Today: Be all that you have become – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperPay attention to everyone, not just the rich and powerful.  Do no be distracted by shiny objects that promise glamor to your life.  

Renounce fame for service to your brothers and sisters.  Draw from all you have learned, all you have practiced over the years.  Be all that you have become so that you can elevate those who see you for who you are.  All this experience will not fail to support you in this endeavor.  It is your impact that will be celebrated in those who follow.

Heaven within the mountain points to hidden treasures. In the words and deeds of the past there lies hidden a treasure that men may use to strengthen and elevate their own characters. The way to study the past is not to confine oneself to mere knowledge of history but, through application of this knowledge, to give actuality to the past.”


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