Hari Nam Singh is a yogi and a healer in the Ancient Sacred Healing Tradition of the Yogis: Sat Nam Rasayan®.

Hari Nam Singh lives in Los Angeles and heals and teaches Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan® at home and and abroad.  He has been a student of Yogi Bhajan for over 20 years.  He developed his healing skills under the direct tutelage of Guru Dev Singh.  He holds  a Level 3 Certification from the Center for Contemplative Awareness for healing and teaching in this tradition.   Hari Nam also holds a Level 1 Certification from The Kundalini Research Institute for teaching Kundalini Yoga.

As a healer, Hari Nam has helped people with many varied conditions, including:

Anxiety  •  Stress  •  Depression  •  Addiction  •  Stagnation • Lack of focus  •  New or stalled careers  •  Difficult relationships  •  Difficult communication  •  Timidity  •  Fear  •  Anger  •  Grief  •  Fatigue  •  Weakness  •  Muscle pain  •  Joint pain  •  Migraines  •  Digestive distress  •  Discomfort with pregnancy  •  Discomfort with cancer  •  Discomfort with various degenerative illnesses  •  Transition and dying

Come for a private healing session with Hari Nam at the Healing Heart Center.  Or, request a remote healing session from him wherever you are in the world.

Contact Hari Nam Singh at the Healing Heart Center via e-mail, or call 323-469-5817.

If you think that you have the calling to become a healer or wish to learn meditation and experience its healing value, view Hari Nam Singh’s Teaching Calendar to find where and when he is teaching.