Meditation: KWTC-980710 – Life Is Lift To Infinity

 You have sun finger, where your ring finger, if you put this, chest out and it should be just not like this, just right here, just do that only for me. Close down your eyes, put that yesterday tape. Spine straight and hands must be equal to ears, where your ears are not forward at all and that will do. And kindly chant when he is ready, we never know this guy. Keep the posture, don’t. I think you have to do some prayer. 

YB (Talks over the tape): That this stone head may become human. Steady, make your spine straight, posture perfect, sun finger lock, its called Ravi Mudra. Breathe consciously, long deep breath. (?) spine. You are doing good, keep up. 

Put that tape of har. 

Steady, don’t move anything. 

Tantric Har

YB (Talks over the tape): Har at the navel point. Pull the navel. Inhale deep deep, deep, deep. Hold the breath, breathe it out through whistle, all the way.  Inhale deep again, deep, hold it tight.  Totally whistle it out up to last iota, inhale deep, deep and squeeze your entire being and with a cannon fire, out, relax.


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