-balanced the Flow of the Earth is in the Chakra will determine to some degree those patterns of thoughts and patterns of behavior that come from there.  So if we work with that and be aware of how it’s affecting the brain, then we can be aware of how we can address some dysfunctionality and the way that it manifests.  That tends to be a very persistent change.  If you change something in the brain and rewire it in some way, then the person will probably retain that.  That connection between whatever compulsion and the pattern of the operation of the brain will tend to change.  That’s a pattern of behavior.  It’s a program.

We perceive it as high and low.  Well, how the Flow of the Earth is is just what you feel.  It’s not anything other than just your experience of it.  Your experience of it is the Flow of the Earth.  Your perception defines that.

Your perception of what is happening in the brain and how it feels and how balanced or imbalanced it feels is a reflection of that connection between that First Chakra and how you’re operating.

Everybody could stand to be rewired.

Also when we’re working with the First Chakra, it has an Impact on your flexibility and how you roll with things that happen and what you perceive to be your situation.  You can release very basic insecurities, fear, and that feeling of resisting the flow of events and what’s happening.

Okay.  Let’s do it again.  Switch.

Round Three :  Open the space.  This time center your awareness in your Heart Chakra.  Perceive everything as though it’s happening in your Heart Chakra.  Relate with your partner and your partner’s Heart Chakra.  Relate with the brain in a passive way.  Find how you can relate with the Flow of the Earth in the Heart Chakra to balance the brain.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Four :  Open the space.  Move your awareness to your Heart Chakra.  Allow all your perceptions to originate in your Heart.  Relate with your partner, your partner’s Heart Chakra, and the Flow of the Earth in the Heart Chakra.  Relate with the brain.  Just observe.  With your intention modify the perception of the Flow of the Earth in the Heart Chakra in order to balance the brain.  Come to conclusion.

Okay.  Let’s finish.

Sat Nam.  Sat Nam.  Sat Nam.  (silent prayer….)

HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-08-22 – Using Contemplation to Diagnose

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Let’s do our favorite Meditation.

Innocent Thumbs Meditation: Be very still. Go into Silence. — 11 minutes.

So do we all know what we’re doing here?

Student: Maybe.

We’re going to work on the “maybe.”

Healing Exercises
Round One: Open the space. Set the intention to come into relation with your partner. Move your awareness so that your awareness is centered in your Navel. Now include Fire in the relation with your partner. Now contemplate your intention to come into relation with your partner and to heal your partner. Continue to allow everything to change. When a new intention forms, contemplate the new intention, and continue to allow everything to change. Now in the way that you’re currently relating with your partner, heal your partner. Come to conclusion.

Rather than say, “I know what’s wrong with you, and I’m going to fix that,” contemplate the intention to heal; and then how you’re relating changes. Always take the current intention as the motivation of the healing. That way we don’t react from our own tendencies, and we’re not allowing our own conditions to be the basis of the intention.

You always go with your own experience. If you’re experiencing pain or a contraction, contemplating that will lead you to a place where healing needs to happen. Through contemplation the way that you relate becomes deeper and more complex.

The sensation you experience produces thoughts. There’s always some tendency in the space. Contemplating that tendency produces more tendencies, which brings you closer to a more absolute Field of Perception.

If you are sick with the flu, contemplate that tendency in relation with your partner as your condition belongs to the relation; and then your experience of your condition will change. It will turn into something different.

If you are teaching a class and you’re sick, contemplate that along with your intention in teaching the class; and then your experience of your condition will change. Your perception goes way beyond the identification with the condition. When you’re merging with what you’re relating with, your perception changes. You’ve then gone to a place that includes your condition and more.

You may have a strong chronic tendency of a backache. That’s okay. Contemplate that experience in relation with what you’re relating with. Then you’ll have a new perception of new tendencies.

The healing is not just based on relieving your own anxiety. Contemplate your intention to heal along with the presence of your anxiety. Your own internal tendencies and resistances become part of the whole experience.

It’s easy to react.

There were certain people I used to heal who always gave me a headache every time I healed them. I knew that I would always get a headache when I healed those people.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

(Robert left class to go to an appointment.)

Round Three: Repeat of Rounds One and Two….

Round Four: Repeat of Rounds One, Two, and Three….

So did anybody have a sensation that clarified of what you were ultimately healing at the end of the session?

Using this method can make your healing more efficient. You’ll resolve something at some point very efficiently and quickly.

The First Rule of Healing: We don’t hold a position.

We’ll finish now.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-06-27 – Electromagnetic Field – Secondary Chakras

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Innocent Thumbs Meditation:
Just contemplate the mind. Watch everything that’s happening in your Perceptive Field. Allow everything. Don’t reject any part of your experience.
Time: 11 minutes

The ElectroMagnetic Field exists in our consciousness without necessarily having any form. Our perception gives the ElectroMagnetic Field its form. Because of the ElectroMagnetic Field, which is the interdependency of all things in consciousness, we’re able to project and to manifest an intention to heal. We relate by allowing our experience to happen, and observing what happens through our perception. Our Perceptive Field happens through our experience. The ElectroMagnetic Field, which is a non-dualistic phenomenon, stimulates our perception. We can relate through the Field.

