Today: Transcend your limitations

Everyone has limitations in relating in the world.  Optimally, we grow out of them by applying the technologies given to us by our teachers through the Guru.  That is not the same as chasing prescriptions and formulas in the belief … Read the rest

Today: Be aware of your own nourishment

Nourish others with kind support.  Be aware of the impact of your words.  Only support others who offer support in a positive way.

As you nourish others, also nourish yourself.    Consume only that which sustains.  Renounce your compulsions.

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Today: Let your inner fire ignite…

Let your inner Fire ignite passion in every heart it touches.

A Promethean flame is delivering light and heat to the situation at hand.
This radiance will cause such an alchemical transformation of circumstances that the changes will seem magical, … Read the rest

Today: What does not work… – from the I Ching

What does not work cannot be made to work just by trying harder or by force.  The only recourse is to fall back and rely on your inner worth, which will shine with accomplishments in another time or under other … Read the rest

Today: Drop endeavors that do not serve you

It is wise to separate yourself from forces that do not serve you and would rob you of your peace. There is no failure in retreat that allows you to regroup and move toward your own center and a much … Read the rest

Today: Thunder fills the heavens with awesome power

Use your vast personal power to go through the wall that has blocked you. Use it very carefully to bring peace to everything and everyone around you.


I Ching: Today

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Today: Completion

The current order is complete. Everything is in a delicate equilibrium.  If something new needs to happen, let it start from a small seed in order to begin establishing a new order.  Don’t upset the equilibrium.


I Ching: TodayRead the rest

Today: Let the small depart

Whatever is holding you back and thwarting your aspirations to elevation and enrichment, whether a person or or situation, don’t struggle with it. If you don’t feed its influence over you, it will leave of its own accord and you … Read the rest

Today: Speak softly and act with firmness, calmness and confidence

Exert your influence in small ways with gentle persuasion.  Be sparing of words and act with confidence and conviction so that others who are held hostage by their prejudices and mistaken beliefs can begin to find liberation by your example.… Read the rest

Today: Be patient and confident

If what you seek is just out of reach or a long time coming, practice self restraint and become even more graceful. Control your fear and hold your confidence. You will be rewarded with opportunities that are commensurate with your … Read the rest

Today: Be graceful

Attend to today’s affairs as they come.  Engage gracefully in small matters.  Your grace can stimulate movement that nourishes those around you who are in need. It’s a good time to begin something new.


I Ching: Today

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Today: Be keenly aware of your influence on others

What you say and what you do have an impact beyond the current place and moment.  Your actions and words will emanate infinitely from a particular point in space and time and never be undone. Whether they are consiously felt … Read the rest

Today: Watch and listen

You have access to a wealth of experience around you that you can use to guide you.  Your own inexperience should not impede your successfully navigating the many choices you face. Do not fear making choices thereby becoming paralyzed, nor … Read the rest

Today: Start fresh – from the I Ching

It is a good day to begin something, or begin something again.  Regardless of how previous efforts were subverted, there now will be little resistance to your loftiest intentions.  If mistakes were made we can press reset and begin again … Read the rest

Today: Go within and adapt yourself to the demands of the times – from the I Ching

Allow external matters to be what they are.  Go within yourself to find how you can adapt to the demands of the time and relate with all that is going on around you. You will find that there are kindred … Read the rest

Today: Refuse the fruit offered by the serpent

Oppressors are attempting to seize power, violently, if necessary.  It is a situation of which many people are totally unaware.  When fruit offered by the serpent is refused, the snake swallows its own tail and the light is restored.  The … Read the rest

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