Meditation: Listening to Angelic Whispers – from the Mind

This meditation will refine the sattvic guna of your mind. Sit down very calmly and quietly. Make your spine straight Put your hands on opposite shoulders. Your arms must cross, Hold your shoulders well, the arms relaxed on the chest.  Close your eyes. Listen to the mantra.
Ardaas bhayee, amar daas guroo, Amar daas guroo, ardaas bhayee, Raam daas guroo, raam daas guroo, Raam daas guroo, sachee sahee.

Ardas Bhaee

The Grace of Guru Amar Das (who is the Hope of the hopeless) and Guru Ram Das (who is the King of the yogis and Bestower of blessings past, present, and future) guarantee the prayer will be answered and all one’s needs provided for.

When the instrumental portion begins, whistle with it.  Hear the sound of the whistle at the brow point. Keep the eyes closed. Inside of your self be very calm, quiet This is a posture of peace. Continue 15-31 minutes. Then begin long, slow, deep breathing. Mentally listen to the echo of your whistling. Hear the sound you created before. Bring your unison power of the mind, the subtle sattvic guna of the mind, to listen. Once you learn to listen this way, you can listen in exactly the same way to what God’s Will is. When you can still the mind, refine it, command its guna, then you can listen to God’s Will, discern what it is, then act. Life will be very easy, content, and fulfilled. In the Bible you are told the same thing. There is a word called “Behold.” Behold yourself. Be within yourself and listen.

Continue for 3 to 11 minutes.

End with three powerful breaths: inhale deep through the nose, hold for 5-10 sec¬ onds, then exhale powerfully through the mouth. As you hold the breath in, put all the pressure downward on your shoulders with your hands. Press them down, and keep the spine steady and straight. Repeat the breath three times. Then relax.

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