Today we’ll relate with the ElectroMagnetic Field through our Secondary Chakras, and see the Flow that we can experience.

Don’t be concerned or worried about not understanding. If you think you understand, you don’t get it.

We relate through our consciousness with everything, and practice in a way wherein we can learn to relate with anything without having to interpret or to explain. The experience happens in a way that is basic to our existence. Our practice is non-dualistic. We don’t separate by referring our experience to anything external. We learn through our experience.

Healing Exercises:
Round One: Healers, sit on your partner’s left side so that, without crossing your hands, your right hand can be on the upper half of the body in the direction of your partner’s head, and your left hand can be on the lower half of the body in the direction of your partner’s feet. Open the space. Place your awareness in your Navel so that you see all your perceptions through your Navel. Become aware of the Silence in the space. Come into relation with your partner. Put your right hand onto your partner’s Solar Plexus, which is right below the ribs. Put your left hand onto your partner’s Hara, which is 2 inches below the navel. Become aware of the sensation of the Natural Flow that happens between this pair of Secondary Chakras, and allow the direction of the Flow to be from the source at the Solar Plexus into the sink at the Hara, which is 2 inches below the navel. Set the intention to increase the Flow between the Solar Plexus and the Hara. Become aware of the resistances to your intention. Allow the resistances. Allow the Silence to affect the resistances. Allow the resistances to resolve into the Silence. Come to conclusion.

Don’t anticipate anything. A resistance is anything that distracts us or produces a tendency that’s not equalized. Allow the resistances. Allow the Silence to affect the resistances to the Form, the Mudra, that you have included in the relation. We relate with resistance from the Silence.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

Round Three: (Repeat of the process in Round Ones and Two….) Healers, put your right hand onto your partner’s Heart, and put your left hand onto your partner’s Hara, which is 2 inches below the navel. Become aware of the sensation of the Natural Flow that happens, and allow the direction of the Flow to be from the source at the Heart, through the Solar Plexus, where the flow is neutralized, and into the sink at the Hara, which is 2 inches below the navel. Set the intention to increase the Flow from the Heart, through the Solar Plexus, and into the Hara. Become aware of the resistances to your intention. Allow the resistances. Allow the Silence to affect the resistances. Allow the resistances to resolve into the Silence. Come to conclusion.

Round Four: Repeat of Round Three….

Mudra is a powerful Form that we use. When we are not reacting internally or resisting the process, things happen quickly. The act of putting your hands will have a big Impact right away. The Impact will be free to move the consciousness.

The pairs of the Secondary Chakra Points that we can use to adjust the Flow:
Heart, Solar Plexus, Hara
Bottoms of the Feet
Gateway to the Heart Points (upper, outer chest on both sides)
Tops of the Shoulders
Temples on the sides of the head

We’re setting the intention to be aware of the sensation of Flow, and to allow the direction of the Flow. The Flow goes from the right to the left, and from up to down. Put your right hand onto the source of the Flow, and your left hand onto the sink for the Flow.

It can happen in any way. Everything that we do involves our intention. When we are free of resisting the experience, the intention is allowed to manifest; and then something new is allowed to happen.

You start to know through experience. Try it. See how it is and how it feels.

Mostly the Tiny Pets will start to feel relaxed.

Why don’t we finish now.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-05-30 – Electromagnetic Field

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Let’s Meditate.

Meditation To See Your Soul With Your Third Eye (fingers around the nose — Har Har Gobinday….) — 11 minutes

As you are expanding your space, your Third Eye is opening more.

So we heal through our awareness. Awareness comes from our perception. We know how we’re affected by something.

The Electromagnetic Field is part of consciousness. The Electromagnetic Field is the interdependency of everything. When something moves someplace, something else is affected.

When we propose to heal, we become aware in some way of how the Electromagnetic Field is working in ourselves. Today we’ll do exercises with the Electromagnetic Field.

The Electromagnetic Field is the basis for Resonance, when one thing affects another. When you heal something, that affects everything in your partner’s environment. The Electromagnetic Field allows this to happen.

Everything we do is through experience. If you experience something, that’s good.

Healing Exercises:
Round One: Open the space. Become aware of the points of perception, points of intensity, and points of stimulation in your Field of Perception. Now become aware of the discontinuity that exists between the points of perception, points of intensity, and points of stimulation. Now become aware of the Silence that exists in the space in the discontinuities. Now place your awareness in your navel. Now allow your awareness to be in the skin in the area of your navel. Allow the skin in the area of your navel to be your organ of perception so that all your perceptions and sensations are perceived by the skin in the area of your navel. Now come into relation with your partner. Allow the sensation of the Silence that exists in the space of the discontinuities to expand in your space. Come into relation with your partner’s feet. Become aware of the areas of flow and the areas of lack of flow in your space. With your intention increase the flow in those areas with a lack of flow. Now become aware of the flow from the bottom of the right foot into the bottom of the left foot. Use your intention to increase the flow. Now come into relation with your partner’s hips. Become aware of the flow from the right hip into the left hip. Be aware of however you are aware of the sensation of that flow, whether you have a sensation through your heart or in your mind. Set the intention to increase the flow from the right hip into the left hip. Allow the resistances to your intention to resolve into the Silence. Come to conclusion.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

Round Three: Repeat of Rounds One and Two….

