Today: It’s time for justice – I Ching

It’s time for justice.  Though some are against it, arousing controversy, justice will be dispensed, perhaps harshly.
In the aftermath it is important to absorb into the culture, with art and song, the story of corruption and its redress.
Though transgressions will recur in the future, the culture will provide a stabilizing influence that mitigates the tendency for corruption.

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A terrible reckoning is due.  A wrong will be righted — and even if it has been you who has been wronged, you will tremble at the terrible power of Justice untempered by Mercy.  Pray for your oppressor, that his punishment will fit his crime.
By taking up the problem the punisher arouses poisonous hatred against himself, and in this way is put in a somewhat humiliating position. But since punishment was required by the time, he remains free of blame.
Clarity within, quiet without. This is the tranquillity of pure contemplation. When desire is silenced and the will comes to rest, the world-as-idea becomes manifest. In this aspect the world is beautiful and removed from the struggle for existence. This is the world of art. However, contemplation alone will not put the will to rest absolutely. It will awaken again, and then all the beauty of form will appear to have been only a brief moment of exaltation.

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