“The mind is part of nature…” Yogi Bhajan

SSSYWa“The mind is part of nature, Prakirti. Prakirti, which includes both material and mind, is composed of and governed by the three primary qualities called the gunas. The three gunas are sattva, rajas, and tamasSattva is subtle, sublime, clear, neutral, and pure. Tamas is heavy, contaminated, confused, concealed, and slow. Rajas is fiery, active, initiating, and has the power of transformation. While rajas is active, it transforms sattva to tamas and tamas to sattva. These three qualities constantly intertwine, intermingle, intermix, contrast, advance, and withdraw in various combinations with each other. It is these special combinations of quality that exist before the manifestation of things or thoughts. They underlie all things in creation.” Yogi Bhajan

(via Ram Anand)

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