We become aware of our own Field of Perception. If we choose to relate with our intention with something, then our Field is modified.

Using the Silence is the best way to find a place we’re not reactive. We allow the perception to change.

The intention to heal affected the flow between the feet and the flow between the hips. That’s what happened.

By relating from the vantage of the Silence, we can effectively project the intention.

If we feel the flow in our mind, that’s our Field.

We can give our attention to some specific part of our Field. We practice letting it be as it is, containing the experience.

If something feels wrong, that’s an experience of a resistance. Just allow it.

If you decide to do something and that feels right, then it’s right.

You are using your intuition, not counter to the flow. You are modifying the flow according to your intuition.

Resonance is a broader consideration. When we consider the Resonance of things, we include the secondary effects. What happens includes the consequences. Everything involves Resonance in some way.

I’ll teach a Sat Nam Rasayan® Workshop on the Modality of Resonance this Saturday, June 2nd, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at my home.

As your perception is changing, the quality of your experience feels different.

When I sat and listened to Yogi Bhajan, he was touching all these points in the Electromagnetic Field. I would come out of his class having an experience that corresponded to his intention to let the Teachings manifest in some configuration.

We use our own internal receptors to find a gauge of what’s happening, to perceive whether there’s a resistance, to know what needs to be healed. You are looking with your intuition at your Perceptive Field, which includes your intuitive intellect, the whole thing altogether.

Yogi Bhajan said that using our intuition is the only way that we’ll survive in this world as we now have information overload, and there’s no end to the incoming onslaught of information. Using our intuition is how we can navigate and survive in this world.

The Electromagnetic Field is how consciousness is interrelated. What you do here will affect something on the other side of the world.

All the stuff that’s showing up on the California coastline from Japan has increased the radiation level here to 10 times the normal level; and the official line is, “But there’s no problem.”

Tuna fishing is a great sport. If a fisherman catches 4 tunas, that produces 1,000 pounds of fish. Most of what they catch will be canned. If the fisherman knows a sushi chef, maybe he will buy the tuna.

Okay. Let’s close class now.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-05-02 – Perceptive Field

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Innocent Thumbs Meditation:
Contemplate the mind. Whether it feels good, uncomfortable, right, or wrong: Just contain everything, and don’t judge it. Allow everything that feels comfortable, and everything that feels uncomfortable. Treat it the same. Don’t reject any part of your experience.
Time: 11 minutes

Our effectiveness as healers is limited by our capacity to contain the experience. The connection is our experience. If we just have the experience, we can be stable in the relation.

Meditation To Help You To Know The Psyche Of The Other:
(SaTaNaMa silently; feel the sensation of your nose’s being inverted)
Just surrender to the sensation of holding this position, regardless of distractions. Become aware of your emotional sensations. The Field that this Mudra is producing is part of the ElectroMagnetic Field.
Time: 11 minutes

Do that Meditation for 11 minutes every day. It’s profound.

That Meditation is useful as it puts you in a place that goes directly toward merging with the psyche of the other, disarming the rational intellect, which is driven by our subconscious, which comes between allowing something new to happen.

Our perceptions form a Field that is our reality. The ElectroMagnetic Field, which is a name for everything’s affecting everything, is present in our Perceptive Field. All of the ElectroMagnetic Field is contained in the Perceptive Field. We feel our own Perceptive Field. We feel only ourself. Every part of the ElectroMagnetic Field is the same as the whole ElectroMagnetic Field.

Whatever we relate with in some ways affects us in our perception and how our perception alters. When we relate with a Tiny Pet in a healing relation, the entire Perceptive Field becomes representative of the relation. This is a model to help us not to get hung up in some part of it.

Our experience itself completely represents that connection with our Tiny Pet. It all relates. If we hold that non-position, then we’ll have the effective merging with no separation.

Healing Exercises:
Round One: Open the space. Recall the space of that Meditation. Recite “SaTaNaMa” silently to yourself, and be aware of the sensation of your upside-down nose. Become aware of the Chakra that most closely corresponds with the dominant resistance in your space. Place your awareness in that Chakra. Set the intention to lessen the density in the space. Become aware of the Silence in the space. Place your awareness in the center of the Silence. Use your intention to neutralize the resistances. Come to conclusion.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

Round Three: Repeat of Rounds One and Two….

Round Four: Repeat of Rounds One, Two, and Three….

We learn this by having the experience.

If you can choose how you’re relating, it doesn’t matter whether you talk or not.

We’ll close class now.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)