Today: “Be aware of how you are being seduced into doing things that are against your nature.” – From the I Ching

Be aware of how you are being seduced into doing things that are against your nature.  To prevent long term damage, acquire the discipline to recognize the faults in your character that are being exploited, then eradicate them.  Saying no can produce consequences of its own.  The gangster mentality of controlling people reacts harshly to non-cooperation.  Be prepared to meet the danger posed by powerful people.

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#44, Line 1, #10

A strong, addictive temptation, much more dangerous than it seems.
You are ignoring a clear and present danger to your well-being.  If this threat emanated from a heavy-handed oppressor, you would see it coming.  But this danger comes to you in the form of a seduction, an amusement, a diversion, an indulgence that is eating away at the fiber of your secure little world.  You are too cocksure.  You underestimate the tribute this dalliance will demand.
If an inferior element has wormed its way in, it must be energetically checked at once. By consistently checking it, bad effects can be avoided. If it is allowed to take its course, misfortune is bound to result; the insignificance of that which creeps in should not be a temptation to underrate it.
The situation is really difficult. That which is strongest and that which is weakest are close together. The weak follows behind the strong and worries it. The strong, however, acquiesces and does not hurt the weak, because the contact is in good humor and harmless.
In terms of a human situation, one is handling wild, intractable people. In such a case one’s purpose will be achieved if one behaves with decorum. Pleasant manners succeed even with irritable people.

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